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Arctic Dolphin T-Gi 150W Mod Review | Vape Mod Review

The Arctic Dolphin T-Gi 150W mod is a high end box mod that comes to you at a reasonable price.

High wattage vaping is quickly becoming popular and Arctic knew that the best way to stay on top of the game was to produce their own high wattage box mod.

When they decided that this was what needed to be done the Dolphin T-Gi 150W mod was born.

In this Arctic Dolphin T-Gi 150W mod review I hope to share with you all of the amazing features that this mod has so that you can determine if you find it to be as much of a steal as I did.

What’s New – Arctic Dolphin T-Gi 150W Mod?

One of the newest companies to join the high wattage mod game has been Arctic.

Recently they introduced the Dolphin T-Gi 150w mod to the market.

This mod offers you the 150 watts of power that you are looking for with the safety of temperature control.

Today it might seem like every vaping company is trying to put their own stamp on the high wattage vaping market. However not all of these high wattage box mods are created equal.

The Arctic Dolphin features a wide wattage range where you can use the mod.

You can use this box mod at as low as 1 watt of power and increase it all the way to 150 watts of power.

You can increase the wattage in 0.1 watt increments. This is pretty impressive.

In fact this is actually something that most high wattage box mods do not offer. A lot of these mods just allows you to vape at 5 watts or 10 watts for the lowest option.

I guess many companies assume that if you want 150 watts of power that you are not going to be using the mod at 1 watt of power.

In addition to the wide wattage range, there is a wide temperature range. You can vape at temperatures as low as 200 degrees and at amazingly high temperatures as high as 800 degrees.

Now, for me personally I like cooler temps when vaping so I did not personally try to get the temperature that high when I was using the mod.

If you like a warmer vapor then this is one thing that you should definitely check out for yourself. I just have never been one to like warm hits.

Since I am all about safety I want to mention that the higher temperatures are a little concerning for me.

Most of the mods that are available on the market today only run to 600 degrees.

The reason for this is that once you go past 600 degrees you are actually vaping at temperatures that can be dangerous.

You can have a wide range of harmful toxins that are produced and it can be dangerous to inhale them.

With increasing research and reports on this subject this is something that I would strongly encourage you to read up about and check on before you personally decide to vape at temperatures that high.

You will also get the option to have variable voltage with the Dolphin T-Gi. This option allows you to choose between 1V and 5.5V of power.

You can also increase the voltage in 0.1V increments.

Being able to have all of this control allows you to have the exact vaping experience that you are looking for.

When it comes to using the mod there are some features that I appreciated. You can inhale for anywhere between 3 seconds and 10 seconds to get a nice big hit.

I really like this range because even if you do not realize it, 10 seconds is actually a very long inhale time.

I have inhaled as deep as I can and never once had an issue where it would shut off and not allow me to get a nice full inhale.

Depending on which tanks that I chose to use with this box mod, there were a wide range of vapor cloud sizes and flavor profiles.

When I was using this box mod with certain tanks I was able to get the biggest clouds of vapor, but with others the clouds were a little smaller.

Knowing what you want and choosing a tank that will help you get that is essential to having a great vaping experience with any mod.

Another thing that I want to point out is that the Dolphin T-Gi 150W mod offers you a really easy to read LCD screen.

The LCD screen is a large 1.77 inches in size.

Most LCD screens are so much smaller than this that they do not offer you thee chance to easily read them.

So for me it was really refreshing to easily be able to read the screen.

You can find out what the output voltage, resistance, output wattage, battery voltage, current, setting parameters, locking mode, product ID, the values parameters of the system, and the micro SD card.

I loved that it was so easy to adjust and figure out where I was vaping at.

The four button system was likewise very easy to use.

One of the buttons controls when you are vaping. A second button controls the menu.

Then there are buttons that work as a plus and a minus for you to be able to adjust your vaping experience. I liked that this was all something that was so simple to do.

What’s Included – Arctic Dolphin T-Gi 150W Mod?

  • 1 x Arctic Dolphin T-Gi 150W Mod
  • 1 x User Manual
  • 1 x Carrying Case
  • 1 x Allen Wrench

A Mod With Lots of Protection In Place

One of the things that I really loved about this mod was that it offered so much protection.

Of course with vaping at a higher wattage it is important that you have temperature control available in the mod.

This mod offers that temperature control feature that you want.

It also offers you short circuit protection, over voltage protection, reverse polarity protection, low voltage protection, and overheating protection.

All of these protections are going to allow you to have a much safer experience when you are vaping.


  • 510 Threading featuring a 510 Floating Brass Center Pin
  • 4 Buttons to Control Vaping
  • Button 1 Controls Smoking
  • Button 2 Controls Menu
  • Button 3 Controls Minus
  • Button 4 Controls Plus
  • 1.77 inch Easy Read LCD Screen
  • Variable Wattage (1.0W – 150.0W, can increase in 0.1W increments)
  • Variable Voltage (1.0V – 5.5V, can increase in 0.1V increments)
  • 180W – 360W Input Capacity
  • 0.1 oHm – 4.0 oHm Resistance Range
  • 6.0V – 8.4V Input Voltage Range
  • 30A – 60A Input Current Range
  • 0A – 20A Output Current Range
  • Short Circuit Protection
  • Reverse Polarity Protection
  • Over Voltage Protection
  • Low Voltage Protection
  • Overheating Protection
  • Micro-SD Card Built In
  • Battery Lock Mode
  • Uses 2 x 18650 Batteries (batteries are NOT included)

Always Charge Safely

When you are going to be charging the Arctic Dolphin there are some precautions that you should be taking.

One of these is that you want to make sure that you are placing the mod on the flat fire proof surface.

The lithium ion batteries are known for getting hot when they are charging.

This is something that can potentially be a fire hazard so you should never leave your batteries charging unattended.

Being in the room when they are charging is very important as well.

Final Thoughts – Arctic Dolphin T-Gi 150W Mod

The Arctic Dolphin T-Gi 150W Mod offers you everything that you are looking for. This mod is available at a great price which is something that I am always thinking about because I love a great value.

There are so many mods out there that have this range of wattage but many of them tend to cost quite a bit of money.

When I saw the price on this mod I honestly thought that it would probably not work out that well for me. However I was mistaken because this mod is really wonderful for the price.

The mod has the temperature control and all of the additional protections that you need.

This mod is one that is going to work really well for you when you want really big clouds as well as when you are just looking for a mod to casually vape with.

You will be able to vape at ease knowing that you are being well protected.

The only thing that I found mildly disappointing with the mod is that the batteries were not included.

You actually need two of the 18650 batteries in order to be able to use this mod.

So if you do not realize this and order them when you are ordering the mod, you could end up having to wait until you get batteries before you can use the mod.

Since I always keep a few batteries on hand, I was able to use them, but when I ordered it was not clear that they were not included.

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