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Published on February 25th, 2014 | by Rich


Aspire Nautilus Review

BDC’s seem to be all the rage right now. Is it a fad or is it here to stay as part of a new revolutionary design for clearos? Enter the Nautilus. The Aspire Nautilus goes by different name variations; anything from Aspire Nautilus Glassomizer, Aspire Nautilus Clearomizer, the Aspire Nautilus BDC ; dual coil tank; but let’s just call it for what it really is: The answer to all your dreams.

If you’re looking for the new Aspire Atlantis review, click here to check it out. Otherwise, let’s get started breaking down the popular Aspire Nautilus!

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The Aspire Nautilus is setting the new standard for tanks with an adjustable airflow design that is blowing away its’ competitors. Seasoned vapers and newbies alike are both already enjoying this new option. In fact, due to the tremendous amount of feedback from the vaping community itself, the engineers sat down and created a tank that is finally  starting to meet the demands of this loyal community. Let’s jump right into it.

Airflow Takes The Crown

Each rotation for the air-hole adjustment has a click to let you know the desired port sizeaspire airflow control

  • 0.9mm
  • 1.1mm
  • 1.4mm
  • 1.8mm

By simply rotating the lower ring, you are given four options for adjusting the airflow. You can adjust the drag, the warmth of the vapor, and how much is produced; giving you complete control over your vaping experience. This also gives you a purer, cleaner taste. After a few sips on the vaporizer, the pressure builds up because the airflow is so tight when you’re taking a drag; that the suction builds up pressure and draws more liquid to the coils. Once you start hearing the dreaded “gurgling” sound, all you have to do is switch the port size hole on the adjustable airflow ring; which allows extra air to enter and instantly vaporize any excess juices.

What Comes In The Box?

The packaging of the Aspire nautilus is pretty impressive. It comes in a really nice container and has that soft meshy stuff that protects your new favorite clearo.

1x – Stainless Nautilus Tank

The Nautilus tank comes default with a stainless body and a 1.6 ohm atomizer.  The tank does not look like your normal clearomizer, it has a more of a “bell-shape” to it. With the airflow technology being the huge sales boost to this line of clearos’, it is clear that is expensive to find the best clearomizer; well thought-out designs that Kanger and Aspire chooses to implement every 4 months or so.  When it comes to this tank, it is 5 stars top notch.

1x – Replacement Atomizer

aspire coil head

This is the extra 1.8 ohm atomizer head provided within the package for the Aspire Nautilus clearomizer.

This has become a bigger controversy within the vaping community because unfortunately; these atomizer heads, (consisting of the coils and the wicks) the atomizer head is not rebuildable.

(**UPDATED**) Since this review was posted, RiP Trippers has found a way to rebuild the coil.

Want to Rebuild Your Own Atomizer Coils?

Learning how to rebuild coils has tons of benefits (plus it’s pretty fun!), so we have put together a Free Resource Guide: The Top 6 Tools to Rebuild Your First Atomizer Coil. Here’s a hint about the guide: 4 of these tools can be found around your house!

Our top 6 tools guide will help you over the hump and get started. So what are you waiting for? Click here and you’ll have the guide sent to you right away!

However, sometimes it just makes more sense to buy the replaceable atomizer heads. It’s still a cheap way to vape, and a small premium to pay for the convenience. You can find the 5-packs of replaceable heads for the Nautilus right here!

 1x – Stainless eGo Threaded Cone

Everything is stainless! I’m not sure exactly why they advertise and care to make everything stainless nowadays; yes I like it but honestly I buy a clearomizer every other month and I’m always using the newest clearo out there. I’m just not sure the stainless is a huge sell to me. When it’s all said and done, it’s still nice to not be able to worry about it. Like most of clearomizers,the Aspire Nautilus BDC clearomizers has 510/eGo threading and can fit most batteries or vaporizers with 510/eGo threading.

1x – Removable 510 Drip Tip

The 510 drip tip for the Aspire Nautilus is also made of stainless steel.  It is pretty standard and y0u never have to worry about any problems with it. It works pretty well with the adjustable airflow system that comes with the clearomizer.

1x – User Manual

Your standard user manual that shows you how to use, refill and maintain the Nautilus.

You Said It Holds How Much?!

5.0 mL capacity. I’m not kidding you. This thing is a tank (literally). There are not very many clearos out there that hold 5 mils. Most tanks like to hold around half of that; to make sure they don’t leak. But here’s the thing, there’s no leaking in the Aspire Nautilus. None coming from the 510 connection, no leaking near the battery.

