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Aspire Atlantis Review

The Aspire Atlantis tank is a high performance sub ohm clearomizer that offers a range of advanced features appreciated by more experienced vaper, built into a package so simple anyone can enjoy it.

If you’re not familiar with sub-ohming yet, click here to get the technical definition on our vaping glossary page. Otherwise, I know you’re excited to see what’s under the hood with the Atlantis.

After the success of the Aspire Nautilus and Nautilus Mini, Aspire look to set the bar high with the Atlantis. All I can say is; mission accomplished.

The Aspire Atlantis is a definite game changer in the vaping scene. It is a sub ohming, cloud chasing, flavor bursting machine without all the coil wrapping and and experience needed to use an RBA/RDA.

Let’s take a closer look and see what’s really under the hood of the Aspire Atlantis!

Coil Wrapping Rebuilding Checklist

Atlantis Specs

  • Measurements: 22mm (w) x 70.3mm (h)
  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • 2ml Capacity Pyrex Tank
  • Specially Designed Wide-Bore Drip Tip
  • Fully Adjustable Air Flow
  • 510-type Connection Threading
  • Anti-Leakage Design
  • Coil Resistance: 0.5ohm (20-30W)
  • Wires Made in the U.S.A.

Instructions & Directions

  • Unscrew cap at bottom
  • Unscrew coil head from bottom of cap
  • Affix new coil head
  • Fill tank with your favorite e-liquid
  • Replace bottom cap
  • Wait approximately 3 minutes for liquid to settle and absorb into wicking
  • Attach to compatible mod
  • Enjoy

Aspire Atlantis – A First Look Under The Hood

atlantis casing

The Aspire Atlantis tanks brings to the table a high performance sub-ohm coil that allow users to easily generate those huge, puffy clouds of vapor.

It has a very well designed adjustable airflow system and a durable pyrex glass inner construction. It feels very solid as a whole, and I’m not worried I’m going to break it anytime soon.

In fact, I have dropped mine multiple times and this thing still works like a champ. I don’t recommend you going around dropping your brand new clearo, but it’s good to know they can take a ding or two.

Unfortunately, because of some of the upgrades present in this edition, it the Atlantis IS NOT compatible with some of the older Nautilus parts.

Check Out the Aspire Atlantis Tank | Under $28.00

Indestructible Pyrex Glass Tank

The Aspire Atlantis atomizer also features the most popular glass tank on the market today. It hold 2 ml of ejuice in the tank.

The pyrex glass tank is the best tank/tube on the market to have with your clearomizers. You can enjoy the harsher e juices with no worries about them cracking your tanks.

There are also several tools and tricks you can implement when trying to improve the flavor of your e juice.

Airflow Design – Let The Clouds Breathe!

The airflow control is a favorite feature, allowing vapers to customize their experience unlike basic models. The airflow on the Atlantis is simply fantastic. One the largest airflow setting you can take nice, deep lung hits without any issues.

Insufficient vapor flow is a common complaint with other clearomizers because the outlet size has much more to say about how much vapor is delivered than battery power and some users even resort to drilling larger holes in their tanks to increase airflow.

The airflow holes of the Atlantis by Aspire are an upgrade over the Aspire Nautilus’ airflow holes. The smallest airflow setting on the Atlantis is about the same size as the biggest airflow setting on the Nautilus. 

If you are into dripping, than the Atlantis Aspire will become your “out-&-about” device. If you are interested in dripping, but don’t want to fully commit; this device will give you a great idea of what dripping is all about.

What’s a good setup for the Aspire Atlantis?

Vaping the Atlantis at 35-40 watts using a 70% VG/30% PG  mix on the 2nd highest airflow level; you will start to see a good example of what it would be like dripping.

When you vape e juice at a certain temperature, the real and true flavors can really come out. That is why some juices should not be vaped unless you have the adequate equipment.

For more information regarding the differences between PG (polypropylene glycol) & VG  (vegetable glycerin) e liquids, check out our PG VS VG article for a full breakdown of different types of e juices.

