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Aspire ET-S BDC Review

One of the newest dual bottom coil clearomizers to come out by Aspire; the ET-S BDC clearomizer. It features dual heating coils to produce twice as much vapor than with the standard single bottom coil, while always providing just the correct amount of e juice.

There are no exposed wicks in this clearo because the liquid is funneled into 2 holes on the sides of the coil. The capacity is 2.0 mL (which is the standard), and comes by default with a 1.8 ohm dual coil head (2.1 ohm dual coil heads are available for purchase too).

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510 eGo adapterThe Aspire ET-S BDC (bottom dual coil) is eGo threaded, so it will not fit devices that only have the inner 510 thread. However, there are no worries! Our buddies over at myfreedomsmokes sells the 510/eGo adapters for only a few dollars.

With these little adapters you can easily place on nearly any clearomizer of your choice without an leaking issue!


The Bottom Dual Coil (BDC) design has been a major upgrade to the Aspire line of clearomizers when you compare them to their single coiled counterparts. Not only does the clearomizer produce more flavorful vapor, it has less of a drag, no leaking and its’  uniquely designed replaceable coil and airflow system knock the other clearomizers out of the park.

The Aspire ET-S BDC was designed differently to eliminate the common problems most clearomizers have; that “airy draw” feeling, and the common gurgling noise which indicates liquid leaking from the clearomizer onto the battery. It is made entirely of metal and pyrex glass (for the tank).

The outer metal sheath protects the glass, and it is very reminiscent of the Kanger Evod in its’ style; in the way that it has a clear-slit window that shows you where the e juice levels of your tank is at all times.

Speaking of E Liquid

Aspire ET-S BDC There has been a little bit of ruckus floating around the forums stating that the Aspire ET-S does not handle thick liquids very well.

If your personal preference is VG that your vaping on, then you shall find out you will have a slightly harder draw to take, however thinning your e liquid down makes everything easier.

Capacity & Filling

Since the Aspire ET-S is a dual coil clearomizer, it is more important to follow the instructions regarding the amount of liquid you want to have in your tank at all times.

These dual coil clearomizers have higher chanced to burnout with lower e liquid than the standard single coils. Failing to keep the proper amount of e juice in your tank can result in a damaged or burnt wick; as well as cause leaking.

To fill properly, adhere to the following:

  1.  Turn the tank upside down and remove the threaded cap
  2. Slowly fill the outer part of the tank (sometimes if you try to squeeze the liquid in too much; it will overflow into the airflow tube located in the center of the clearomizer; causing it to leak)
  3. Make sure you tightly screw the cap back on.
  4. Flip it back right side up and check for any leaks before you start vaping!

Fix the Leaking

To ensure the best performance of this and any clearomizer, remove the tank from the battery and blow through the mouthpiece. Any excess liquid will come out on the threaded end of the device.

Clean out the entire unit with water and let it dry. This ensures the best possible taste when you use it again.

If these problems happen more than just when you are refilling; make sure you check that all the connections are screwed down properly.

If these problems persist, you might need to replace the coil head, wick or both.

Coil Heads

One of the new features on the Aspire ET-S is the coil head set-up. The coil heads have 2 holes in them to allow liquid to pass through. Still not completely convinced this clearomizer is the end-all to be all of the clearos’; but it does interest me enough to find out.

It is recommended that the coil be used with 3-5 volts.

There are 2 popular methods:Aspire BDC 1.8 atomizer head

  1. Unscrew tank
  2. Pulse the head
  3. Soak it in hot water for 3-5 minutes
  4. Blow
  5. Vape


  1. Unscrew head
  2. Lift garbage lid
  3. Drop in garbage
  4. Insert new $2 head that will last 1-2 weeks

For those of us not savvy enough to clean our coil heads, and don’t want to deal with the wicks, the second option is more practical and you can find them in 5-packs over at mt.baker vapor (which has pretty good deals on stuff like this)

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Ending Thoughts

There is no warranty on the pyrex glass or coil heads, however they do sell replacements for both.

Using the Aspire ET-S BDC has been described as a warmer vape in general, and countless people have been leaving reviews stating the clear shock of flavor they have been experiencing with this clearomizer.

It seems that this is a step in the right direction, and you should not be disappointed in any bottom dual coil clearomizers any time soon.

Share Your Thoughts

Share your experience with the Aspire ET-S or any other thoughts in the comments below!

Thanks again for reading, and vape on!

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