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Aspire Triton Review

The Atlantis Triton Tank is built to bring all the high performance and big flavor of the Atlantis V1 and V2 into 2015 with a redesigned two-stage adjustable airflow system that allows unparalleled control over the vaping experience.

Proud devotees of the Atlantis line of clearomizers from Aspire have been looking forward to the Triton Tank System for some time, and the anticipation is well deserved.

It’s more than something we read off the back of the package, and we’ll be sure to get into that later.

Another buzzworthy component of this successor to the Atlantis throne is its innovative top-load filling method for easier access along with its variety of available sub-ohm coils that make the Triton into one of the most versatile clearomizers on the market.

All told, tt’s a potentially amazing package of upgrades from last generation, and this Atlantis Aspire Triton review will uncover whether the manufacturer’s flagship tank can live up to its own billing.


  • Stainless Steel and Pyrex Construction
  • 3mL capacity
  • Dimensions: 73mm (H) x 22mm diameter (D)
  • Dual-Control Adjustable Airflow
  • Anti Leak Design
  • Top-Fill Tank
  • Integrated Cooling Fins for Thermal Regulation
  • Coils available in 0.3, 0.4 and 1.8 ohm resistance
  • RBA section included for coil building

What’s New- Aspire Triton

Atlantis Aspire TritonThe Aspire Triton is intended as the ultimate version of previous clearomizers from the manufacturer, introducing adjustable airflow control at the drip tip.

This enables users to control the temperature of their vapor more precisely when working with some of the higher-powered mods on the market today.

The Aspire Triton also keeps things cool with its built-in heat dissipation system that uses four specially constructed fins to draw heat away from the drip tip as well as your soft, kissable lips.

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Compatible Mods

Pioneer4you IPV3

IPV3 150w modIf you’re looking for a mod to pair with your Aspire Triton, you’ll need one with the power and features to take advantage of its advanced design, and the Pioneer4You IPV3 is an excellent choice for those seeking a high-powered mod.

The IPV3 features adjustable wattage from 7 to 150 watts as well as a suite of temperature regulation and operational safety features through its updated YiHi SX-330 v3 chipset.

The IPV 3 also includes a vibrant OLED display and aluminum construction for a high level of durability, giving it a winning combination of power and utility.

iTaste MVP 3.0 Pro

itaste mvp 3.0Just in case you don’t need enough power in your mod to keep your fast food warm on the way home, there are more beginner-friendly options on the mod market that also let you take advantage of its dynamic new design.

The iTaste MVP 3.0 is the latest in the popular line of box mods, bringing 60 watts of vaping power and a huge 4500mAh battery capacity to its minimalistic profile.

The MVP 3.0 even serves as a portable power source so none of your other electronics have to risk unconsciousness either.


Performance has always been the strong suit of Aspire, and the Triton is no different in that respect.

The bolstered specs of this generation’s Aspire tank translate as bigger flavor and denser vapor, but where the Triton really shines is with the customization potential present in every puff through its advanced airflow control system.

The Triton adds airflow adjustment at the drip tip as well as the tank base, so no matter if you’re the sipping, savoring type or the ripper that goes through 15mL of juice daily, the Aspire Triton is designed to cater to your vaping style.

They’ve even included a Kanthal coil made specifically for you lung-fillers out there to brush your bronchi with the finest vapor.

Another thing we loved was the addition of the top-filling method, and we actually wondered why it has apparently taken this long for manufacturers to realize that making their tanks much easier to fill was a really good idea.

Top Performance of 2015 Candidate | Aspire Triton Tank

Build Quality

Build quality on the Aspire Triton exhibits the expected level of polish, and the sleek metallic exterior of the unit is available in one of two trims: a standard Aspire-branded version and a special edition model emblazoned with a skull design.

Beyond aesthetics, Aspire appears to have taken into account the limited criticisms of its older models in the Triton, addressing issues like their use of non-standard drip tips.

Anytime a product is made universal, we all win. The Triton also has a redesigned anti-leakage system, and it appears to work well as we experienced practically no dripping during testing to the delight of several pairs of jeans on staff.

Just give the tank a firm twist to switch into filling mode and let gravity and pressure do the rest.

It’s worth noting here that the operation mechanism here is quite solid, and delivers smooth movement and a satisfying lock into place in either direction.


One of the other most common complaints about older Aspire tanks was their use of nonstandard drip tips, which made it more difficult than it had to be to find replacements when it was time.

The Triton tank system improves upon this shortcoming as well, designed to be compatible with standard 510 drip tips and other accessories as a gesture of altruistic goodwill to the vaping community.

Redesigned Coils

Atlantis Aspire Triton TanksIf you’re looking to throw your older Atlantis coils into the Triton and go, then it certainly won’t complain—the tank was designed to be backwards compatible.

However, the peak performance of the Aspire Triton clearomizer can only be achieved using the all new Triton sub-ohm coils, which use surgical grade stainless steel tubing to create more contact area with the juice.

They also promote more efficient heating…in laymanese, that means “ these new coils make better vapor.”

The new coils are also built to last longer than older Atlantis models or standard Kanthal coils, so you’ll also replace them a bit less often.

RBA Mode

One of the most exciting improvements to this heir of Atlantis was the inclusion of an OPTIONAL RBA section that allows users to create their own builds.

It’s not a full build deck as much as a disposable coil head that allows rebuilding, but the advantage to this alternate design is that it’s a simpler setup more friendly to beginners and the clumsy.

This streamlined rebuildable coil design also bypasses many of the flow and wicking issues that often plague custom builds.

This configuration takes up much less space than a conventional build deck, leaving more room for e juice capacity, the Triton needs all the capacity it can spare.

Similar Clearomizer

Kanger Subtank

Kanger Subtank review headerWhen you make the decision to include a rebuildable mode on your clearomizer, you have just stepped into the ring with the Kanger Subtank.

The Subtank was one of the first hynrid clearomizer/RBAs on the market.

We made the Kanger Subtank and its various updates into the subjects of a few reviews here on BC, so if you want to find out how the Triton stacks up to the most popular hybrid clearomizer on the market, it’s as simple as reading our reviews.

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We Would Have Liked to See

The Aspire Triton Clearomizer is pretty much the total package when it comes to hybrid clearomizer tanks, and so finding a specific area to complain about might be the biggest challenge of this whole review.

That typed, 3mL is kind of a paltry maximum capacity when you’re talking about a product targeted at intermediate to advanced vapers.

With the popularity of the Kanger Subtank’s big brother Mega, it’s tough to believe that a juice-needy consumer would choose the Triton over a higher capacity hybrid in an equal comparison.

Maybe it’ll be addressed with a future release.


triton aspireAfter a few days with the Aspire Triton Tank System, we’re fully on board with what it has to offer.

The proprietary top-filling design is nothing short of a game-changer, making bottom loaders and the leaky abominations that once made up the top-fill market obsolete for many a vaper. The adjustable airflow control is another of the Triton’s strongest features.

The heat fins also work perfectly, and make long drip-tip sessions much less intense.

Overall, the Aspire Triton tank system overcomes a somewhat limited juice capacity to position itself as one of the best tanks to hit the market in 2015…but for how long?

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