What? Yes. It’s true! “At last, at last, Thank God almighty we are free at last!”,  quoted Dr. King. But his quote has some precedent pertaining to us. We are free from leaks!!! This clearomizer has been getting a ton of praise!

The Downfalls

There are no pitfalls to this dual-coiled beast; however its inconvenience may troublesome. You can buy the Aspire Nautilus aspire airflow holesclearomizer on most ecommerce sites anywhere between $35-$40, however every penny is well spent. The Aspire Nautilus replacement coil heads will only work with its own designed version. The standard Aspire BDC coil heads are not compatible with it.

>>Check out the Aspire Nautilus prices, reviews, rating and description over at<<

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Final Summary

When it comes down to it, this is the clearomizer you want. With the 1.) price of the clearomizer, and the 2.) non-rebuildable coil heads being the only real downfalls to this clearomizer; it is a great product and you need to jump on it as soon as possible if you’re serious about vaping.

It holds a staggering 5 mils of e liquid and does not leak. You can vape on this thing all day long and get massive clouds just the way you like them with the all new airflow adjustment.

If you don’t know if the Aspire Nautilus is the right clearomizer for you; than check out our Kanger Aerotank Review, both of these clearomizers are becoming increasingly popular. 

Share Your Thoughts

Tell us what you think of the Aspire Nautilus in the comments section below!

As always, take care and vape on friends!

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38 Responses to Aspire Nautilus Review

  1. Nick Morrissey says:

    The Nautilus coils can be rebuilt easily. You may not be able to get the back to dual coil easily, but you can rebuild them. I’ve rebuilt Protank heads and Nautilus heads, and to be honest, the Nautilus heads were less work.

  2. J Pilkey says:

    ive been having major issues with mine, and ive played with it for about a month now hoping to get the hang of it, maily just with the coils, ive been burning out a coil about every 2-4 days, they told me where i bought it they should last me like a month. i have it attached to a Smok tech Zmax and im only running it at 4.3 volts and 6 watts, any lower and i might as well be sucking the juice up through a straw, any higher and i just get a “POP” and the coil is out again… seems like a nice tank though if i could only figure out why im burning out coils so often, have a friend who runs the same exact setup with no issues and im not doing anything different than he is, and have had the Zmax checked out, its functioning properly so kind of scratching my head here …..

    • TJ Bowman says:

      I’m sorry to hear that Pilkey. Have you tried using it with a different mod? I haven’t seen a Nautilus pop coils like that before, it is generally a well built clearo. Considering you have done your due diligence trying to solve this problem, it is possible you received a lemon. Can you ask the vendor you bought it from for an exchange? If that’s not possible, try using the 1.8 Ohm coils (if you haven’t already). You can find those over here.

  3. Amanda says:

    Hey. I have a Nautilus tank vape… just got it…it’s been a few days and my battery life reads low. This may sound stupid but how do I charge it? Or do I need a new battery?

    • Rich says:

      Don’t be afraid to ask questions Amanda! That’s how we all learn. We encourage you commenting. Now, it does depend on the type battery you have attached to the Aspire Nautilus. The eGo C-twist is one of the recommended batteries for that clearomizer. Here’s the link to it. It is a variable voltage battery that can be charged with the usb charger it’s packaged with. Since you just got it, you shouldn’t need a new battery. Most batteries when you first get them out of the box only come partially charged. Double checking and charging your battery is the best course of action you can take to make sure you haven’t received a bad battery. I would also suggest contacting the vendor you purchased the battery from if the battery still isn’t working. I hope I was able to help!

  4. Jorg says:

    I’m on my 3rd box for the 5 set replacement heads… From what I’ve read from many blogs/posts is that allot of people are having this issue with short lived coils/heads but some are lucky and getting a bit more life out of them and some claimed that the 1st coil burns out then they have less vapor.. I’ve tried the 1.6ohm and the 1.8ohm and still my cheaper Vapage BBC bottom coil 5ml tank outlasts the Aspire by a good month with heavy “alot” of vaping. My Aspire when I put in a new head it blows out very tasty big clouds but within a couple days the flavor starts to fade and short after that the the clouds reduce.. I even tried vaping at 3.7volts and they still don’t last as long as they should. I took apart the coils to see and I see that the problem is that the Aspire coils have a very “thin” wicks running through the coils when other tanks I’ve used the wick was a bit thicker. There for the thin wick wears faster over time form the heat of the coils and then when it wears it doesn’t soak up as much juice causing the coils to burn hotter close to what you would say a dry burn but its not totally dry and to many dry burns will eventually cause the 1st coil to go out and that’s when there is less clouds. I started to rebuild my coils and those last about 2 weeks, much better then the 3 to 4 days the originals have been lasting. I get way more flavor now and bigger clouds on my rebuilt single coil heads and I can even go higher on the voltage/wattage. I think Aspire tanks are top notch quality but when it comes to the coils the company is cutting corners and costs by using cheap thin wicks causing short lived coil heads. This is only my opinion from my experience and other people might not agree but now I’m a happy camper with my rebuilds. Just for those people wondering about rebuilding the Aspire heads, it’s actually really easy to do. A Note to the Aspire company, if they think they are saving money by using low quality wicks they a wrong, they are losing money because more and more customers are starting to rebuild them because the replacement heads don’t last as long as they should and there for losing sales on the replacement heads.

