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Baal V2 RDA Review | RDA Vape Review

After the substantial success of the original Baal competition RDA, the Baal v2 comes to us from the vapesmiths at El Diablo with a number of improvements over its predecessor.

The Baal v2 takes its name from one of the dark princes of the eternal underworld, who had the power to make his followers invisible to the world and is claimed to be strongest in the fall in some circles.

In tribute to the original, the Baal v2 is designed to shroud your physical form in a veil of vapor and should be arriving at your local vape shop just in time for the end of summer.

Today’s Baal v2 RDA Tank Review aims to find out if you should accept the darkness into your life.

Baal v2 RDA Tank Specs

  • Tri Pole design with milled Negative Poles
  • 5 mm Deep Juice well
  • “D” Shape Positive PEEK Insulator (anti-spin design)
  • 6 Air holes x 2mm Each on either side (Single or Dual Coil Option)
  • Delrin Wide bore Drip Tip
  • Delrin Drip Tip Adapter

What’s New- Baal v2 RDA Tank

The Baal v2 has been redesigned for its latest release, featuring a shorter overall profile and an integrated mesh grill to reduce juice spit-back.

The Baal v2 RDA Tank also includes two interchangeable top caps, one with a standard drip tip and one with an extra wide bore.

Compatible Mods

El Diablo Incubus Mod

El Diablo has also developed a mod specifically for use with its line of RDAs, so it warrants mention here.

The Incubus is a minimalist, high end mod featuring a copper battery cell and fully mechanical button encased within a delrin chassis.

Supplies of the Incubus are extremely limited for now, but we’re hoping to get out hands on one soon for a BC review.

Dragon Mod

The Dragon Mod from Cigreen is another good choice for use with the Baal v2 RDA, featuring an adjustable top contact pin for a flush fit and a bottom firing switch so you can show off our beautiful custom RDA.

The Dragon Mod comes in either copper or black coated copper, creating a sharp contrast with some colors of the Baal v2, and is designed for steady performance with minimal voltage drop.

Look out for a full review of the Cigreen Dragon Mod here on BC.

Compare With…

Mutation X

The Mutation X RDA was one of 2015’s more popular mini units, featuring a four post deck to support custom builds and over-sized screws for easier maintenance.

The Baal narrowly edges the Mutation X in vapor delivery, but this RDA is no slouch itself and got its own shining BC review to prove it.

Freakshow Mini

The Freakshow Mini is an advanced mini RDA with a dual finned top cap for enhanced heat dissipation and slotted post holes for high build customization potential.

Like the Baal v2, the Freakshow supports both single and dual coil airflow configurations, but the over-sized ports create quite a bit more airflow than the Baal.

The Freakshow continues to be one of the year’s most popular products, and you can read out full BC review to find out why.


The Baal v2 is optimized for cloud chasing, and it does the job admirably.

Huge plumes of warm vapor were the result of even the lightest draw.

Those who really put their lungs into it will appreciate the design of the mesh grille, as we experienced minimal spit-back during testing.

The 6 airflow ports do an excellent job at providing ventilation, and the Baal v2 isn’t lacking much in the flavor department either, so it’s a solid all around performer.

Build Quality

Build quality is the strong point of the Baal v2 RDA, as the unit features a handsome exterior engraved with a themed image which varies by color choice.

Machining on the Baal was of outstanding quality, with no visible flaws detected.

As for building on the Baal v2, the deck has a very accessible design and is fairly easy to build on, so it might make a good choice for somebody just getting into RDAs.

We loved the inclusion of two separate drip tips, as we never quite knew how much we needed the option to switch from a standard setup to a wide bore drip tip on a moment’s notice until we had it.

Another slick feature of the Baal is the ability to close the airflow holes entirely to prevent leakage while not in use.


We Would Have Liked to See…

While the Baal v2 RDA Tank is an overall great device, we did notice one minor quirk that we could see becoming annoying over time.

The post screws used in the tank are flat heads and not Phillips-head or grub screws, and you won’t notice how much of a difference that makes until your tiny screwdriver keeps slipping out of the groove.

True, the slot is fairly deep, but it’s just an issue that could have been avoided entirely.


Overall, the Baal v2 RDA tank is a very well rounded unit delivering a solid package of benefits.

Build quality is high, it’s a great looking device and you can’t ask for much more in the vapor delivery department.

There might be a few frustrating moments involving tiny screws, but overall those who choose the Baal v2 RDA Tank will be satisfied with the capabilities of the dark side.

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