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Best E Juice Subscription Services

If you’re tired of the same few flavors you’ve been vaping or don’t know where to find the best e juice without going broke, then a monthly e juice subscription service may be exactly what you need.

The most wonderful problem with vaping is that there is such a staggeringly infinite number of flavors, blends and variations, it’s hard to even know where to start. E Juice subscription service

E Liquid subscription services are designed as a buffet of discovery, allowing vape enthusiasts to get a look at a much wider selection of options than they’re used to. In the hopes that they’ll either enjoy the next best vape juice brand or find something new to love.

It seems like a new e juice subscription service pops up every day, but like with any other “Blank of the Month Club,” choosing the right provider is the difference.

We’ve taken a look at all the best e juice subscription services, including some suggested by our readers, and we think you’ll be hunting down the mailman monthly if you choose any of the top 8 subscription services we chose.

VaporFi Blend of the Month Club

VaporFi E Juice Subscription VaporFi may be most well-known for its custom blends prepared by eJuice fusion specialists called “vapetenders.”

Three customer-selected flavors together in up to 30,000 combinations, but their Blend of the Month club is the hidden gem of the operation. It offers a unique opportunity to change the course of e-liquid’s future. Crazy talk, you say? Not really.

The Blend of the Month Club gives its members unprecedented power in determining their catalog, sending out new experimental cocktails each month for the chosen ones to review. The most popular blends become fixtures in the VaporFi product line.

Members can also make suggestions about tweaks to the formula, and VaporFi pinky swears it puts member ideas at the forefront of every step of the process.

Deciding the fate of the latest blends isn’t the only perk included with a $15.99 monthly eJuice subscription. There are also exclusive drawings for prizes like free e-liquid and vaping gear as well as members-only discounts at VaporFi’s online store.

Members also get free shipping on the site, so if you order a lot of eJuice from them it’s worth the price of admission for that feature alone. 


ZampleBox Promo CodeZampleBox is one of the original eJuice subscriptions, with a storied history extending as far back as October 2014. The service allows users to–um, zample–small amounts of exciting new flavors to get a taste for what they like without getting stuck with 30mL of their least favorite fruit.

You can choose from several general flavor preferences as well as 3 nicotine levels, 18mg regular, 6mg light and 0mg.

Shipping is calculated at checkout, and the boxes are sent out at the beginning of every month to give their customers yet another reason to live.

A standard membership costs $24.99 and gets you six bottles (up to 100ml of juice) to try every month while gold members are entitled to eleven bottles (up to 180ml of juice) monthly for their $44.99.

ZampleBox subscribers also get access to members-only discounts both from ZampleBox and directly from the eJuice vendors for when they discover a favorite e liquid.

E Juice Pack

“We believe everyone should have vape mail their way.”  E-juice pack is one of the best in the growing monthly subscription service to new ejuice products. You go through the process and have two options:

2 Juice Pack: $7.99/month

  • 1 Month 2 Juice pack
  • Try New Flavors or Pick Your Own!
  • 2 Bottles of Delicious E juice Per Month
  • 25-35 ML of E juice Per Month
  • Cancel Anytime
  • Select Individual Flavor Types
  • Select Individual Nicotine Content

5 Juice Pack: $21.99/month

  • 1 Month 5 Juice pack
  • Try New Flavors or Pick Your Own!
  • 5 Bottles of Delicious Ejuice Per Month
  • 65-85 ML of Ejuice Per Month
  • Cancel Anytime
  • Select Individual Flavor Types
  • Select Individual Nicotine Content

Once you go through and choose the amount of juice you want to receive per month, you then go through choosing the flavor category (8 different categories) for each juice.

Your strength choices vary from 0 mg – 24 mg. Claiming to be the most customizable E juice subscription services out there, they also do have reputable ejuice vendors like Mt.Baker Vapor & Velvet Cloud Vapor. For more information on Mt. Baker Vapor’s e liquid selection, check out our Best American E juice vendors.

Sign up for a monthly subscription to to receive E juice straight to your door!

Vapor Liq

Vapor LiqVapor Liq Logo is one of those subscription services that catches your eye with their details. They start out by asking you what is your experience level. Then you are asked your flavor preference.

This includes a survey-like section that lets you choose your most to least preferred flavor categories. This screen also asks you your preferred nicotine level whether you like menthol or not. The quiz then goes into flavor specifics, and asks you to choose your favorite flavors in each category.

Vapor Liq is a great e juice subscription package if you’re looking for a decent amount of e liquid in your life. After you take a generic e juice quiz to find out your most preferred e juices, Vapor Liq then customizes your liking’s to your account. From there you receive the following monthly subscription package:

  • 3 x 15 ml of eliquid — $29.95 free shipping + handling

For the best priced monthly e juice subscription, click here to sign up for Vapor Liq!

Juice Crate

Juice Crate brings the flavor with three separate subscription types:

The Silver Crate

This one is good for 45mL of juice plus Royal Wires on a monthly basis

The Ruby Crate

This gets you 60ml of ejuice and Royal Wires delivered

The Obsidian Crate

This one gets you 120mL of eJuice delivered to your doorstep every month along with 2 packs of Royal Wires in your choice of gauge and a few surprises. Each of the subscription levels is available on a monthly basis. Juice Crate breaks the prices down right on their site, and payment is collected upfront for your first month, and on the 15th of every month thereafter.