  5. Jun says:

    I just got my aspire nautilus. This is my first one. It looks nice and sleek. I am having a problem with it. The coil that comes with it, pare installed is reading 1.0 ohms. Is this right? Any suggestion how I can fix it?

  6. Pete Zimmer says:

    I’ve been vaping 4 years now and have gone through all the generations of vaping atomisers. I used to smoke 30 to 40 rollups a day, so I’m a heavy vaper and use 36mg nicotine liquids for the required hit. I’ve just bought a Nautilus, and like many others, I’ve found that after 2 days, the performance has gone right off, with very little vapour and poor taste. I suspect that, as others have stated, one of the coils has packed up, or maybe both are under performing. I’m using a standard 1300mah 3.7 volt passthrough ego battery. I did fill the tank completely, but now down to the last couple of ml. The remaining liquid has also turned black and is now un vapable – so I’ll have to ditch it – again, probably caused by underperforming coils. For now, I’ve gone back to my Vivi Nova tanks which vape fine. The only upside is that there is absolutely no leakage from the Nautilus, though my Novas only leak slightly from the battery contact, so a quick clean with a tissue is needed every few hours. I don’t have any other leakage issues with the Novas

    So, overall, not impressed and I think I’ll probably sell it on.

  7. lynnette says:

    This tank is beautifully designed and the adjustable air flow is amazing. I’m vaping it on my Dna 20 at about 11 watts. The vapor production is exceptional with a new coil. The only thing that disappointed me was the flavor. Although clean it does seem slightly muted as compared to the kayfun or taifun tanks.perhaps this will change and intensify once I rebuild the coils.? Everything else is pure perfection on this tank. I’m not saying it doesn’t give off a clean tasty vape, because it does, however I do think the flavor is slightly muted compared to RBAs like the kayfun. Overall it is a must have! Everything you need or want is in this tank. Even though the flavor could come across stronger, it’s so clean I’d still give this aspire nautilus five full stars! This tank is hard to beat! No leaking or gurgling. No dry hits, simply perfect and worth every penny. I highly recommend this tank! Aspire did a beautiful job with this one! Once you try it, you will absolutely love it!

  8. David says:

    just bought this tank and it tastes burnt I did some air hits first to prime it and it still tasted very burnt and metallicit, I’m not quite sure what’s going on. don’t have this problem with any other tanks that I own. Please help, using a Cool Fire 1

    • TJ says:

      Hey David, thanks for commenting. Have you tried cleaning it? Maybe something got in there that’s giving it that metallic taste. Let us know if you figure it out!

  9. Herve says:

    I’ve been vaping and quit smoking for 13 months now and bought the Aspire Nautilus tank two months ago.

    I went through all the iClear 30 series, all the ProTanks 1, 2 and 3, EvoD, T3s etc. and lately the AeroTank Mega which has been a total disaster, leaking from the air holes and even from the drip tip when refilling and what not… This new Kanger one wasted tons of my precious juices!

    There is no doubt that the Nautilus is the best tank I have ever used so far, however I have experienced the same problems as some of you, i.e. gurgling and coil-flooding, coils lasting for a couple of days and even some leaking from the air holes.

    At first I thought I just got a bad bunch of coils as I read about this issue in several forums when they were first released (wick too thin etc.), so I would just ditch it and try another one from the blister pack, which would then be okay for some time but only a few days as opposed to the the first one I got fitted to the Nautilus tank that lasted me 1 month without any problem.

