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Arctic Tank Review – Sub Ohm Tank Beast

It’s gotten much harder these days to find the best sub ohm tank, as a flurry of new products have hit the shelves the last few months. Sub ohm tanks are relatively new type of product, blurring the line between RDA and clearomizer performance.

It’s hard to argue that rebuildable dripping atomizer setups have tended to deliver a much more potent vaping experience than standard clearomizers and tanks, but for the vape enthusiast who values simplicity over all, it’s tough to beat the convenience that these setups offer: just fill it and go as long as it works, then change the atomizer (or toss it and spend another $10) when it doesn’t.

That being said, there’s no real reason why a savvy vaper shouldn’t be able to have the ultimate in flavor and convenience.

After all, technology is about eliminating hard choices, not making more, and so to say a product like the Horizon Tech Arctic Tank has its place in the market is an understatement.

Coil Wrapping Rebuilding Checklist

The Arctic tank is a superior option for those who like tanks such as the Aspire Atlantis, using its organic cotton coils and quad intake valves to deliver the flavor and punch of RDA vaping with the laze-friendliness of more conventional tanks. At least, that’s what the ads say. Let’s dive in shall we?

What’s New- Arctic Tank

arctic 1Put quite simply, the Arctic Clearomizer Tank was designed by Horizon Tech to be THE sub-ohm tank. Its quad intake features elliptical holes for improved airflow and the organic cotton coils are specially manufactured to wick juice more efficiently for more flavor in every draw.

The custom coils for the Arctic Sub-Ohm tank come in two varieties, 0.2ohm, with a suggested range of 20-80w, and 0.5ohm, which has a suggested wattage range of 20-60w. Though the max suggested wattage is 80W, it does vape well up to 100w. All told, this is a tank designed to finally bridge the gap between traditional tanks and RDAs.


  • 304 stainless steel and Pyrex glass body
  • 3.5ml capacity
  • Four 3 sqmm cyclops air holes w/ AFC ring
  • Compatible with Horizon BTC and BTDC heads
  • Includes stainless steel wide bore drip tip
  • BTDC (Bottom Turbine Dual Coil) heads


Stop us if you’ve heard this before: this tank features standard 510 threading, just like the vast majority of mods and other vaping equipment out there.

Bottom Turbine Dual Coils Activate!

arctic 4

It sounds like a description of the Batmobile’s transmission, but what does it mean?

Well, BTDC technology features 4 huge air intakes at the base of the tank and vertically wired dual coils. So it means incredible airflow and vapor production, that’s what.

Check Out the BTDC Coils 5-Pack | – $13.99

Suggested Mods for the Arctic Tank

Innokin iTaste MVP3

itaste mvp 3.0 review header

If you’re going to seek out a top-flight tank like this, you’ll want a reliable long-term dance partner with all the necessary features, and few devices fit that description like the iTaste MVP 3.0 from Innokin.

The MVP 3.0 features variable voltage and wattage as well as a true hoss of a USB-charged internal battery that’s nearly legendary for its ability to shrug off a skipped night’s charge. It even serves as a mobile power source for the puny electronic devices with less stamina than itself!

The max wattage of the MVP3 is 30W, so you can only vape this tank on the lower end of the suggested wattage. It also only fires down to 0.4 ohms, so your only option would be the 0.5ohm coil heads. We took a longer look at the iTaste MVP 3.0 here so you can get the full story on this popular mod.

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Sigelei 100w Box Mod

sigelei 100w review header

If you’re looking to test the limits of what your new tank can do, there may be no better beast than the Sigelei 100w Box Mod. This monster mod features up to 100 watts of vaping power.


Since power without control is an imminent disaster; a manufacturer-exclusive build of the famed YiHi chip provides advanced regulation and device stability features.

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Organic Cotton Coils

organic cotton coil

The vaping community at large was first introduced to the OCC build with the release of the Kanger Subtank back in December.

Since than, the organic cotton coils’ construction has become the conduit of choice.

Organic Cotton Coils deliver cleaner, truer e juice flavors than other materials like silica. Many veteran vapors compare their first hit of juice from an OCC build to tasting their favorite flavor for the first time.

We were excited when we browsed the spec list and saw Horizon Tech went for the gold, as it’s pretty tough to go back once you’ve made the switch.

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Ice Cold Coils

The coil heads of the Arctic Tank are another redesign from traditional tank models, specially engineered to keep the tank and its mouthpiece cool regardless of the attached mod’s power and discharge level.

Anyone who has ever scorched their lip on a hot mouthpiece when pushing through about 120 watts knows how welcome an innovation that is.

Battle of the Sub-Ohming Clearomizers

It doesn’t matter if you’re a newb vaper, or a seasoned vet; the evolution of the clearomizer has left it’s mark. It has been a heated battle now between Kanger, Aspire & Innokin since the beginning.

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When Aspire released the Atlantis tank, we knew this was only the start. These companies are creating better products that will have your grandma chain vaping within days.

Aspire Atlantis Clearomizer

Aspire Atlantis Review - Sub Ohming Cloud Chasing


The Aspire Atlantis tank is a sub ohming monster. Released late in 2014 (December), this clearomizer had even better success than the Nautilus.

With a tank capacity of only 2ml, that’s really the only major downfall of this device. Everyone welcomes ease of sub ohming with this beauty!

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Kanger Subtank Clearomizer

Kanger Subtank review header


Shortly after the release of the Atlantis (Jan. 2015), Kanger was already prepared with their first run into sub-ohm land.

The one thing the Subtank has that the Atlantis doesn’t; tank size. The Kanger Subtank holds an impressive 6 ml of juice. Back that up with a colored red finish around the tank edges, make the Subtank stand out.

