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Aspire Atlantis vs Arctic Tank

In the brave new vaping world, sub ohm tanks have taken over. The two biggest sub ohm tanks seem to be gaining the most popularity.

When comparing the Arctic Tank vs the Aspire Atlantis there are many things that should be noted.  Both are regarded as great choices for those who vape.

However, some people seem to prefer one while others seem to prefer the other

This means that there are some things that you should consider when deciding which one you want so that you can be happy with the choice that you made.

A Look at the Aspire Atlantis

Aspire Atlantis

The Aspire Atlantis is the next generation tank that you have been looking for. 

It offers a number of unique features including that you can adjust the air flow.

This tank can offer similar vaping experience to a rebuildable atomizer for a fraction of the cost.

To best understand the Aspire Atlantis you would want to understand how each of the parts are made and how some are just a little bit different to give you the best results. 

Drip TipThe wide bore drip tip on the Aspire Atlantis is made from stainless steel and it is round.  It features a sealing ring that is made from silicone rubber. 

Thanks to its larger size you can enjoy more airflow.  This design is special and is made in the RDA style.

Upper HardwareThe upper hardware is also made from stainless steel.  It features the brand name carved into it.

TubeThe tube is made from Pyrex glass and is replaceable. 

Sub Ohm CoilThe Sub ohm coil is made with patented BVC technology wire from the USA.  The coil allows for the best taste when vaping and is compatible with 20-30W cloud vapor production.

Base HardwareThe base hardware features an upgraded adjustable airflow system.  It has the special RDA airflow design along with anti-leakage features.

**Each kit contains 1 complete Atlantis, 1 replacement glass tube, 1 replacement atomizer (.05ohm).

Overall the Aspire Atlantis just might be the best vaping tank on the market today.

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Aspire Atlantis Pros

  • Produces larger clouds than other tanks.
  • High quality coils and tubes last longer than comparable units.
  • It looks great.
  • Fits easily on mini box mods and mech mods.
  • It is light weight and shorter than most other tanks.
  • The Aspire Atlantis is available for a very reasonable price.
  • The kit comes with replacement glass.  This is especially helpful if something happens to your glass so that you can use it without having to wait for a replacement piece to arrive.
  • The flavor is very impressive with the Aspire Atlantis.  In fact many testers even stated that they did not realize just how great their favorite e-juice could taste.
  • Exceptional vapor production.
  • The drip tip is replaceable and wide which makes for easier use and better airflow.

Aspire Atlantis Cons

  • Tank is small in size and only holds 2 ml of e-juice.
  • Uses a lot of juice in comparison to other similar units.
  • You have to buy an extension kit if you want to make the tank larger.
  • Many people complain that the vapor is too warm. 
  • A few users have reported getting a little bit of spit back when using this tank.  Those users also reported that they were burned by the spit.
  • The Aspire Atlantis coils are completely different than other Aspire coils.
  • There is only the option for the 0.5 ohm coil.  So if you want anything different than you actually have to rebuild it yourself.

A Look at the Arctic Tank

arctic tankThe Arctic Tank is one of the most customizable tanks available on the market. 

This makes it perfect for adjusting to your specific vaping wants and needs

Taking a look at each of the pieces that makes up the tank.

This helps you to make sure that you know just what you are getting when you purchase the Arctic Tank.


Drip Tip — The drip tip on the Arctic Tank is wide bore.  It also is made from stainless steel. 

Upper Hardware — The upper hardware is made completely from stainless steel that has been made in the USA.

Tube — The attached tube is made from Pyrex glass and does not detach from the unit.

BTDC Sub ohm Coil — There are two different bottom turbine dual coils that are available for the Arctic Tank. 

These are the 0.2 ohm coil that has the ability to use between 30W and 100W.  The .5 ohm coil has the ability to be used between 30W and 80W.

Bottom Hardware — The bottom hardware features the same 304 stainless steel that is used in the rest of the tank.

Each kit contains one full assembly.

The Arctic Tank is known as one of the best sub ohm tank choices available on the market today.

Check out the Arctic Tank | Now Under $30

Arctic Tank Pros

  • It can easily reach the higher wattage whereas some other tanks that claim high wattage do not.
  • The closest that you can get to a drip feeling on a tank.
  • Very good airflow that makes vaping smoother.
  • There is no leaking or gurgling with the Arctic Tank.
  • Perfect for high wattage vaping that other units are not able to handle.

Arctic Tank Cons

  • It does not produce a very large cloud.
  • The taste of the e-juice is not as good as what you can find with other choices.
  • The vapor is very warm (though some people prefer a warmer vape).
  • This uses a lot of e-juice.
  • The Pyrex tank is not removable so if you break the tank then the entire thing is no longer usable.

Side By Side Fact Comparison of the Aspire Atlantis vs Arctic Tank

Here is a look at some of the most important factors for users and how the two stack up when next to each other.

As with all things, different users claim to like one over the other but generally speaking the users agree on these areas.  So their preference has a lot to do with what they are looking for.


When comparing the Aspire Atlantis vs the Arctic Tank for taste, most people prefer the Aspire Atlantis.

There are a lot of different users who have reported that they are not impressed with the taste from the Arctic Tank but everyone seems to love the taste that comes from the Aspire Atlantis.

Vapor Production

The Aspire Atlantis has an amazing output of vapor with the 0.5 ohm coil

Even though the Arctic Tank has both a 0.2 and a 0.5 ohm coil, it is not known to have the vapor production that the Aspire Atlantis does. 

So this is one that goes to the Aspire Atlantis as well since it produces huge clouds when vaping.


The Aspire Atlantis and the Arctic Tank are both sold at similar price points and are within a few dollars of one another. 

The Aspire Atlantis seems to be a better value since you can replace the glass tube and there is an additional tube and coil that comes with the kit. 

The Arctic Tank does not come with extra pieces and since the tank is not removable it is something that requires you to be more careful.

Size and Weight

The Aspire Atlantis is small and compact and light weight but not too light weight. 

The Arctic Tank is slightly bigger and also weighs a little bit more. 

Depending on what type of battery or mod you are using this could go either way. 

Tank Capacity

The Aspire Atlantis has just a 2 ml tank capacity

The Arctic Tank’s capacity is just slightly larger with 3 ml tank capacity so the Arctic Tank wins this one.


The Aspire Atlantis and the Arctic Tank are both very versatile and can be used with a number of different types of mods and batteries. 

Most people who have the Arctic Tank seem to be very happy with how versatile it is but a few users from the Aspire Atlantis seem to be unhappy with its overall performance.

And the Winner Is …

aspire atlantisOverall, there seems to be things that users really like about both the Aspire Atlantis and the Arctic Tank. 

When comparing the Arctic Tank vs Aspire Atlantis there are many different things that you can consider. 

The two are pretty equal but if you are looking for the best sub ohm tank then you would probably be happier with the Arctic Tank. 

However when comparing the Aspire Atlantis vs Arctic Tank and are looking for the best vaping tank you are probably going to be happier with the Aspire Atlantis.

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