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Best Drip Tips For Vaping 2016

Best Drip TipsMost vapors start out with a simple RDA or at most, an eGo type battery and standard clearomizer. 

Eventually, they encounter a cloud-veiled stranger dripping away every few puffs into a strange little nub usually sitting atop an expensive custom vape mod

What these cool kids are using to enchant the air around them with a strawberry-scented haze is called a drip tip.

Understanding what makes them a popular choice with experience vaping starts with a short history lesson on how drip tips vape. 

In the primordial dawn of vaping back at the turn of the century, there was no such thing as a clearomizer or even a cartomizer. 

That’s right, the roots of vaping begin at the core of vaping equipment, the humble atomizer that quietly goes about its job while the attractive, polished exterior of a $30 tan gets all the shine.

The original atomizers weren’t partnered up with any of the containment vessels or filling materials that we’ve come to know and love in the past few years.

Just the lone heating coil, then known as a drip atomizer.

Of course, few people would volunteer to suck on a bare heating coil regardless of what fancy name they slap on it, and so a mouthpiece was needed to protect these early vapers’ fragile human lip skins.

The mouthpieces were eventually tagged with the name “drip tips.”

Although more beginner-friendly methods of vaping have been developed here in the future, these relics of a bygone age in vaping remain popular because of the unique advantages they still offer.

Direct dripping with a drip tip delivers a stronger throat hit and more vapor production than any other vaping method, and also provides a more consistent flavor.

Drip tips are used today just as back then: just get a drip tip that fits your model of atomizer, remove your cartridge, pop on the drip tip, add a few drops of e Juice, and go.

It takes a bit of practice to do smoothly and a little getting used to, but many people who have made the switch have never looked back.

If you’re even a little curious about what dripping is all about, you might as well get started with some quality gear, and that’s why we’ve put together this list of some of our favorite drip tips for vaping.

POM Drip Tip for 510 / ViVi Nova / DCT

If you’re just lookPOM Drip Tiping to sample dripping without making a big commitment, the POM drip tip offers a pretty good taste of the experience.

The POM features a high performance wide bore form factor and is specially designed to prevent buildup from heavy use.

Best of all, it’s readily available for under 5 bucks, so it’s definitely worth the price of admission just to find out if dripping is your thing.

The Cloud Chaser Cherry Vape Drip Tip

Cherry Vape Drip TipThis Delrin drip tip features a super-wide bore for optimal airflow and easy refills as well as a friction fit design for secure mounting.

This drip tip’s lack of an o-ring at the base means a more consistent flow portal, and its’ Delrin construction not only stands up to high heat levels.

Resists heat buildup to reduce discomfort. Cloud contest competitors swear by the Cloud Chaser, and using what the pros use is seldom a bad thing in any area of life.

Captivape Ebony/Ivory Drip Tips

Captivape Ebony Ivory Drip TipsAvailable in two colors, the Ebony and Ivory drip tips from Captivape are designed to allow easy filling and maximum airflow draw after draw. The dual o-rings at the base of the drip tip provide a highly secure fit as well as compatibility with a range of atomizers, making it a great choice. 

I use this little guy in all my tanks and all my drippers and it’s perfect. In my dripper, it allows for completely unrestricted airflow and I can drip without having to take the cap or drip tip off.

In a tank, it just looks great and it’s comfortable to use.

If I had anything to critique, it would be that the dual o-rings hold the drip tip in so tight that sometimes I need to use a rubber jar opener to get it out!

But then again, they fit perfectly in all my atomizers, and it is in NO danger of coming out. It doesn’t even wobble a millimeter!! I can never have too many of these.


Stingray X Drip TipThe Stingray X turns up the style with a polished stainless steel exterior that’s a perfect match for a metallic-finish mod and a copper accent at the base for added panache.

For functionality’s sake, this handsome drip tip offers an appropriately tailored fit with a variety of mods thanks to its dual securing gaskets.

Rocket Science Mods Drip Tip

Rocket Science Drip TipIf you’re looking for the ultimate in high performance, Rocket Science has what you’re looking for with its premium Pyrex drip tips.

Its ultra-tough body is made from shock treated Pyrex formulated to be as similar as possible to Gorilla Glass without a lawsuit.

This gives it heat resistance and extreme durability properties, and the flame-polished finish helps it resist gunk and buildup during use.

The Rocket Science Mods Drip Tip comes in 3 sizes, and each of them includes multiple sets of o-rings for wide-scale compatibility.

This fusion of leisure and engineering also brings its fair share of flair, setting the Pyrex body into one of three polished metallic bases: brass, copper, or stainless steel.

Chuff Enuff Drip Top

Chuff Enuff Drip TopWell, we call it a drip tip around these parts, but we also respect the right of the creators to pronounce “tomato” in the manner of their choosing.

By any name, the Chuff Enuff features a Delrin construction with an integrated half-inch bore for huge clouds every time.

They are called drip tops because they replace the entire top of certain atomizers.

A choice of a domed cap or finned cap design is another option available for Chuff Enough Drip Tops—um, Tips—mouthpieces.

These are not normal 510 drip tips, so make sure your atomizer is compatible before you purchase one.

Osiris PAI System

OsirisIf you’re the type of person who loves having the latest products from just before tomorrow, look no further than the super-advanced Osiris PAI (Passive Air Injection) System.

This dynamic design aims to change the face of drip tips forever with its SuperBore 2 chassis.

It allows for an unrivaled volume of airflow and works in conjunction with its 3mm air injection channel to drive air directly over the heating coils.

This increases eJuice vaporization and flavor. These airflow ports are also adjustable, and so the PAI System offers precision control as well as peerless performance.

Hurricane Drip Tip

Hurricane Drip TipHurricane Drip Tips are made from handcrafted flame-polished glass for increased longevity.

The 15mm bore is constructed with aircraft-grade aluminum featuring a conical design that help funnel eJuice down for more convenient dripping.

The Hurricane Drip Tip is designed to sit flush with a range of 22mm tanks and RDAs, making it a natural choice for users of standard equipment.

Baby Petri Wide Bore Drip Tip

Baby Petri Wide Bore Drip TipThe Baby Petri Wide Bore Drip Tip by dotmod offers a clean, understated design that, nevertheless, stands out for its quality and polish.

These expertly crafted drip tips are made in metallic designs such as gold-plated brass or anodized aluminum along with standard Delrin, and their wide-bore design allows for a high volume of airflow.

These drip tips come with either a standard gasket base or a friction-fit base, so you can choose the model that’s right for your tank or RDA.

Obrero Drip Tip

Obrero Drip TipAnyone who has ever admired the air holes on a high-powered assault rifle or appreciate the aesthetics of a perforated exhaust are bound to see the appeal of this uniquely designed drip tip.

It delivers a distinctive look as well as a textured feeling with every draw.

The Obero Drip Tip also features a wide bore dripping mouth and is designed for all-out airflow with a variety of 510-threaded atomizers.


Direct dripping with a drip tip is not only the original way to vape, many experienced enthusiasts swear it’s the only way to do it.

It can get a bit messy on a bad day and you have to carry e Juice on you at all times.

Assuming that’s when you want to vape, but it’s not so hard to find space for a 15mL bottle or two in your daily cargo and you should probably work on your hand-eye coordination anyway.

When it comes to using a drip tip for vaping, we think every vaper should give it a try…they just might like it!

Be sure to check out our best RDA page as well! 

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