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Best E-Juice and Vape Juices of 2018

Best E Juice and Vape Juice of 2018

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Best Vape Juice 2018Where Can You Get Yours?
Vapor4Life E
Vista Vapors E
Halocigs E
Cuttwood E
BamBam's Cannoli E
Boilermaker E
E Cig
Cheap E
Central Vapors E
Breazy E
3FVape E



VaporFi E JuiceVaporFi is up first on this list of epic vape juice.

VaporFi has an amazing variety of e juice flavors that are great for any level vapor.

Their e liquid is designed and mixed in FDA approved facilities using only the finest.

You aren’t able to adjust the PG vs. VG ratio of their vape juices, but they do offer unparalleled choices when it comes to e liquid nicotine content.

VaporFi E Liquid | Get it Here

E Liquid Nicotine Choices

Choose from one of their 6 options to fine tune the nicotine content to your preference and make the perfect vape flavors.

Your choices are: 0 mg, 0.6 mg, 1.2 mg, 1.8 mg, 2.4 mg, 3.6 mg

Start with 0.6mg if you’re looking for very little nicotine, and work your way up as desired.

Be careful choosing higher levels, especially if you have a tendency to chain vape a lot.

This might not go well if your looking for specific vapor flavors.

Want to improve the flavor of your E Juice?

Vaporfi Grand Reserve E Juice Collection

VaporFi Grand Reserve CollectionThe Vaporfi Grand Reserve Collection is a premium range of high VG e juice suitable for RDAs, RTAs and sub ohm tanks.

The Grand Reserve vape juice blend is a 70% VG blend.

The e juice collection contains six delicious complex vape flavors.

Their Catch Ya Latte, flavor won best coffee flavor at Vape Summit 2015.

If you are looking for a premium e juice that tastes great, then be sure to check out the Vaporfi Grand Reserve Collection.

Check Out the Grand Reserve Collection | Premium E liquid by VaporFi

Blend of the Month

VaporFi also run’s  a ‘Blend of the Month‘ special flavor, where they offer a specific flavor at a discount for the whole month. 

They rotate through a new flavor each month, usually with a flavor related to the season.

The discount is automatically applied at checkout after clicking the link.

This flavor perfectly sets the mood of the season, don’t miss your chance to pick some up at a great discount.

Join the VaporFi Blend of the Month Club Now | Only $15.99!

What’s the VaporFi breakdown?

They offer their e juice flavors in 30ml bottles at a respectable $14.99.

They come in plastic bottles with a child proof lid on it.

The bottle has an easy to to use dripping tip that makes refilling your vaping device of choice very simple.

They also have a fantastic selection of juices to choose from!

They have over 50 different flavors, making it easy to find a flavor you love.

They also offer an awesome custom blending feature that allow you to mix and match your favorite flavors.

This custom blending option means there are over 30,000 different juice combinations!

They also have a fantastic sampler pack that allows you choose 3 different 10ml bottles for only $24.99.

It’s a great way to get a taste for their juices!

We list some of their most popular flavors down below, but first let’s take a look at an sweet deal…

Click here to Check out VaporFi

Kind Juice E Juice

kind-juice-e-juiceAs one of the leading companies in the e juice business, Kind Juice has not only managed to provide excellent standards at all levels, but it has also managed to change the e juice business entirely.

Kind Juice was the very first e juice company to introduce pure organic vaping flavors to the world.

Providing top-notch organic e-juice, Kind Juice makes use of 100 percent natural materials.

To maintain strict quality and ensure flavor consistency, Kind Juice contrives its products in small batches.

The E-liquids from Kind Juice are ideal for individual with allergies and people who may want to minimize the ingestion of artificial substances.

Despite the fact that the e-juice from Kind Juice lacks propylene glycol, a flavor-carrying component, Kind Juice has still been able to bring out the juicy and plentiful flavor in each of their carefully crafted products.

Kind Juice Organic E Liquid | Get it Here



Bottle Size vs Price – Cheapest E Juice Vendor

As an added resources, we put together this Brand Price vs Bottle Size comparison chart to make it easier when comparing the value offered from different vendors.

Click to VisitVista VaporsMt. Baker VaporVaporFiCentral VaporsMig CigsZeus E JuiceNicQuidHaloCigsSouth Beach SmokeCC VapesVirgin Vapor

Scroll chart to see all sizes. Best price for that size is in red.