    As I don’t want to buy a five-pack every week, I’ve tried to fix it myself and I noticed that if I take apart the bottom piece and unscrew the coil from it, clean inside the base and blow through it until there’s no more liquid flowing through the air hole, then cleaning the coil (just wiping it with a towel, no water or rebuilding involved) and blowing through its top, then screwing it back to the base REALLY tight and then taking a few tight, hard and short draws on the smallest air hole without hitting the power button, then quickly turning my mod upside-down until I can see bubbles rising from the bottom of the tank, then have a couple of short blows into the mouth piece… doing all of this fixed the problem.

    But I reckon it’s quite some gymnastics having to do that everyday to make a coil last one more day…

    I will try the new BVC coils (bottom vertical coil) which apparently have a thicker wick as it’s vertical, hopefully it should sort out the issue and make the Nautilus experience a more stable one.

    It would be a shame if not, as it’s really the best tank I have used so far in terms of flavour, vapour production and throat hit, when it works…

    I hope this helps and makes sense, anyone who have tried the new Aspire BVC coils please let us know about your experience compared to the Nautilus standard BDC.

    • TJ says:

      Thank you for your awesome and helpful comment Herve. Your process to fix the gurgling is a useful tip. I personally haven’t used the BVC coils, but hopefully someone can chime in!

  10. DeadRedSe7en says:

    I have been running the Nautilus for two weeks now on my Itaste MVP 2. Previously ran it for four weeks on my KangerTech Evod VV. No problems at all. Running the Itaste at 8-11 Watts (automatically puts voltage@3.5). Great taste, great big plumes, & no complaints – I do however run eliquid consisting of 70%VG and 30% water. Mtbakervapor lets you customize your liquids nicely as well as some other manufacturers.

    My guess to those who have problems, they may have malfunctioning mods and pens (coils popping). To those with leaks, they may have bad threads, o-rings, or just manufacturing defects from these things being mass produce. I have seen sets of bad coils. Also if not tightened enough you can have leakage.

    I would recommend keeping these and other tanks as upright as possible.

    Happy vaping everyone ! !

    • Ben says:

      Just got my aspire today!!!!!what a monster! Ived tried it all mpt2,3,airo tank and even twisp !nothing is smoother than the aspire,as for the coil problem,nothing yet!i run a vision spinner2 batery at 3.8 volt!try using good clear liquids

    • DeadRedSe7en says:

      Edit/Add – if you fire some coils too soon before soaking into the wick (depending on metal grade and wick mtrl) you can add the burnt taste to the wick.

  11. Andrew says:

    Nautilus aspire is simply awesome… The taste is excellent, and the variable intake is fantastic… Coil design not so much… I started with the 1.8ohm BDC and the first few days it was running at 1.9 which is fine, as my battery died it moved to 2.3ohm res but as soon as a new battery was installed it was right back to 1.9 again… (VAMO V5 MOD) All was great!! Big draw, big vape… Today day 4 bad news… the coil is only drawing at 4.1ohm. I thought it was my battery or MOD set up so I changed it, changed the liquid, dry cleaned the tube and wet washed the others… Still 4.1ohm… I can use it at that level by changing my V and W but the taste is less and vape is light… So I threw in the 1.6ohm that is also included and BAM right back to 1.7ohm and perfect smoke… I will say however at this rate, I’m not going to keep buying coils or 5 packs every 4 days.. What’s the sense in that… Once Nautilus perfects its coil design it will be hands down the best tank out there… Until then, its great for 4 days at a time, and for a guy who can throw money at it monthly… that’s just no me though…

  12. Mark Stave says:

    I have two Aspire Nautilus tanks, have loved them both with the BDC coils. Great vape, long lasting coils. Just got in the BVC coils after seeing very admiring videos. Tried the new coils in my tanks, one with a darker liquid and one with a lighter one. BOTH COILS LEAK after about to draws on the largest airhole. tried taking them apart, cleaning, reassembly – nothing helps. Guess I’ll go through the rest of the pack, but I am back to the BDC’s myself.

  13. Wray says:

    I just purchased a nautilus aspire about a month ago. My plan was to quit smoking but so far this thing has been nothing but a problem. I am a truck driver and not been able to get back to the location to return it. I only put about 2 ml of juice in and a couple of hours later when I go to use it the thing has juice all down the side. This things leaks like nothing I have ever seen before. The atomizer is tight so I don’t know where it is coming from. So I have just quit using it. So far it seems like a huge waste of money to me.

  14. Sam says:

    If any anyone’s having problems with the BVC coils I’ve learned that they like higher voltages I’ve been running mine on 4.2 volts.