  1. Silver Crate – $35
  2. Ruby Crate – $49
  3. Obsidian Crate – $99

Through a short survey, Juice Crate learns more about your preferences, such as what flavors you prefer and your desired nicotine level. It even offers some “surprise me” options for vapers who are feeling a bit adventurous, and with at least 28 vendors contributing their wares to the compilation, you’re almost guaranteed to discover something new and interesting.

Your box arrives with your bottles and other accessories neatly packaged in an attractive display, and they even include a personalized card just to let you know they care. Like other top flight vape juice subscription boxes, shipping from door to door averages about 3 days after the first month, and they ship internationally! Check your country’s laws to make sure you can receive your juice.

Drip Club

Drip Club (1)Drip Club is one of the more well-known monthly e juice subscriptions. Taking a focus on small samples of boutique-style brands to let discriminating tastes find their own path to exotic new favorites.

A Drip Club e liquid subscription begins when you create a personalized account and set up your preferences.

The initial setup is a bit more involved than with other e juice subscriptions, but it’s all for the sake of being on target, so be patient with them. When Drip Club has gotten to know you a little better, you can choose from one of three subscription lengths:

  • 1 month plan
  • 3 month plan
  • 6 month plan

Each delivers the same amount of e-liquid monthly, but you get a discount for longer subscriptions plus every month’s subscription earns you points toward their store where you can use them to get free stuff!

Isn’t that great? A box from Drip Club arrives to you after a preset shipping date each month with your e juices sealed neatly in a plastic baggie as well as a few coupons and the legally required invitation to share the service with your friends on social media.

Drip Club currently works with over 20 suppliers, so the variety is certainly there, and the extensive interview process at the beginning of the subscription signup does have the benefit of delivering really accurate matches for your flavor preferences.

All in all, Drip Club is a great way to find a new favorite e-liquid and have plenty of fun doing it.


ZodistZodist touts itself as “The Most Accurate Curated E Juice Subscription,” so you can guess that personalization is the name of the game here. The surprisingly short survey manages to dig for plenty of insight anyway within its 4 sections, and starts in the standard manner by asking what kind of flavors you love.

Just check off the boxes to let Zodist know whether you prefer Camels, caramel, Coke, cappuccino, or all of the above. Well, Zodist distinguishes itself with a great idea that’s actually fairly obvious, as most great ideas are: asking which flavors you DON’T like.

Unexpected nemesis flavors lurking in a sampler box represent the worst nightmare or curious would be E juice subscribers, and Zodist works to address this issue by finding out if you hate pineapples, licorice, or gin right off the bat.

When you’ve let Zodist know exactly how picky you can be, the third step is to let Zodist know if you’re looking to expand your range of tastes or hunt down the perfect combination of familiar flavors. This is great for those who want to play it safe one month then try to find some new favorites when you have a nice stash of the old reliables.

After you go through the last portion of the survey where you can indicate your desired nicotine levels, your personality quiz is complete and your flavor discovery adventure can begin. There are 5 box tiers available when you start your monthly eJuice subscription with Zodist, and the prices break down thusly:

  1. 30 mL of eJuice (2 x 15 mL bottles)- $23.99
  2. 45 mL of eJuice (3 x 15 mL bottles)- $29.99
  3. 60 mL of eJuice (4 x 15 mL bottles or 2 x 15 mL bottles and 1 x 30mL bottle)- $39.99
  4. 90 mL of eJuice (4 x 15mL bottles and 1x 30 mL bottle)- $59.99
  5. 120 mL of eJuice (2 x 30 mL bottles and 4 x 15 mL bottles)- $79.99

As an added note, all pricing structures available on the site are listed as “at least X amount of eJuice,” so chances are you’ll get a little something extra if the folks at Zodist decide they like you. Once everything is all locked in, you can expect to receive your first package in about 2 weeks and the saga continues from there.

Craft Vapery

Craft VaperyIf you’re looking to experience the ultimate in premium eJuice brands and flavors, Craft Vapery is the best eJuice subscription for you. Based in the vape culture hotbed of Los Angeles, Craft Vapery employs a team of expert e-liquid evaluators that carefully select the most well-made juices with the richest flavors.

The initiation process is fairly standard, allowing customers to select their flavor preferences from a wide range of choices. New users also have the opportunity to add a high quality starter kit to their order while more experienced vapers can choose accessories such as tanks and atomizer heads to round out their monthly order.

The master e Juice sommeliers then set about the work of finding the most exquisite flavors for each client based on their own flavor preferences. Craft Vapery’s monthly E Juice subscription is billed on the 15th of each month.

Packages range from $19.99 for a pair of 15mL bottles to $61.99 for eight hand-selected bottles, and shipping is paid separately. While the price per drop may be a bit higher than with most E Juice subscription services, Craft Vapery will never send you any inexpensively made or diluted liquids.

Their mission is to only provide the best to their customers and deliver a vape boutique-style experience every month.

Final Thought

There are many different monthly eJuice subscription services, and each of them works a little differently, so one may be a better choice for you than the others based on one tiny detail. It’s clear that customer choice is king in the vaping business, and the great thing about a list like this is that you virtually can’t go wrong.

If you really want to take a trip around the world of eJuices, why not try a month or two at all of them? It’s guaranteed to be the tastiest year of your life. If E Juice subscriptions are not for you, we always have an amazing selection on our Top 10 E Juice Vendor article.


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