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1000ML Original Tobacco E Juice Sale

Central Vapors Tobacco FlavorCentral vapors provide a variety of e juices to its customers at reasonable prices.

Some people just love these flavors and keep coming back for more.

E liquids at central vapors are available at wholesale rates if ordered in bulk.

These juices are available in 250ml and 500ml packs.

Central vapors now introduce the 1000ml packs, at great prices with special offers for all its customers.

Ordering these 1000 ml bottles of e-juice are not only practical for regular vapers, it also saves a lot of money.

The Tobacco e juices of Central vapors are hot favorites.

The tobacco flavor comes across as a very strong flavor with authentic taste.

Due to its huge demand and consumption, this flavor is also available in bulk packs of 1000 ml.

Flavor and Taste

The tobacco e juice is a very densely flavored e liquid.

It is strong in taste and very similar to its analog predecessor.

If you like the classic taste of real tobacco then this flavor is just right for you.

The benefits of vaping the tobacco flavor are many.

No ash, no mess, and no smell, just the taste of pure tobacco.

The 1000 ml bottles are a great buy but users must taste the e-liquid by ordering the small capacities first.

They should order the bulk sizes only when the flavor suits their palate.

All e juices are freshly prepared on order.

They are pre-steeped and then packaged for shipping.

Therefore, they are ready to be consumed on arrival.

The Tobacco 1000 ml specs:





Nicotine level

0, 3, 6, 12, 18, 24 mg

PG/VG ratio

  • 100PG/0 VG
  • 70 PG/30 VG
  • 50 PG/50 VG
  • 30 PG/70 VG
  • 0 PG/100 VG


Normal/ extra

Packaging and shipping

These flavors are available in large cylindrical bottles and customers can order additional needle tip bottles in smaller sizes for convenient refilling.

These bulk bottles are sealed, certified, and child-proof.

Once the e-liquids are prepared and pre-steeped, they are packaged in these bottles and shipped within 24 hours of the placement of orders.

In some cases, they are even shipped the same day.

The delivery is fast and payment and return policies are customer-friendly.

About Central Vapors

Central VaporsThe e-juices and e-liquids from Central Vapors are premium quality vaping juices that take the vaping experience to an altogether higher level.

They produce wonderful E-juices that are Diacetyl free and are made with 100% kosher certified, USP grade PG and VG.

Their privileged premium liquid is delicious and the standard line e-liquids are as good.

These liquids are meticulously tested with nicotine levels to ensure safety and customer satisfaction.

Central Vapors is based in Texas,USA, but accepts orders online.

It keeps coming up with new flavors and is reachable to customers for novel ideas and suggestions.

Their offers and giveaways are amazing and they provide excellent discounts on bulk purchase.

Flavor Review

The tobacco flavor has to be a blend of the classic taste and the contemporary styling.

The cigarettes and cigars are replaced by the vaping mod and therefore, the flavor should come across well.

Central Vapors does complete justice to the tobacco flavor.

It’s a strong and dense flavor and the taste surfaces in the purest form.

It is like smoking your favorite cigar without any unwanted mess or smell.

The advantages of ordering a bulk 1000ml bottle are many.

For people who regularly vape the tobacco flavor, this deal is simply amazing.

The flavor is available at a very affordable price and the user will not undergo the hassle of re-ordering frequently.

Moreover, the flavor is intact and exactly the same as in the smaller bottles. There is no dilution of flavor.

Original Tobacco 1000ml e juice sales

The bottles are available at the headquarters of Central Vapors and are sold online at

There are phenomenal discounts given on bulk orders.

The company introduces schemes and offers to promote the sales of its e-juices, which are extremely beneficial to the customers.

Payments can be done through debit and credit cards.

The company replaces wrong orders with great ease.

It provides 100% satisfaction guarantee and stands by its products.

The tobacco lovers who want to enjoy the constant vaping experience, the bulk E-Juice 1000 ml bottles of the original tobacco flavor is a great buy.

They are offered at bulk discounts and shipped timely to the customers.

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