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In the ever changing vaporizer landscape, it seems all too difficult to find solid, concrete information on the best clearomizer, atomizers and cartomizers on the market.

Much like building a shed by using quality shed blueprints, we’re here to help you every step of the way. Enter! We are dedicated to bringing you the most useful and relevant reviews you need when researching the best clearomizers. If you already have a clearomizer, check out our guide on choosing the best box mod for your setup!

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If you are new to vaping, we have some great guides covering the basics to help get you started, including a breakdown of clearomizer vs cartomizer vs atomizer and our list of the top 10 best American e juice vendors. Then down below you’ll find our chart of clearomizers and analysis that will help you decide which clearomizer is best for you.

We all have our own personal preferences on what makes a good clearomizer, and choosing the right one for you is very important. We are happy to do everything we can to help. Be sure to use the tables sort feature to quickly compare and review the top clearomizers. If you find the chart useful, share it with other vapers!

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We have you covered there too! Our coupon page lists all the e juice and vaping vendors and their active coupons or current sales. We are constantly growing the list, and currently have some popular vendors like Halo Cigs, Mt Baker Vapor, VaporFi and VistaVapor. Check back frequently as we add more vendors and coupons!

How to Choose the Best Clearomizer

As you can see by our chart, there are a lot of different factors to consider when you are trying to choose a good clearo. Does it fit my mod? Is it bottom coil or top coil? Can I replace the coils? All of these questions and more must be answered before you can even start to decide! So be sure to use the sort and search feature on the chart to quickly find and compare different clearomizers.

If you are interested in learning more about why each feature is important, check out the short summaries down below.

Tank Capacity

Capacity refers to how many milliliters (mL) of e liquid a tank can hold. A tanks capacity can range from 1.5 mL on the small end, to a massive 5.0 mL capacity of some of the large tanks, like the Kanger SUBTANK.

During periods of heavy vaping, using an average APV (Advanced Personal Vaporizer), you can expect to use a little less than 1 mL an hour of e juice. This means that you can get 6 or more hours of vaping out of a large clearomizer such as the SMOK Titan.

But while large capacity tanks are great when you don’t want to bother refilling your clearomizer very often, small tanks have advantages as well. When using a smaller tank between 1.5 and 3 mL, you are still able to vape for several hours, but gives you the opportunity to change flavors more often.

Both ends of the spectrum have their pros and cons, and it’s an important factor when deciding on the best clearomizer for you.

Different Thread Types

All vaporizer batteries, clearomizers and cartomizers have threading that is used to screw them onto each other. It is very important to match the threading types between the batteries and the clearomizers/cartomizers. If the threading types do not match, your tank won’t fit on the battery properly.

Some different threading types include eGo, 510, 108, 906, and 808D, although eGo and 510 threading types are generally the most common. 108, 906, and 808D threading types refer to the smaller e-cig and vaporizer batteries, which have smaller diameters that more closely match the actual size of cigarettes.

510 threaded clearomizers are generally found on the more advanced, expensive tanks. The 510 connection is standard on more powerful box mods, something required for sub ohm tanks like the Aspire Atlantis or Kanger SUBTANK Mini.

Clearomizers that feature an eGo threading usually don’t have very large power requirements. Many smaller, more compact vape mods have eGo threading to match up with these types of clearos. An eGo setup is often a cheap but effective way to step up your vaping game, especially if you are only using disposable e cigs.

Atomizer Coil Design

Coil heads heat up and turn your e juice (also known as e liquid) into the vapor you inhale; in clearomizers they also contain the atomizer and the wick. Coil heads need to be replaced every so often (some say every few weeks), which makes clearomizers with replaceable heads more cost effective.

When the e-juice inside your tank turns darker, and has an unpleasant burnt (or sometimes spicy) flavor, this is when the coil head needs to be replaced. Coil heads are available in different resistances (measured in ohms) which can then be adjusted up or down to fluctuate the temperature of your coil head.

*This is important to note because the temperature of your coil head determines how the vapor feels when you inhale. It’s best to test out the different resistances to learn what you like best.

The placement of the coil and wick has a big difference in the feeling of the vapor and performance of clearomizer. Clearomizers that have the coil and wick located at the base of the tank are called Bottom Coil Clearomizers (BCC). This design allows the wick to stay completely drenched in the e-liquid at all times; giving you a smoother vape, and ensuring all your e-liquid gets used.

Top coil clearomizers have the wick and coil placed near the top of the tank. For those who like a strong “throat hit”, this type of clearomizer is suggested. However, this design makes it more difficult for the wick to stay soaked with the e juice when your tank starts running low.

Bottom Dual Coils (BDC) have the same design as Bottom Coil Clearomizers (BCC) in the respects that the coil remains on the bottom of the tank. You achieve a better performance because there is now twice the power.

