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Aspire Atlantis Mega Review

In case the hotly anticipated debut of the Atlantis 2.0 wasn’t enough to set Aspire fans atwitter, the announcement of the Aspire Atlantis Mega gave them even more to get excited about as we approach summer 2015.

As the name suggests, the Aspire Atlantis Mega is a super-sized take on the manufacturer’s leading line of tanks under the Atlantis banner, and it’s 5mL capacity is sure to please chain vapers as well as those who have picked a favorite flavor and are sticking with it.

Of course, bigger isn’t always better, and so this review of the Aspire Atlantis Mega will find out whether the popular platform has gone a size too far up.


  • Stainless steel and Pyrex Glass Construction
  • 5ml Maximum Capacity
  • Adjustable Airflow (2, 2.5, 3 and 3.5mm ports)
  • Cooling System Design
  • 100% Organic Cotton Coils
  • Kanthal wire made in USA
  • Patented Aspire Bottom Vertical Coil technology
  • Standard 510 Connection

What’s New- Aspire Atlantis Mega

The Atlantis Mega Tank is essentially a 30mm diameter variant on the Aspire Atlantis 2.0, and with the generation upgrade comes a redesigned airflow system designed to promote maximum flavor and vapor density.

The wider stance gives the Aspire Atlantis Mega a 5mL capacity as compared with the 3mL carrying capabilities of the Atlantis 2.0 and the 2mL capacity of the original Atlantis as well as the ability to include 2 more airflow settings to the intake management system.

Another difference between the Atlantis Mega and Atlantis 2.0 is the resistance level of the included coils, with the Mega paired with a 1 ohm and 0.3 ohm coil while the Atlantis 2 trades the 1 ohm coil for a 0.5 ohm build.

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Best Mods for Aspire Atlantis Mega

Cloupor T8

cloupor t8 100 watt box modThe Cloupor T8 box mod is an ode to simplicity, featuring a minimalistic anodized aluminum body and variable wattage up to 100w from a base of 7w.However, it also manages to pack in advanced features like an OLED screen and internal microchip that enable safety and stability measures.

We took a longer look at the Cloupor T8 here on BC, so you can check it out to read more on this highly capable device.

SMY 260w

smy 260That’s plenty of horsepower for turning a tank full of juice into a room full of clouds in no time flat.

There may be no vessel better suited to letting the SMY 260w do what it does best than the Aspire Atlantis Mega.

Of course, this kind of power is only for the most advanced users, and putting the pedal to the floor with this mod will require 3 18650 batteries, so it’s not exactly cheap to own and maintain.

If you’re looking for the kind of power that can make owning a 5mL tank even more impressive, you want to take a look at the SMY 260w. We sure did.


The performance of the Aspire Atlantis Mega tank is exceptional, with huge clouds and clear flavors the signature characteristics of the experience.

The coils are designed to vape juice as efficiently as possible, and where that may be a logistical quirk or even a drawback where the smaller Atlantis 2 is concerned, the Atlantis Mega makes full use of this high-octane vaping system with its increased capacity.

The four separate airflow settings (2, 2.5, 3 and 3.5mm ports) represent double what the standard Atlantis 2 has to offer, giving vapers increased control over every puff.

Flavors were surprisingly most pronounced while using the 1 ohm coil, although the lower resistance coils predictably offered even more impressive clouds.

The cooling system of the drip tip was a nice touch, as it more effectively regulated the temperature of both surface and vapor at higher wattage for a more comfortable vaping experience overall.

Build Quality

Build quality is another strength of the Aspire Atlantis Mega, with the stainless steel and Pyrex construction forming a highly durable vessel even with the increased class content of the Atlantis Mega tank.

We wouldn’t recommend dropping it on purpose, but just know a fall is not necessarily a death sentence for this tank.

Machining on the Aspire Atlantis Mega is high quality, with engraving and detailing done as meticulously as the functional air holes, and the components of the tank all come apart easily enough.

This precision machining also has the benefit of minimizing leaks, which were not experienced during the testing period.

The airflow adjustment ring is another noted point of quality, locking into place with a tactile click and requiring intentional effort to turn.

No surprises from the Atlantis line, which has long counted quality as a strong suit.


The 30mm diameter of the Aspire Atlantis Mega makes it an unmistakable presence at the top of most mods, but the standard 510 threading of the unit will at least ensure that it will be physically accommodated by the vast majority of mods on the market.

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We Would Have Liked to See…

There’s not a whole lot to complain about with the Aspire Atlantis Mega, especially when you consider that one of the most frequent complaints about the original Atlantis Aspire was its limited 2mL capacity.

Despite the fact that the only other way to increase the capacity of a tank is to extend it vertically until it looks like a roll of Life Savers, some still find fault with the large diameter of the Atlantis Mega tank.

Most of BC is in favor of the advantages it delivers, but the size is a common enough issue to make it the wrong choice for some vapers.

As for an objective issue, the smaller air flow ports of the Aspire Atlantis Mega can emit whistling sounds during use, and during a spirited draw the noise can be clearly audible, even startling.

Wider ports thankfully grant complete silence, and most of our staff prefers the larger airflow ports in any event, but for some enthusiasts, the whistling sounds made by the Aspire Atlantis Mega could be either a total dealbreaker or with plenty of practice, a unique opportunity to embark on a new career as a musical street performer.


Aspire Atlantis Mega (1)As for the final word on the Aspire Atlantis Mega, it’s hard to separate it from the Aspire Atlantis line as a whole as far as whether it’s the right choice for a given user.

Anyone who loves what the Aspire Atlantis has to offer but has always wished for more than double the e juice capacity can be pretty confident that they’ll fall for the Aspire Atlantis Mega as well.

Yes, it’s a behemoth, but we haven’t seen many more elegant solutions to carrying mass amounts of e Juice in a ready-to-vape form.

Sure, some may balk at the $45 suggested retail price tag, but it’s pretty in line with the rest of the Atlantis family’s price points and the premium purchase price does deliver a premium product in this case.

The bottom line is that those who choose the Aspire Atlantis Mega because they take a product for what’s on the label won’t be disappointed, and that’s why we at BC feel good about recommending it to our readers.

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