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Aspire ESP 30w Review

From the same trusted company that brought us the Atlantis, the Nautilus, and the CF Mod comes the Aspire ESP 30w box mod.

With sleek styling and a textured carbon fiber look and a curved body, the Aspire ESP 30w Mod is one of the best looking mods on the market.

The sleek, rounded body lets it fit comfortably in your hand and it is sure to impress with its great features and convenient, compact size.

A little more about the Aspire ESP 30w

AspireAspire ESP 30w has been a leading brand in the world of vaping with some of the highest rated and most innovative tanks available on the market.

Vapers will be impressed with the Aspire ESP 30w, the first box mod from the brand.

One of the great features with the Aspire ESP 30w Mod is that it allows you adjust your wattage when vaping.

This means that you can vape with as little as 5w or as much as 30w. It is a mid level device with many advanced vaporizers being between 50w and 100w or more.

Most people actually vape at 20w or below most comfortably so it is not necessary to have the higher wattage options.

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Specs for the Aspire 30w Mod

  • 1900mAh Capacity
  • Variable Wattage (5w-30w)
  • New LiPo Battery
  • Self Adjusting 510 Connections
  • 0.3Ω Minimum Resistance
  • Pass-Through Technology

Instructions for the Aspire ESP 30w Mod

  1. To power on, click the fire button 5 times within 2 seconds. (This also allows you to lock or unlock the mod.)
  2. Turn the rotary knob that is on the top of the mod to set the wattage for the atomizer.
  3. The screen will tell you when the battery is low or when the atomizer is not detected.

What’s New with the Aspire ESP 30w?

ESP 30w (5)This isn’t Aspire’s first venture into the mod market.

Compared to their previous mods, the CF SUBΩ and the CF Mod, one thing that is new with the ESP 30w is that it allows you to adjust your wattage.

Plus the atomizer is completely protected with the handy click lock feature.

This is perfect for when it is thrown into a purse or in someone’s pocket.

Plus, it makes it safer around children because they will not be able to pick it up and accidentally vape with it.

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What Comes with the Aspire ESP 30w?

  • Aspire ESP 30w Mod
  • Micro USB Charging Cable
  • Gift box
  • Instruction Manual
  • Tanks that Pair Well With the Aspire ESP
  • There are a number of additional atomizers that are compatible with the ESP 30w. These tanks can enhance the time that you spend vaping. Just a few are:
  • Aspire Atlantis Tank
  • Aspire Nautilus
  • Aspire Nautilus Mini


The ESP 30w works with a 1900-mAh battery. The charger is found on the bottom of the unit. You have to lie it on its side to charge.

This is something that might not be favorable to everyone. Some people like to charge while they are traveling or might not be able to find a place where it can be set down.

If you are using an RDA laying it on it’s side is also not copacetic, as it may leak.

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Special Safety Features

There are a lot of different safety features that are available for you with the ESP 30w Mod. This is great for those who happen to be around kids from time to time.

How many times have your children picked up something of yours that you might not have wanted them to?

Well, if that happens with this mod there is a pretty good chance that they will not be able to do anything because of the lock.

The lock is perfect for parents, grandparents, and even aunts and uncles. The locking feature is also good if carry it in your pocket or purse, as locking it will prevent it from accidentally firing.


ESP 30w (4)The Aspire ESP 30w Mod is available at a very reasonable price.

You will love that you can pick up this mod that works with similar features to much higher priced models.

This means that you are able to really get a lot for your money.

Plus with the available accessories, you are able to have all of the extra perks without driving the price up too much.

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Variable Wattage/Threading/Quality

The wattage of the unit is variable. This is preferred as to some types of vaping because you can readily adjust the wattage so that you vape just like you want to.

The ESP 30w works between 5w and 30w.

Depending on the flavor of the vapor, the atomizer, the nicotine strength, and different PG/VG ratio mixes you will have a different wattage that makes the vaping right for you.

You might switch between different wattage settings when you change eliquid, tanks, or RDAs.

The Aspire ESP 30w uses standard flush 510 threading. Like with any mod, you need to make sure that you keep these threads clean with a q-tip. This is going to help it last longer and work better.

The Aspire ESP 30w Mod is going to quickly gain popularity with its solid quality and design.

Since there is an overall high quality you will be able to use this mod for a long time without problems. Plus you can be assured that the mod is going to meet all of your vaping needs.

Digital Screen

ESP 30w (3)The digital screen offers a level of convenience that you do not get with all mods.

This is one of my favorite features about the Aspire ESP 30w box mod. 

There are a few different messages that can appear on the screens.

There are four things that you can learn about with the digital screen.

Battery Power

The battery power is displayed on the mod. When you see the message “Check Battery,” you should charge your battery. This means that your battery is running low.


The wattage that you have chosen is going to be displayed on the screen.


The resistance of the atomizer is also displayed on the screen. The screen will feature the message “Check Atomizer” when the atomizer is not detected.

This can help you to make sure that everything has been connected properly before you start vaping.


The voltage will also be displayed on the screen.

So as you can tell, having a digital screen on the mod can make your vaping easier.

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Final Thoughts

ESP 30w (2)I believe this is Aspire’s answer to Kanger’s release of the Kanger KBOX mod.

Vaping is becoming more popular and mainstream.

More and more manufacturers are coming out with new regulated/variable wattage devices everyday, it seems.

This will only benefit the consumer as the more competitors there are, the more widespread and affordable vaping becomes.

In my humble opinion, this is looking to be the year of regulated devices and mechanical mods are not going to be as popular as they once were.

The Aspire ESP 30w Mod is a great mod for the money. It is one that you are not going to be disappointed in.

The features, the style, design and vaping power are all going to work for your needs. This is a great new mod from an already trusted brand in the vaping world.

It is going to have the same quality that you have come to expect from Aspire.

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