Bottom Vertical Coils (BVC) are newer in design, as they allow for more airflow than the Bottom Dual Coils. It is a single vertical coil that regulates the airflow inside the coil head, instead of 2 horizontal coils in the BDC design.

Organic Cotton Coil (OCC) is a brand new design patented by Kangertech. It’s coil design allows users to drop to sub ohming capabilities and requires a more powerful battery. You have to personally put in enough cotton into your coil head to make sure it has the most optimal airflow. It comes in 0.5 ohms (range 15 – 30W) as well as 1.2 ohms (range 15-25W). Originally the name of OCC was Bottom Plane Dual Coils (BPDC). Kangertech has since changed the name to OCC.

Replacement Heads

It’s important to explain this now, since a lot of vapers might not understand what “resistance” and “ohms” is, it’s imperative to understand when you’re dealing with the differences between clearomizers and cartomizers.

“Ohms” refers to how much resistance that device has to the energy in the battery. The lower the resistance (ohms), the higher amount of energy you need from the battery. For example, a clearomizer with a 1.8 ohm heating coil will use more energy from the battery than a 2.4 ohm, and the more throat hit a vaper will receive from the 1.8 ohm heating coil than the 2.4.

The downside to the lower resistance is that it drains the battery faster, and most cartomizers and clearomizers have a lower resistance. Fortunately the majority of atomizers have a 2.4 ohm rating.

Clearomizer Reviews and Guides

Here are a couple of clearomizer reviews and vaping guides to get you started! Be sure to check back often as we are constantly adding more reviews to the database.

Aspire Nautilus

Aspire's new Nautilus Clearomizer

For the most part, new clearomizers will make small improvements on the prior versions, tweak the design, add a small feature, ect. But every once in awhile, a game changer hits the market. Enter the Aspire Nautilus.

The Nautilus is a new clearomizer from the guys over at Aspire that is changing how vapers think of clearomizers. From a large tank capacity to a revolutionary adjustable airflow design, it’s hard not to get excited. Check out the Aspire Nautilus review and learn why everyone is raving about it!

Kanger Subtank

Kanger Subtank review headerWith 2015 arriving, Kanger has set it sites on a more versatile product within the clearomizer market. Enter: The Kanger Subtank. It has a brand new organic cotton coil design and a pyrex tank with a capacity of 4.0-6.0 ml. Did I mention it has sub-ohming capabilites? Check out our FULL review on the Kanger Subtank here!

Aspire Atlantis

Aspire Atlantis Review - Sub Ohming Cloud ChasingThe brand new Aspire Atlantis is finally blurring the lines between clearomizers and RDA’s.

We cover all the main aspects including build quality, tank capacity, threading type, replacement heads and more. This is down right the hottest clearomizer on the market for 2015, head over and check out our full review on the sub-ohming clearo here.

Kanger Subtank Mini

Subtank Mini Review

Want the same sub ohming capabilities of the Original Subtank? Look no further than the Subtank Mini.

With a 4.5 tank capacity and organic cotton coils, the Subtank Mini gives you the same flavor with a less bulky setup.

>>Check Out Our Full Review on the Kanger Subtank Mini Here<<

Kanger Subtank Nano

subtank nano review headerThe Subtank Nano is the first clearomizer without and RDA/RBA function, that gives you sub-ohm vaping.

The organic cotton coils show you the strength of flavor and you will not be let down buying this clearomizer. Now. Like now. Do it now.

>>Check Out Our Full Review on the Kanger Subtank Nano Here<<

Vaping Guides

Learning how to clean a clearomizer the proper way is important so you can maintain the upkeep on your clearomizers. For those clearomizers with replaceable coils, it is less of an issue. On your coils get to gunky, you have the option of changing them out.

But there are plenty of clearomizers that don’t have removable coils, and are meant to be disposed of at some point. These clearos can last several weeks, but learning the proper way to clean your clearomizer and dry burn your coil can really extend it’s life.

PG vs VG Breakdown
Once you have your clearomizer of choice, it’s time to fill it up. But wait! Before you buy any e juice, it’s important to understand the difference between pg vs vg.

The percentage of of each ingredient, vg and pg, impacts what kind of vaping experience you will have.

Whether you are looking for a pure flavor and strong throat hit, or are just into blowing huge vapor thunder clouds, this breakdown will show you how to chose the best e juice for you!

how to steep ejuice

In this article we cover how to properly steep your e-juice. From conventional to ‘not-so’ conventional methods, you’ll be sure to walk away with a better tasting vape! Check out our full guide on How To Steep E-Juice.

Ultimate Guide to DIY E-Juice header

Keeping in the theme of getting the best tasting e juice for your clearomizers, we present to you our Official Ultimate DIY E-Juice Guide.

Inside the article we cover everything from supplies to flavorings, the best DIY ejuice calculators, and even mention some of the best DIY recipes!

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