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Aspire CF Maxx Review

Aspire has quickly built a name for itself in the relatively new vaping industry.

The new Maxx battery is designed to unlock the fullest potential of their most popular peripherals.

The Aspire CF Maxx is a variable wattage tube mod that attempts takes the familiar eGo-type profile to the next level.

By adding premium materials, a slick one-button control scheme and sharp carbon-fiber detailing.

Of course, we all know you can build a Ferrari’s body around a minivan’s engine and it still won’t win you many street races.

This CF Maxx mod review will break down whether this new offering from the manufacturer lives up to the standard set by their highly regarded accessories.

CF Maxx – Specs

  • Stainless Steel and Carbon Fiber Construction
  • 3000mAh Built-in Rechargeable Battery
  • Variable Wattage (5-50W)
  • Bottom Dial Voltage Adjustment with Child Lock
  • Stainless Steel Endpoints
  • Stainless Steel Firing Button
  • Spring-Loaded Atomizer Contact Pin
  • Integrated Vent Holes for Heat Management
  • Safety Cutoff/Atomizer Protection
  • Low Voltage Protection
  • Dedicated 5-Click On/Off Button
  • LED Voltage Indication System (4.2v Full Output)


  1. Install tank or atomizer at top of unit
  2. Press firing button 5 times to activate unit
  3. Adjust wattage with bottom dial
  4. Press firing button and inhale simultaneously to release vapor
  5. Engage child lock by moving bottom dial into position
  6. Deactivate unit by pressing firing button 5 times

What’s New- Aspire CF Maxx

Aspire CF Maxx (1)The Aspire CF Maxx is designed as a deluxe variable voltage tube mod intended specifically for use with the Aspire Atlantis clearomizer.

It features a carbon fiber coated stainless steel body as well as a high capacity 3000mAh battery and a durable metal firing button.

The CF Maxx also features an easy operation control scheme consisting of a single button and control wheel at the bottom of the unit as well as a minimalistic design perfect for the low-key vaping enthusiast.

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Aspire CF Maxx Battery

The powerful 3000mAh battery of the CF Maxx mod from Aspire can provide all day enjoyment, but this kind of power should be always treated with respect.

Naturally this means that you should keep the thing dry and out of the scorching Arizona sun.

Aspire also takes the time to warn us in the manual that the Aspire CF Maxx battery should only be charged with its own native charger.

You can also get a licensed replacement at the risk of damage to the battery or its owner.

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Aspire CF Maxx Charger

As we went over half a page scroll ago, the CF Maxx battery should only be charged with its included charger.

This takes the form of a 4.2v USB to screw input-type charger that Aspire claims will have the mod back to a full charge within 6 hours.

Attach the battery to the charger, watch the battery flash orange a few times, then wait for the continuous red light to turn into a continuous green light a quarter-day later.

Of course, nobody waits that long while they’re awake.

Anyone who has ever been to summer school knows just how extensive a span of time 6 hours can be.

Students everywhere will be happy to know the Aspire CF Maxx model we tested can attain a perfectly serviceable charge level within 3 or 4 hours and lasts about a day and a half from there.

Treat it like your smartphone and you should have the juice you need at all times.

Variable Wattage

The Aspire CF Maxx has variable wattage levels adjustable from 5 to 50 watts along with automatic voltage with a full output of 4.2V.

Wattage levels can be set with the dial at the bottom of the unit. The LED light of the CF Maxx will flash blue to indicate a battery cell voltage of 3.6 to 4.2V and orange to indicate lower voltages.

Best Clearomizer for the Aspire CF Maxx

Aspire Atlantis Mega

The Aspire CF MaxxAspire Atlantis Mega (1) was built from the ground up to operate perfectly with their Atlantis Mega clearomizer, making this tank the only way to go to experience the true vaping vision of the designers.

Don’t feel forced, using the Atlantis is nearly a privilege with its high capacity eJuice chamber, adjustable airflow, and durable stainless steel construction bolstered with Pyrex glass containment.

Testing the Aspire CF Maxx with the Aspire Atlantis Mega was more fun than work.

Dense clouds and rich flavors the result of virtually every puff.

We don’t know if this counts or not since they were literally made for each other, but the look of the CF Maxx topped with the Atlantis Mega was also very sharp.

If you’ve ever wanted to use an eGo type vape with a high-end clearomizer, this is your mod.

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The Aspire CF Maxx features a spring-loaded 510 connection with a spring loaded stainless steel contact pin for good performance and compatibility with most accessories.


Aspire CF Maxx (2)To call the CF Maxx an especially eye-catching mod would be an overstatement, but the device is not without the simplicity and polished charm so popular in personal devices these days.

The tuner-chic carbon fiber body and sharp metallic accents give it some level of flair, but overall the Maxx is about understated style all the way.

It’s pretty much what a starter stick wants to be when it grows up.

Build Quality

Build quality on the Aspire CF Maxx is good, with a solid feel throughout the body thanks to its unified construction.

The metal firing button feels sturdy when pressed, the wattage control wheel is well-made and features intricate machining, the LED light is bright and lively.

The overall presence of the CF Maxx speaks to the quality of its design.


The Aspire CF Maxx is also outfitted with a number of safety features.

It has overcharge protection, low voltage protection and short circuit protection thanks to its internal microprocessor.

It also features a 10 second cutoff and child lock for added safety and operational stability.

The Button

The CF Maxx by Aspire features a single button with multiple functions, with the power, firing mechanism and child lock are all controlled with this button.

You’ll be using it a lot, so it’s good to see that Aspire concentrated on this element of the CF Maxx’s design.

LED Indication System

Aspire CF Maxx (3)In case you haven’t noticed, the LED light of the CF Maxx plays an important role in its communications with you.

It can actually be quite chatty where its health is concerned.

We’ve gone over the charging, power and voltage aspects of the indicator light, but the LED is also programmed to flash blue and orange distress lights if it encounters a short circuit.

Shine a continuous orange light as an overheating message, and blink orange a whopping 15 times to indicate that it needs a charge.

There’s a bit of a learning curve involved, so we recommend you start speaking CF Maxx if you want to own this top-flight mod.

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Aspire CF Maxx (4)Overall, the Aspire CF Maxx is a quality mod that we feel confident recommending to Aspire fans and anyone looking for a more polished version of the basic eGo stick.

Its low-profile look and good performance make it a good choice for an intermediate vaper.

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