Cheap Aspire Atlantis Clones

aspire atlantis clone

Ok guys, here’s our list of the cheapest Atlantis clones out there.

BEWARE that some of these vendors might be Chinese, so it will take a while longer for you to get your clearo.

Let’s see where the best deal on Atlantis clones are!



Bottom Vertical Paradise

atlantis coils

The Aspire Atlantis coils pull out all the stops if you’re worried about performance. The very popular bottom vertical coils are the coils you’ll need to get this lost wonder of the world started!

Please Be Aware! The Bottom Vertical coils for the Aspire Atlantis coil setup are NOT the same as the Original BVC coils

With this new coil design, the bottom vertical coils increase vapor by 15% and distributes heat more uniformly. This is because there is no rope in the middle of the coil blocking the airflow within the coil itself. The Atlantis coils are definitely top of the line and are very popular.

>>Check out the BVC coils prices, reviews, rating and description over at<<

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Coil Wrapping Rebuilding Checklist

Aspire CF Sub Ohm Battery Review

cf sub ohm battery

Aspire decided to really step up their game with the release of Atlantis. They developed a powerful yet inexpensive battery that makes powering your fancy new sub ohm tank stupidly easy (and safe!).

Made specifically for the Atlantis, the Aspire CF Sub Ohm battery has a very sleek design that looks pretty good with an Atlantis on top . The battery comes with a metal button, stainless steel endpoints, and a carbon fiber coated tube.

It also contains a revolutionary spring connector. The design and control circuit of this battery series makes using it extremely reliable and stable.

It’s simple. The Atlantis vape tank combined with the CF Sub Ohm battery is the simplest, easiest way to jump into sub ohm vaping in a safe, inexpensive and fun way!

>>Check out the CF Sub Ohm battery prices, reviews, rating and description over at<<

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Compatible Mods for Atlantis Tank

Cloupor T8 (150W Box Mod)

One of the best box mods on the market today, the Cloupor T8 is a 150 watt box mod that can handle the sub-ohm vaping that the Aspire Atlantis will give you (and then some!). Here’s a few of the mods’ specs:

Cloupor T8


  • VW : 7W-150W
  • VV : 1.5V-7.6V
  • Compatible with 0.15-4.0 ohm atomizers
  • IC board with self-heat dissipation system
  • Reverse battery protection

Check Out Our Full Review on the Cloupor T8 Box Mod

VaporFi Vox II 50 Mod (50 Watt Box Mod)

The Vox II 50 mod by VaporFi is a 50 watt box mod designed to give you an enormous amount of raw wattage you can use for any tank or RDA/RBA you own.

It will be able to handle the Aspire Atlantis as well as the Kanger Subtank. It packs quite a punch for such a small mod, and the build quality of the device is excellent. It also looks pretty sweet with the Atlantis. Here’s a small list of the mod’s specs:

vaporfi vox ii 50 mod


  • Adjustable Output Power from 7 w – 50 w (in 0.1 w increments)
  • Accepts Atomizer Resistance from 0.2 ohm (sub) – 3.0 ohm
  • Output Voltage Range: 3.0 v – 8.5 v
  • Input Voltage: 3.2 v – 4.2 v

Check Out Our Full Review on the Vox II 50w Box Mod

Atlantis 510 Threading

The Aspire Atlantis clearomizer features the all-so-standard 510 threading, so it will fit won any 510 device on the market. The actual threading on the Atlantis 510 connection is very clean and screws on to your mod buttery smooth. Unless you bear handle your gear on the daily, you won’t be stripping the threads anytime soon.

However, this type of clearomizer requires more power than your basic device offers. Don’t try using the Atlantis with your iTaste MVP 2.0 or VAMO V5. These devices max out at a little over 10 watts, and won’t even fire if the coil is below 1 ohm, while the Atlantis demands a mod capable of 30-40 watts.

We definitely suggest finding the right mod for this clearomizer, as it’s the only way to get the full experience.

