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Arrow Box Mod Review | Box Mod

The Arrow 100W mod is known as a variable wattage mod that is available at an affordable price. Many vapers shy away from high wattage mods because they do not think that they can afford them.

You could not write an Arrow 100W review without mentioning the fact that it is one of the most affordable 100W mod options that is available today.

What’s New – Arrow 100W Mod

The Arrow 100 watt box mod is is being hailed as a great buy for its low cost. In fact some reviewers are even assigning a price per watt to show off how inexpensive the mod really is.

You can use this box mod between 7W and 100W which means that it offers a full range of options for you to have affordable power. The mod houses two 18650 batteries which power the mod to these unbelievable wattages.

You can use it for resistances ranging between .2 ohms and 3.3 ohms. If you forget to buy batteries or have batteries that are charging then you will be able to use the mod with the included USB cable.

Plus there is a magnetic cover over the battery area which makes for simple and efficient battery changing. The OLED screen on the Arrow 100W mod is also nice so that you can read details about your vaping experience.

In addition to the OLED technology there is also special technology that keeps the mod safe with over current protection (anything over 25A) and protection against short circuits. In addition to these precautions the mod has additional safety features that should be mentioned.

There is an over temperature protection that keeps the mod from overheating. Plus there is a low voltage protection, protection from resistance that is too high (over 3.3 ohms) or too low (under .2 ohms).

You will also find that there is a minimum output of 1.1V when vaping and a maximum output of 13V when vaping. If you want to make sure that young children can not pick up your mod and turn it on then you can actually lock it.

You can lock it by pressing the firing button 5 times in less than 7 seconds. If you do this and need to unlock the mod you can just press any button to see that it is locked and then press the firing button 5 times to unlock it.

On top of these features you will notice that the mod turns itself off when you are not using it. This can help to save your battery power and make the mod more efficient. The OLED screen will dim after not being used for 15 seconds.

Additionally the mod will go into sleep mode if it has not been used in 1 minute.

Low in Price, High in Quality 

Arrow 100W mod before they use it. In fact nearly every Arrow 100W review that is out there talks about the skeptical nature that we all have when something is a great deal.

This is because far too many times in life when something seems like an incredible deal like this box mod, it is not what you are expecting or hoping for. In fact this box mod offers a full variable wattage that allow you to use the mod between 7W and 100W.

It is fashioned from aluminum and is made to be durable so that it lasts a long time. It also has all of the special safety features and precautions that used to only be available in the most expensive top of the line mods.


  • Fixed 510 Threading
  • 28.5 mm x 101 mm x 58 mm
  • Weight of 215 g
  • Interchangeable Batteries

A Look at All of the Special Safety Features

One great thing about the Arrow 100W mod is that it has a number of different safety features that make it a great mod to use without worry. In fact the many different safety features actually include a temperature feature.

The temperature feature does not allow for the mod to be higher than 65 degrees C. The mod also features low voltage protection. This includes </= 5.8V +/= .1V VBAT when vaping and </= 6.4V +/= .1V VBAT during standby.

Many mods do not include protection against low voltage so this is something that is not as commonly seen. There is a special protection against low resistance that is under .2 ohms as well. You also have the protection against high resistance that is above 3.3 ohms.

While that all might sound like a lot of special safety features there are still more that you should consider. There is a special short circuit protection. Plus there is an over current protection that protects against currents that are over 25A.

What’s Included

  • 1 x Arrow 100W box mod
  • 1 x USB Cable
  • 1 x English User Manual


There are many different features that you will find with the Arrow 100 watt box mod. These features include:

  • Wattage That Varies from 7W to 100W
  • Adjustable Wattage Allows Adjustments to the .1W
  • OLED Screen Measuring .69”
  • Input Wattage Clearly Displayed
  • Battery Clearly Displayed
  • Output Wattage Clearly Displayed
  • Output Resistance Clearly Displayed
  • OLED Screen Dims After 15 sec of Non-Use
  • Sleep Mode Turns On After 1 Minute of Non-Use
  • Lock Mode Available By Pushing the Firing Button 5 Times in 7 Seconds
  • To Unlock Press the Firing Button 5 Times
  • Maximum Output Voltage of 13V While Vaping
  • Minimum Output Voltage of 1.1V While Vaping
  • Protection for Over Currents (over 25A)
  • Protection from Short Circuits
  • Low Resistance Down to .2 ohms
  • High Resistance Up to 3.3 ohms
  • Low Voltage Protection
  • Over Temperature Protection
  • Magnetic Back Cover for Easy Battery Changes

How to Use The Arrow 100W Mod

If you are going to choose one of these Arrow 100W Mods then you should first know how to use it properly. To turn on the mod you just need to press any button once it has batteries in it.

This causes the OLED screen to light up and display all of the information about the settings. If you do not use the mod for a while it can automatically shut off. Once your atomizer is on the mod it is going to display the resistance.

If there is no atomizer the resistance is going to show up as 0.0 ohms. You can lock and unlock the mod by pressing the firing button five times very quickly. This really can keep everyone safe and can keep your mod from firing in your pocket or bag.

If you want to change the wattage or output you just have to press the up or down arrow buttons.

Best Atomizers to Use with the Arrow 100 Watt Box Mod

Depending on the type of vaping experience that you are looking for one of the following mods might be a better fit for your needs. All of them are great high quality choices so you can’t go wrong with any of them.

Joyetech Delta II

The Joyetech Delta II offers the 510 connection that you need for use with the Arrow 100W mod. It holds 3.5 ml of e liquid and is known for its superior and even wicking. Overall this is one tank that leaves users satisfied and coming back for more.

Kanger Subtank Mini

The Kanger Subtank Mini is one of the smallest tanks that are available on the market today. The most impressive thing about this tank is that it holds a full 4.5 ml of e liquid in its small size.

The tank features some of the best quality materials on the market today and is known for being a tank that is going to last for a long time. VaporFi Volt The VaporFi Volt is one of the highest quality hybrid tanks on the market today and it is a perfect fit for the Arrow 100W mod.

The Volt features a 4 ml e liquid capacity and has a nice range of adjustable airflow. It features the 510 threading that is known for being the standard.

Final Thoughts

The Arrow 100W Mod is very different from other mods that you see for a number of reasons. One of the best things about these mods is all of the safety precautions that are available.

It is the most protected mod on the market and it has protections built in that other mods do not have. Additionally the mod is easy to use and allows you to be able to change settings and features without much effort from the user.

This mod is also one of the most affordable 100 watt options available today. This means that you are going to be able to get the mod for a much lower price than similar models which is something that many people like as most of us are always looking for the next great value.

So this is one value priced mod that is not going to disappoint in performance or quality.


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