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Kanger Aerotank Mega Review

With technology changing so fast within the e-cig market, it’s no wonder why there are tons of clearomizers out there and no one to point you to the best one.

That’s where I come in. It feels like forever since the Aspire Nautilus exploded onto the scene, changing your view on clearomizers forever. The Kanger Aerotank Mega is the first clearomizer since the Nautilus to grab so much attention; and it’s for a good reason.

Read on as I explain why Kanger hit a home run on the Aerotank Mega, making it the best clearomizer in the game.

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What Has Changed

aerotank series It seems like Kangertech has been releasing a plethora of clearomizers this summer. With clearo’s like the Aerotank Mini, Aerotank Mega, and the new Aerotank Giant hitting the market, there are tons of potentially great clearomizers, but with more and more questions.

Which one is worth it? That is where the Aerotank Mega comes in. The Aerotank Mega gives the look and feel of a heavy, sturdy rebuildable atomizer.

The Mega comes with a matte finish on the stainless steel body, and sports an updated version of the airflow controller.

What the Aerotank Mega Comes With

aerotank mega pieces

  • 1x – Kanger Aerotank Mega
  • 1x – 510 Drip tip
  • 1x – Stainless Steel Tube
  • 1x – Glass Tube
  • 2x –  Dual Coil 2.0ohm Replacement Heads


Airflow Controller

aerotank airflow valveThe Mega has an improved airflow controller providing more precise dial up. The classic Aerotank has 6 different draws while Mega has almost 12.

The notched dial of the old Aerotank was made with the same stainless steel matte finish so it creates a delicious and expensive appearance.

Kangertech has released their airflow control valve 2.0. This valve allows to expose or constrict the current airflow holes for a greater variety of air intake possibilities.

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Coil Heads

  • Replaceable 2.0 ohm bottom dual coil atomizer heads
  • New coils work with Protank 3 and the Aerotank mini

aerotank coils   Kanger has designed brand new enclosed replacement coils that reduce leaking. The coil heads of Aerotank and Protank 3 are said to work with Mega and Mini. The 2.0 ohms are newly designed and have an enclosed wick style for the new coil heads.

You can find the 5-pack replacement coils here.   This allows for less of a chance for leaking. The new coil design is also supposed to increase the longevity of the coils. Follow the advice below to properly change out the coil heads on the Kanger Aerotank Mega:

  1.  Unscrew the base assembly cap from the bottom of the tube
  2. Un-thread the old coil from the base cap
  3. Thread on a new coil (no need to over tighten the coil into the base, a snug fit will suffice)
  4. Re-install the base assembly to the tank

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Packaging Contents and Replaceable Parts

Kanger Aerotank assembly

Mega Tank Capacity & Filling Instructions

The Mega comes with 2 options for your tank. The high quality pyrex glass tank and the tank specsstainless steel tank.There is no quality or performance differences between the two options, just personal preference.

With the high end steel tank and pyrex glass tank, you are able to vape on harsher e-liquids that would normally crack your atomizer tanks.

This fact alone is yet another reason why the Aerotank Mega along with other high end clearomizers are worth their price. They work straight out of the box. How to properly fill the Aerotank Mega (with tips)

  • Turn the Aerotank Mega upside down
  • Unscrew the air control assembly from the tube
  • Quick Tip #1: When loosening and taking off the atomizer head for refills, the seals are temporarily broken which can allow liquid to leak from the mouthpiece. Wrap a cloth or piece of tissue around the mouthpiece to solve this issue.
  • Fill the tank with 2.5ml-2.8ml  of e-liquid while tilting the tank at a slight angle and dripping juice down the inside wall of the glass (or stainless steel) tank.
  • Quick Tip #2: Do not put e liquid into the center tube, this is the air flow tube, liquid will leak out the mouth piece.
  • Screw the bottom assembly back onto the tube.
  • Screw onto your battery device snug.
  • Quick Tip #3: Let the Aerotank Mega sit for a few minutes after filling with e liquid; allowing the liquid to fully absorb onto the coil wicks, leading to a better vaping experience.
  • Quick Tip #4: Firing the Mega with a dry coil can cause burning of the wicking material and damage the coil.

Cleaning your Kanger Aerotank Mega

How to remove the caps and glass for cleaning:

  1. Empty Aerotank Mega of any e liquid
  2. Unthread the bottom cap and remove the glass and top cap for cleaning
  3. When threading the top cap, glass, and bottom cap back together, tighten for a snug fit.

During the cleaning process, you can use some awesome cleaning brushes to scrub down the inside of your clearomizer tank. Check out our review on how to clean a clearomizer for a more in depth look.

Drip Tip

The Mega comes with a stainless steel drip tip, but gives you the option of changing out the metal drip tip for a plastic or wooden piece of your choice.


vamo 5The Aerotank Mega comes with the standard 510 threading option. This will fit all 510 threaded devices. You also receive an eGo threaded cone with the Mega so you can attach it to eGo batteries.

Since this is a bigger device, we suggest you use a higher quality battery that can withstand the power struggle the Mega is going to give you.

One of the higher end batteries that work perfectly with the new Kanger Aerotank Mega is the Vamo V5. The Aerotank is almost perfectly matched in diameter to the Vamo V5 battery.

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Final Thoughts

I’m pretty convinced. Kanger finally put out a competitor to the Aspire Nautilus with it’s revamped airflow control. Being a 510 threading and having the addition of the new enclosed coil heads, new and season vapers will all find this on their list to try.

The pyrex tank is setting the standard. Kangertech has stepped up their game in the market and I don’t see them slowing down anytime soon.

 Share Your Thoughts

Let us know some of your experiences with the Aerotank Mega or share your thoughts in the comments below! Thanks for reading, and vape on!

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