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Coil Wrapping Rebuilding Checklist

Standing Ovation

horizon tech meme

We won’t keep you in suspense long: we love pretty much everything about this tank. Its airflow and vapor production are outstanding at a wide range of power levels, even generating some of those vape shop clouds that are next to impossible with most clearomizers.


Speaking of power levels, the Arctic Clearomizer fears no device. From a garden-variety 30 watt box mod to the newer models that are quickly approaching 200w, all the way up to 300+ watt custom mods (not that the instruction manual instructs anyone to try it), the Arctic Tank shrugs and goes to work with little issue.

Even better, it does its heavy lifting in near-silence, unlike some other tanks whose loud cracking and popping at higher voltage levels can be compared to the guy at the gym who has to unleash his audible rage during his entire workout. For powerful mods, the Arctic Tank is a clear choice.

Flavor & Vapor Production

Of course, none of the great specs of the Arctic tank matter if the vapor produced tastes like it’s burning, but fortunately flavor is where the Arctic Tank truly shines.

The Horizon Tech Arctic tank consistently produces a dense vapor full of the deepest flavor profiles of our favorite juices. It also adds an element rarely seen in standard clearomizers: that comforting warmth that keeps RDA builders tinkering away at all hours of the night.

It once seemed impossible to get that kind of performance from a clearomizer, but here it is. Welcome to the future of vaping. Yes, it’s 2015.

Digging for Gripes

horizon tech logoIf we’re going to dig for complaints about the Horizon Tech Arctic Tank, one is that the Pyrex tank is non-removable.

This makes it more difficult to clean and if it breaks, you’re out of luck.It also goes through e juice at a ridiculous rate. If you look closely during an intense vaping session, you can actually watch your juice slowly drain away with this tank.

However, in fairness, that’s just the drawback of such a powerful tank setup. What do you think is in all those giant delicious clouds of aroma and flavor?

Final Thoughts

arctic tank


Overall, we highly recommend the Arctic Tank to anyone who vapes. If you’re a high-wattage vaper, this tank offers the total package in performance and flavor for your more powerful builds.

Coil Wrapping Rebuilding Checklist

If you’re a mid-range vaper with a mod that doesn’t double as a tazer, it still offers one of the best vaping experiences on the market.


Just remember that the coil heads are 0.2ohm and 0.5ohm, so make sure that your vaporizer of choice can handle resistances this low. The Horizon Tech Arctic Sub-Ohm Tank is a true standout, and one that few if any will regret adding to their collections.

Check Out the Arctic Tank | Under $30.00

30 Responses to Arctic Tank Review – Sub Ohm Tank Beast

  1. Aaron Backer says:

    I currently have the eleaf pico and can’tfigure out what wattage to set it on for this tank?

  2. Steve says:

    The horizon artic tank glass can be replaced. Your yellow rubber dish gloves, grab it at the top and bottom of just the tank section and twist hard. It will unheard so you can remove and install new Pyrex.

  3. Shayne Randlett says:

    When I first started vaping I didn’t have any friends who were into it and there were no local vape shops so I kind of had to stumble along on my own and learn as I went. Like most people I started on an eGo-style pen and the kind of shit juice you get at a gas station. Never having tried anything else, I liked it. My next step up was the KangerTech Pro Tank Mini 2 and Mini 3. A big step up from what I had (those old-school plastic tanks with the wicks hanging down from the top). Eventually I bought an iTaste 2.0 – better still. Upped my tank to an Atlantis Mini – this was a HUGE step up in my game. When I finally coupled the Aspire Nautilus Mini with an eLeaf 20W, I thought it couldn’t get any better than that. I very happily used that combination for over a year. Then I kind of got a bug up my ass about sub-ohm vaping.
    About a month ago, on a whim and without having done any research, I bought a sub-ohm kit: the eLeaf TC 60W with the Melo2 tank. I immediately had buyer’s regret. I’m not really sure what I expected, but the Melo2 tank didn’t blow me away. The standard coil was okay, but the flavor wasn’t any better that what I was getting off of my Nautilus Mini. The titanium coil was, to me, unusably disgusting. The taste was just horrible. The nickel coil was a little better, but the whole situation just made me with I had stuck with the set-up I had been using and saved my money. I liked the feel of the eLeaf TC60W in my hand, but the tank just wasn’t what I expected.
    On another whim, and again without any research, I picked up the Horizon Tech Arctic Turbo tank. (I’m a little ashamed to admit I only bought it because it matched my MOD…) I opened it in the parking lot and filled it with my favorite juice and let it sit for a couple of minutes to prime. From my very first puff on it I was in love. I swear I heard angels singing and that a sunbeam broke through the clouds and shined on me. This is it. THIS is what I always knew vaping could be. The taste was so clean, so pure that I tasted things in the juice I had been vaping for the past year that I had never noticed before. That was what I wanted – a delivery of taste as good as the juice smelled. If you care about such things, the cloud production was enormous – a few solid hits clouded out my car and I had to roll down the window. I love this tank! Even now, having used it for a week or so, every hit has been as good as the first. The flavor almost brings tears to my eyes it’s so clean and good. If your equipment is a little older and you want to step it up or if vaping just hasn’t been as good to you as you think it can be, get this tank. My only two ‘complaints’ are that it has a small tank (3ml, I think?) and it guzzles juice and from what I understand the glass cannot be replaced if you break it. I can deal with that.
    Tl:dr – I have found this to be an amazing, amazing tank. Incredible flavor and alarmingly huge clouds.

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