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Affordable E Juice

Are you thinking about shopping for an E Juice but don’t appear to be getting the right answers?

How does the idea of convenience E Juice shopping at affordable prices appeals to you?

The truth of the matter is, there are many E Juice vendors but then there are those that stand out from the crowd due to their level of service delivery.

One such vendor is The Vape Mall E Juice.

Who are they?

The Vape Mall is an E Liquid vendor located in Wentzille, Missouri. For the duration they have been in existence, the vendor has made it possible for the millions of E Juice lovers to access E Juice as conveniently as possible and at the least expense.

Compared with other E-Liquid vendors, The Vape Mall has always emerged tops. There are many things that give this vendor a cut above the rest.

Accessibility, convenience and excellent customer service are just but some of those.

In this article, however, we shall take a look at the one reason that makes The Vape Mall a preference choice for many E Juice lovers, at least as far as affordability goes.

Variety of Flavors

The very first reason that makes The Vape Mall e juices more affordable as compared to e-juices from other vendors is the fact that the mall offers a variety of flavors at a constant rate.

We are all aware of the age old marketing gimmick where certain e-juice vendors tend to hike their prices based on different flavors. The trick is to always represent the most expensive flavor as the most nutritious and tasty.

While there is some truth to that, The Vape Mall refuses to be persuaded that e juice lovers should be denied the opportunity to sample their best flavors on account of price.

For this reason, you should expect to find a big amount of flavors in their juices without necessarily having to cough up a few extra bucks.

Bigger E Juice Sizes

Everyone looking for affordable e-juice will readily tell you that the secret to convenient shopping of the juice lies in buying in bulk.

Indeed, it is also true that the trick to saving on cost is buying large volumes of the juice as opposed to buying smaller volumes.

However, we have for a long time been used to e-juice vendors who believe in packaging their e-juices in smaller bottles so as to adjust prices accordingly and make a killing from each bottle.

As it were, this trick succeeded for a long time, until The Vape Mall burst onto the scene.

As opposed to other e-juice vendors, The Vape Mall offers bigger sizes in the form of 70mL and 125mL.

This goes a long way in offering convenience to those who wish to buy in bulk and above all, it is a perfect cost saving measure, as you would naturally expect the price of a 70mL bottle to be less than that of two 35mL bottles.

Bonus Offers

Don’t we just love offers when it comes to shopping for e-juices? At The Vape Mall, there is no limit to what you can get when it comes to shopping for affordable e juice.

It is important to note that their price for 5 17mL bottles is just $19.99. This loosely translates to one discount at the purchase of four.

Well, some people may look at this from the perspective of what do I need 5 bottles of juice for?’

If you do a rough calculation, you will find out that if you are from family of 5 and shop for e-juice at The Vape Mall, you literally get away with one 17mL bottle every time each of you buys e-juice there.

The Vape Mall fully understands that there those who may not necessarily like this bonus offer, they made for that by providing larger bottles as well.

Flat Shipping Shopping

After shopping for our desired e-juice, our next concern usually involves shipping. It becomes worse when we buy in large quantities as naturally, vendors will charge higher.

With The Vape Mall, however, that is the least of your worries. The vendor ensures that your e juice is shipped to your location safely and in the shortest time possible.

As if that is not enough, they have a flat rate for all shipments, which stands at a meager $2.95.

This means that you can shop for your e-juice as much as you can and simply pay that amount at a flat rate instead of having to worry about the volume of your purchase. In addition, shipment is totally free for all orders over $65.00 if you live in the US.

Favorable Return Policy

At times, you may find that for whatever reason, you wish to return your e juice.

If the juice is unopened and is still in plastic wrap, you are entitled to a full refund provided you make the return within 14 days of delivery date.

You should ,however, note that the refund does not apply to shipping cost and in the event your e-juice was shipped to you for free, then you may have to incur the costs of the refund.

Favorable Cancellation Policy

Lastly, it is important to appreciate the fact that as an e-juice shopper, The Vape Mall provides you with some degree of control of the purchase and shipment process.

To this extent, you have room to order for the cancellation of the shipment and you will be entitled all your money back.

The conditions in which you could order a cancellation are if you have your orders in Pening’ or Awaiting Fulfillment’. So, did you just make a wrong purchase?

Do not fret, simply move fast to have the order cancelled then go back and do some more shopping.


As an e-juice lover, there cannot be a better reason to shop for your juice at The Vape Mall. Considering all they offer, you simply cannot get an affordable e-juice elsewhere.

It is no doubt the mall enjoys the favor and confidence of many e-juice shoppers. Make a date with them today, and discover your truly budget friendly e-juice vendor.

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