Mig Vapor

Vapor Production

5 stars


5 stars

Pricing: 30ml – $15.95

Mig Vapor

Mig Vapor offers a wide range of Vapor Cigarettes.

They also carry refillable cartridges for your e cigarette.

They also carry some of the best E Liquid around with their very own Vimanna E-Juice Bar!

This mentality carries over to their line of e cig juice as well. They offer four other options for e juice as well.

Mig Vapor has their very own vape juice bar! The vape bar offers millions of ways to create your own e juice.

This e juice bar gives each vapor a chance to vape their own recipe and perfect their own favorite e liquid.

Single Flavored E Juice

Mig Vapor offers stand alone flavors of e juice.

This means for example, coffee, cola, blueberry, etc are a single flavor.

From cotton candy to tobacco, Mig Vapor has your taste in e liquid covered.

Food flavored e cig juice to sweet treat e liquid flavors, you name it, they got it!

Tobacco Flavored E Juice

Mig Vapor’s tobacco e juice blends capture the essential flavor and experience of the world’s best tobaccos but without the smoke.

They have classic American tobacco flavors, the dry, sweet tobaccos of the Far East, a Cuban tobacco.

Premium Multi-Flavored E Liquid

Sugar and spice. Sweet and savory. People love to combine e juice flavors.

Mig Vapor’s premium multi-flavor e liquids are the spice of vaping.

Red Line High VG E Juice

How did they make a better high VG sub-ohm e juice?

Their High VG Red Line E Juice is the result of sheer determination to create a better high vg sub-ohm e liquid.



Central Vapors

Vapor Production

5 stars


5 stars

Pricing: 10ml – $5.99

Central Vapors USA E Liquid Vendor

Central Vapors is out of Dallas, Texas and you know they do everything big in Texas!

Central Vapor is no exception, as they boast over 100 different 100% USA made e juice flavors sure tingle the taste buds of any vaper.

All their juice is made with US-sourced USP-grade, kosher certified PG and VG with lab grade nicotine.

Great quality starts at the beginning!

E Juice Customization

Central Vapors doesn’t have the most PG/VG and nic options out there, but have plent to suit the needs of most.

Choose from these nicotine options: 0mg, 6mg, 12mg, 18mg, 24mg.

You can also choose from 4 different PG/VG ratios, ranging from 30PG / 70VG to 100% PG.

They also offer the option to boost your flavor level, allowing you to supercharge your favorite flavors.

With 100 different flavors and a decent selection of juice options, it won’t be hard to find a juice you’ll enjoy from Central Vapors.

Click To See Central Vapor's Selection of Flavors

Bottle Size O’ Bottle Size

Central Vapors offers their e liquid in 3 different sizes; 10ml, 30ml and 50ml.

Their 10ml bottle will set you back $5.99, and it costs an addition $10 to bump the size up to 30ml (and another $10 to bump the size to $50).

That’s right along the lines with most decent US based juice vendors, so no complaints there.

Central Vapors also offers a wide selection of hardware, from clearomizers and drippers to MODs and batteries.

If you’re the kind of person who likes to buy hardware and juice at the same time (saves on shipping, am I right!), then Central Vapors is certainly a place to check out.

In fact, their motto is “Your One Stop For Everything Vapor.” 

To top it off, they have fantastic customer service and shipping times (and even include a free e juice Sample of the Day bottle with every order!). Gotta love free samples :)  

Do You Love To Sample?

Central Vapors normally offers a 10ml bottle for $5.99, but they have a great 5 Bottle Sample Pack if you want to try more than one flavor.

Any 5 10ml bottles of your choice for only $24.99! It’s one of the best e juice sample packs we’ve found.

Click to Check Out the 5 Bottle Sample Pack – Only $24.95

Don’t need a sample pack? Already know what flavors you want?

They also have an offer to get TWO 30ml bottles of e juice for only $18.

Considering a single 30ml bottle costs $16, this deal is basically a buy 1 get 1 free. 

And who doesn’t love free eh?

Click to Browse for 2 30ml Bottles – Only $18.00

Central Vapors Coupon Code

Have you finally decided on which of the 100+ Central Vapors flavor you want? Here’s a code that will save you a HUGE 25%!

