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Avocado 24 RTA Review | RTA Vape

Having the right RTA is essential to a great vaping experience.

In the past few years, more players have been getting into the vaping market. They recognize that it is a big industry with potential for growth.

In addition, vaping has many advantages over smoking. One of this is that one still gets their nicotine at a reduced risk to their health.

In addition, one has the option to get different flavors of E Juice with their nicotine.

This is not possible with the use of traditional cigarettes.

GeekVape has been one of the industry leaders in vaping technology.

They have recently developed the Avocado 24 RDTA Tank, which is a atomizer definitely worth checking out.

Much Bigger

The new RTA from GeekVape has more capacity than its predecessor. This is great as it means one needs to make a refill less often.

This is definitely a plus and a major reason to buy the new . Another reason to buy this rebuildable atomizer is how easy it is to build.

Users will have an easy time setting up the tank for vaping. The increase is over 50% larger than in the previous tank.

The RTA is built to give users the perfect flavor experience.

This is done using a ceramic baffle board. After the air goes over the baffle board, it goes straight towards the coil and from there all the flavors are perfectly bought out.

The atomizer vape  comes with a new type of filling mechanism.

This mechanism is to be found on the deck of the tank.

As a result, this reduces the chances of placing the wick in the wrong position during a refill.

This is a great advantage for people who are always running into trouble with their wick.

The Avocado RTA comes with adjustable to the airflow. This allows for a variety of flow styles.

For the dual coil tanks, there is a pair of slots which can either be 2mm or 2mm by 7mm air holes. In the single coil option, there is the option to have airflow coming into the coil from the back.

Alternatively, the airflow can be from the side of the chamber or airflow from the front side.

This is done through a pair of holes of 2mm.

The airflow from the front can only be achieved by the use of a slot 2mm by 7mm. Alternatively, one may use a single 2mm hole.

The air holes can be shut down in all different configurations.

In order to ensure superb conductivity, the entire tank has gold plated housing.

The vape atomizer is also quite aesthetically pleasing. It only has the Avocado logo on one side only.

Otherwise, it has a good clean look to it in general. Besides that, the tank is of a reasonable length.

It is not as long as some other tanks in the market. There is also a frosted glass tank for those who would wish to have a different look.

The company also offers clients a pair of drip tips they can choose between. In addition, the drip tip can be replaced. This ensures a longer life span for this tank.

The RTA comes with a number of accessories. However, GeekVape does not provide users with e liquid.

Buyers will have to purchase it separately. In order to reduce the transfer of heat, this rba atomizer is fitted with the threaded 510 adapter.

The 510 thread works with most batteries using in the vaping industry. For durability, the inner sleeve is made of stainless steel.

There is also an additional adapter provided with this atomizer tank. It is a ceramic single coil. Therefore, it gives you an optimal experience.


One reason to choose to vaping is that it is quite aesthetic and therefore gives a unique appeal.

This is because there are no cigarette butts lying all over the house after taking a hit of nicotine.

In addition, it has been found that vaping is less addictive.

A number of smokers who have been struggling to quit have found solace in vaping.

Besides that, more people are likely to be accepting of vaping than smoking. As a result, there is less chance of being thought of as an outcast.

The Avocado tank will definitely play a big role in this. It is especially huge for those heavy vapors.

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