  15. Gary Powell says:

    I purchased the nautilus aspire yesterday and within the first 10 minutes got leakage to the point it was dripping on my shirt while driving. I immedialely went back to the store and we spent 30 minutes trying new coils, cleaning thoroughly and after about 30 seconds, the same thing again. Finally, we changed to a new one and the problems were gone. As I have only had it for a day, it is the best vape I have ever experienced. If you are having a problem with leakage, it may be a production defect, so get it back and try another one if possible, I promise you’ll like the results of one that works properly.

  16. Lyle says:

    I recently bought the Nautilus and I love love love it. I replaced the BDC coil with a BVC 1.8 Ohm coil and it made it even better. I’m using it on my MVP at 8 watts, my Kamry X6 on the purple 3.8 Volts setting, and my mech. mod with a 3.7 Volt battery and it’s absolute vaping perfection. No leaks, nice amount of vapor, great flavor, no dry hits, and most importantly NO LEAKING! I love that it holds 5ml of juice and it’s easy to fill even with the top shelf juices that come in the glass bottle with the dripper. I love that I’m getting (almost) as much vapor as I do with my RDA, but the Nautilus is (for me) better suited for in the car and work than the RDA. My only worry is that I’m such a clumsy person that I’m a little afraid I might drop it and break the glass, so I’m thinking about getting a stainless replacement tank. For the people reporting problems, check to make sure you are not getting cloned tanks and coils. That could be the problem (maybe)?

  17. Will says:

    I got the Nautilus 10 days ago and I’m running it with Sigelei V3 telescopic battery will th an 18650 Sony vtc5. I use 50/50 juice and this thing performs! I found my sweet spot to be at 9.5 watts. When filling the tank, close the adjustable airflow and place it upright. Let it sit for at least 5 minutes then it’s good to go. I use the 2 biggest air holes when I vape. No leaking or dry hits yet. I consider it to be a very high quality clearomizer and I love it! Especially the silicon seal at the base of the tank. Hopefully keeping the airflow closed and sitting it upright for at least 5 minutes helps some of you with leaking issues.

  18. Chris Peltz says:

    Do you recommend getting an APV battery with this, or will an EGO be fine?

  19. Kenny says:

    Picked up the Nautilus Aspire 8 days ago and love it. I get amazing throat and chest hits, clouds of smoke and the best flavor I’ve ever had. This is by far the best tank system on the market. It is a bit pricey, but no worse than going through dozens of other systems trying to find one I like. Now I have to get another one for the wife because she keeps taking mine…haha

    My system – Digital itazte VTR
    Voltage – 3.9
    Wattage – 9.0
    Ohms – 1.7
    Flavor – pomegranate/peppermint bark
    Mix – 70/30
    Nicotine – 12
    Nautilus Aspire set on 3rd hole

  20. Gina says:

    Just received my Nautilus today and absolutely love it. Works perfectly on my Smoktech SID set at 8 watts and 5 volts. Perfect combination. The Nautilus is the same width as the SID so there’s no awkward top heaviness. And the vapor is on point! Well worth the money.

  21. larry wilson says:

    I have had my Aspire about a week and only got one complaint. It does not work well when it gets cold. Being from michigan could be a issue 6 months out of the year.

  22. Stegall says:

    Just got my Aspire Nautilus yesterday. Got it for $24.99. So far so good. It does like higher voltage. Got it on a Vision Spinner at 4.3 volts. Using the BVC coils. I’ll just have to see how long the coil lasts. But its so far the best tank i have.

  23. Ashley says:

    I just purchased the aspire, working with the itaste click battery, having one major issue, I use 18mg nicotine eliquid, Regardless of the airhole I set it to Or even how low I set the battery voltage I get far to big a throat burn and not even close to a large cloud of vapor, Any suggestions? I am fairly new to this all so all comments are welcome!

  24. william cole says:

    I just purchased the aspire nautilus and the mini and love both.They are both great and use them everyday.I use different juices in both and the units work with all.

  25. bogdeezol says:

    Check where you got your coils. They very well could be clones. I stopped going to my usual shop because they were buying cheap chinese clones instead of getting authenics

  26. Hope says:

    I too have had problems with my coils burning out after two or three days. I have taken my tank back to the store I bought it from 3 times and they have replaced the bad coils but in a couple of days they were bad. I have followed the instructions carefully, tried different batteries. I am so frustrated and just want a refund at this point but the store doesn’t give refunds. Thanks Aspire, enjoy my money along with all of the others who have had to do like me and just put this tank in a drawer and get no use from it.

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