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Best 26650 Mech Mods

2015 has been a great year for vaping. Today there are mechanical mods that are perfect for everyone.

With that being said since the world of vaping has taken off so quickly it can be overwhelming if you are just starting out or trying to figure out what is going to best meet your needs.

So instead of you having to struggle and do your own research, we thought it only fair that we offer you some great information about the best 26650 mech mods that are available today.

What Makes 26650 Mechanical Mods So Great?

There are many reasons why everyone seems to love their 26650 mech mods. One of the things that most vapers really appreciate about these is the price point.

The mods that use the 26650 battery tend to be more affordable than some of the options with built in batteries.

The Battery Life

26650 BatteryThe battery life of the 26650 battery is great. If you are an avid vaper you are going to appreciate that you will be able to vape all day long without charging your batteries.

If you are a casual vaper you will be able to get a few days of vaping out of your mod. This is great for traveling or when you are going to be out where there is no power outlet.

You are not going to have to worry about your mod having a dead battery.

Big Size, Big Power

The best 26650 mech mods are great for you if you want to be able to take them with you everywhere. These are big in size and that means that they do offer you all of the big power that you are hoping for.

Easy to Hold

Another great thing that even the most seasoned vapers will appreciate is that the 26650 mods are ergonomic and easy to hold.

This means that you are going to be able to comfortably hold the mod while you are vaping. So your hands are not going to easily tire or cramp from holding the mod.

The Best 26650 Mech Mods of 2015

So when it comes to picking out the best 26650 mods of the year there are many to choose from.

Each one of these will offer you the vaping experience that you have been looking for.

26650 Black Oak Mod

26650 Black Oak ModThe 26650 Black Oak Mod is a great mod that works with a 26650 battery.

It features vent holes, silver plated connections, and a variety of different atty extensions.

You just need a 510 connection.

The 26650 Black Oak Mod is made from stainless steel, oak, and copper.

It is a high quality mod that is just a little bit heavier than some of the other mods on this list.

It is fashioned from different materials that are made to not only look great but also to make sure that you can use your mod for years to come.

While the mod is a bit bigger than some of the others on this list, you will notice when you are holding it that it has been brushed and textured to make it comfortable for you to hold.

Plus it is known for its large vapor clouds and intense flavor.

The Boss 26650

The Boss 26650While the Boss 26650 is one of the most expensive 26650 mech mods on the market today, you can not have a list of the best without including this one.

It is not the most economic choice because it is made from brass and silver plating.

The silver plating is just found at the firing pins.

This allows for you to get huge clouds of vapor for your vaping needs.

Each one of these mods has its serial number engraved in so that you can tell its authenticity. In addition it has an engraving of the beautiful logo.

Plus it comes with a case that helps the mod to be housed appropriately.

The mod features a 510 connection. It also features a spring loaded firing pin.

It is important that you only use a high quality battery and that you make sure that your batteries are installed into the mod properly.

Congestus Dual 26650 Telescopic Mod

Congestus Dual 26650 Telescopic ModThe Congestus Dual 26650 Telescopic Mod is actually one of the largest mods that are available.

The body of the mod telescopes so that it can house two of the 26650 batteries instead of one.

When there are two batteries being used, you will be able to vape for days without ever having to charge the batteries.

In addition the battery connections of the Congestus Dual 26650 Telescopic Mod are made from copper so that you can fully adjust the contacts as needed.

If you do not extend the telescopic mod then you can actually use this mod with just one battery.

Best of all is that those who are reviewing it and checking it out have nothing but great things to say and it is set at a very affordable price point.

Tarsius Customs 2six Mod

Tarsius Customs 2six ModThe Tarsius Customs 2six Mod is a hybrid mod that is unlike other 26650 mods that are available. This is because it has a special pinless hybrid top cap.

One thing that you should note is that this mod requires you to have an atomizer that has a protruding center pin. The mod comes in two finishes so you can choose between tiger brass and stainless steel.

Best of all is that most users who pick up the Tarsius Customs 2six Mod find that it is their favorite mod.

This mod features the highest quality craftsmanship so that you can have a smooth connection that makes for perfect vaping experiences.

Vapewell 26650 G Mod

Vapewell 26650 G ModThe Vapewell 26650 G Mod is a very lightweight mod. It is one of the lightest weight mods that you can find on the market today.

This mod is made in the USA and it offers a clean, simple and elegant design that you will enjoy being able to use on your own.

The design is very modern and sleek.

It features a unique twist and lock design which allows you to quickly lock and unlock it for your vaping needs.

It is polished and offers a unique appearance that makes it a mod that you will love showing off. It has a very chic look so if you are concerned with being in style and looking your best then this is your mod.

Plus it features a gold plated connectivity pin which allows for you to have clean connections and makes it less likely that you will have any firing issues.

Cisco Helix

Cisco Helix modThe Cisco Helix mod is a classic 26650 mod. In fact it was one of the very first mods to use this larger sized batteries.

This is one of the best mods because it offers you the chance to use it for days if you are vaping at low levels modestly. Even the most ambitious vapers are going to be able to use the mod for a full day.

This mod runs off of one 26650 battery and is made from aluminum.

Since this mod is a bit older it is not written about as much anymore but it still is one of the best performing 26650 mods on the market so it needs to be mentioned when looking at the best for the year.

BAM 2.0

BAM 2.0 ModThe BAM is one of the newer models of 26650 mods on the market today. The BAM was previously called the Shockwave and is a mod that uses the massive 26650 battery.

This battery offers a higher level of power that works to help you to have everything that you need.

The mod also works with a 18650 battery but it does not have the same power with the smaller battery.

The BAM 2.0 comes in a variety of different colors. It also has a 510 connection threading.

This mod offers some serious vaping power and allows you to vape with large clouds and clean flavor for a long time before you have to recharge your batteries.

A Few Final Thoughts

Choosing a 26650 mod is something that is generally simple. These mods allow you to make sure that a wide range of vaping needs are met.

One of the best things about these is that they offer you the chance to vape with the most possible power.

The 26650 battery allows for you to have long periods of vaping and can even last you multiple days if you are not a heavy vaper.

If you are vaping heavily you will be able to last for at least one day.

There are a wide range of price points represented here as you can find a 26650 mod that is very affordable as well as one that costs a considerable amount more.

These mods offer you a wide range of choices which means that everyone can find what they are looking for.


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