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Aspire Atlantis Mega Rumors & Updates

This time it’s official! At the end of March, Aspire officially announced via their forum, they would be releasing the next version of the Atlantis, as well as other products like the Aspire CF Maxx battery (device to go with the the Atlantis Mega). Will it be better than the original? We’re assuming Mega means bigger tank size. Let’s find out.

Aspire Atlantis Mega

The Aspire Atlantis Mega is a sub ohm vaping tank that will be on sale to the masses soon. What’s sub-ohm vaping? Check out our full guide on Sub Ohm Vaping for more information.

The Mega — Fixing what’s wrong?atlantis mega boxing

Everyone loved the Atlantis. Oh, you didn’t? Have you forgotten it was a clearomizer? Ya. Honestly, it wasn’t the most perfect device out there, but what tank is?

There will always be something someone doesn’t like about it. What was the main complaint over the original Aspire Atlantis? Tank Size.


The Official Upgrades

atlantis mega drip tip

The Atlantis Mega will be upgrading the tank size to 5 ml, so you can chain vape for a little while longer. They also gave the Atlantis Mega a “drip tip airflow”.


This allows the tank to cool down the vapor just a bit more for you. Along with airflow at the top, Aspire added a new airflow design along the bottom of the tank. This tank is so full of airflow holes I’m surprised it won’t leak!

Atlantis Mega Specs

Because the Atlantis has been so popular, Aspire has went on coming up with their sequel to the Aspire Atlantis. Aspire has developed the Atlantis Mega. Here’s the sub ohm coils that come with the Mega and the wattage levels accordingly:

  • 0.3 ohm (70-80W)
  • 0.5 ohm (20-30W)
  • 1.0 ohm(40-50W)

Atlantis Mega Release Date

atlantis mega clearomizer


The expected release date for the Atlantis Mega is expected to be around April 30th. This will probably change again over the next few weeks.

We will update this as soon as we know! If you see something on this page that’s not updated, leave a comment; and thanks for the help! Also, be sure to check out our Rumors & updates on the Aspire Atlantis 2!


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 All information on this post is purely speculative, and is not in anyway an official outlet for Aspire news or products.

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