>>Check out the 510 eGo adapter prices, reviews, rating and description over at<<

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Safety First – Know Your Batteries

While the Aspire Atlantis was created with some fine safety features including anti-drip construction, it is ultimately on the user, YOU, to ensure you are safely using these devices. Because of the sub-ohm resistance of the atomizer coil, this clearomizer has certain power requirements.  It is designed to work with mods rated for 30+ watts of power and with batteries rated at 25+ amp or higher.

Be sure to get the right parts for your system or find out whether your existing vaping equipment is right for use with the Atlantis Aspire to keep things nice and safe.

What is Sub Ohming Anyway?

The subculture of the vaping community dedicated to the biggest puffs are called cloud chasers, and sub-ohming is a method that these experienced vapers use to create massive clouds of aromatherapy that fill rooms and brighten days.

These vapers build coils, or heating elements, for their tanks with a resistance of less than a single ohm, meaning that the mod draws the most possible power from the battery with every inhalation. This delivers warmer vapor, more intense flavor, and of course, giant clouds of delicious vapor.

The potential problem with sub-ohming is that it places a higher than normal strain on the battery, especially with incompatible equipment.

Another potential danger is the overheating Lithium-Ion battery hovering mere inches from your face is every bit as dangerous as it sounds.

This potential issue is known as battery venting, which is a fancy word for exploding, and is a particular risk where cheap or cloned batteries are involved.

Luckily, battery venting is easily prevented by simply paying attention to the types of equipment you are using.

Be sure to always use batteries, tanks and mods that are rated as compatible with one another.

Best Starter Kit Deal on Aspire Atlantis

Coil Wrapping Rebuilding Checklist

My Freedom Smokes currently has the best deal on the Aspire Atlantis clearomizer! You get an extra pyrex glass tube, and extra BVC coils. This starter kit is everything you need to get started with the Aspire Atlantis. The CF battery and Atlantis combo will have you chuckin’ clouds right out of the box!

mfs atlantis deal


  •  1 x Aspire Atlantis BVC sub-ohm Tank
  • 1 x Aspire CF sub-ohm Battery
  • 1 x Aspire Atlantis BVC Replacement Glass Tube
  • 7 x Aspire Atlantic BVC Coils (2 included with tank and 5 in separate pack)


Aspire Atlantis Starter Kit | MyFreedomSmokes – Under $80.00

Any Competition?

So far, this review has led you to believe that the Atlantis by Aspire is the best clearomizer to hit the industry since the Nautilus, but is it really true? Well, let’s take a look at some of the other popular clearomizers that are either already out, or are expected to be released pretty soon:

Kanger Sub-Tank


Kanger Subtank review header

Being hyped as the direct competitor to the Atlantis, the Kanger Subtank is a stainless steel advanced clearomizer that brags a brand new coil design (OCC ).

OCC stands for Organic Cotton Coil heads.

>>Check Out Our Review on the Kanger Subtank here<<

There are still rumors going around about Aspire coming out with an Atlantis 2.0. Check out our vaping news section for more information on the Aspire Atlantis V2 Clearomizer.

Coil Wrapping Rebuilding Checklist

Gripes & Complaints

Negative views on the Atlantis Aspire are limited and subjective. The 2ml capacity is a bit too strict a limit for the heaviest chain vapers.

Some also note that the warmth of the vapor takes some getting used to when transitioning from an entirely different setup, but the majority of people who choose the Atlantis Aspire are more than satisfied with what it offers.

Final Thoughts

Overall, the Aspire Atlantis tanks are rated as an outstanding clearomizer for users with mechanical mods. It delivers on the promises of huge vapor clouds which are warm, dense and full of flavor.

The wide drip tip is appreciated as well, as it makes what can be a slightly messy affair much easier to control for old and new drippers alike. To check out all of our clearomizers like the Aspire Atlantis review, visit our homepage to compare the best tanks in the industry now.

Share Your Thoughts

If you own or have used an Aspire Atlantis tank before, please share your experiences in the comments below!

Thanks again for reading, and vape on!

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