Click the green button to reveal the coupon code. Enter the code at checkout to score your 25% off.

Save 25% on your entire order!

MBV logo

Mount Baker Vapor

Vapor Production

5 stars


5 stars

Price: 15ml – $4.99

Ok, so one of the BEST things about Mt Baker Vapors‘ e liquids is that you can do an insane amount of customization.

You are able to fine tune your preferred PG and VG ratio, Nic level and flavor strength.

Looking for the best e juice for dripping? Then max out your VG and lower the nic!

So much freedom when it comes to personalizing your very own Mt Baker Vapor mixes.

If you are a picky vaper, this is the place to shop!

These guys are solid with everything they do.

Their customer service is fantastic, and they ship very quickly and efficiently. 

They are also very competitive on price, with a 15ml bottle coming in at only $4.99.

Don’t let the cheap price fool you though, MBV only sells top notch, quality juice.

Click To See Mt Baker Vapor's Selection of Flavors

A Huge Selection of Flavors

Another huge reason why Mt Baker Vapor is sitting at the top and very popular among vapers is that they currently have a HUGE selection of flavors, boasting over two hundred different lines.

They also have a new specialty line of e juice, called the GWAR E Juice line.

GWAR is a premium line of e juice that comes premade at a 50/50 PG VG ratio, and is packed with delicious flavor.

They are sold in 30ml bottles for $10.99 each.

Check out their entire line of GWAR Juice! With that many flavors, it’s no wonder why American e liquid companies are rated the best among most vapers.

Gotta Steep Your E Juice

One of the pitfalls about Mt. Baker Vapor is that the e juices are only mixed on a made-to-order basis.

This means that the e liquid is VERY new, and it is suggested to let your e juice sit with the cap open (also known as steeping) for a couple days to give the flavor time to mature.

Mt Baker Vapor also has many of the supplies you need for DIY e juice, which is certainly a bonus.

If DIY is your thing, MBV has some great prices and flavoring, nicotine and bottles.

Mt Baker Vapor Coupon Code

Mt Baker Vapor already has some pretty good prices, but we want to do more! 

We worked out an exclusive coupon code just for our readers.

Save 10% on your entire order! Click the link and your discount code will be revealed.

Save 10% off your entire order with this Mt Baker Vapor coupon!

 Vista Vapors + Free E Juice Bonus

Vista Vapors, baBest Vape Juice Vista Vaporsed out of Brooklyn Park Minnesota, is another one of our favorite e juice vendors.

They have over 160 different flavors to choose from, with more being added all the time.

You can customize each bottle with your preferred nicotine content or add optional ‘flavor shots’.

They offer their e juice at some of the most competitive prices on the market, with a 17mL bottle costing only $4.99.

As you can see in our price comparison chart below, they stack up very well with the other vendors mentioned on this list.

Click To See Vista Vapor's Selection of Flavors

The bottles aren’t fancy, but the good taste amazing. 

Here’s just some of the 160 flavors they have to offer; American Tobacco, Banana, Black Cherry, Blueberry Blueberry, Muffin Bubble Gum, Butterscotch, Cinnamon Roll, Cotton Candy, TwoMint Gum, Green Apple, Icy Menthol, New Menthol, Pineapple, Razzleberry, Root Beer, Spearmint, Tobacco Red and Watermelon.   

Best Sample Pack Deal From Vista Vapors

Sometimes it’s hard to choose just one, but this isn’t one of those times.

Vista Vapors has a sweet deal running where you can choose any 5 17mL bottles, plus receive a bonus gift only $29.99.

Don’t believe me? Click here to see for yourself! 

It’s a great way to sample some of their best flavors (I recommend the Lime :) ).

Plus, the bonus gift surprised me!

Below we’ve listed some of the most popular juice flavors they offer.

They have over 160 to choose from, but the reviews have been outstanding for these! But first, coupons…

Vista Vapors Coupons

Besides all the the pretty sweet deals Vista Vapors offers above, we also have a discount code for you!

Save 21% on all e juice! Click the button to reveal the promo code.

Save 21% on ALL E JUICE you order! 

This is an exclusive coupon granted only to readers.  For even more coupons, check out our Vista Vapors coupon page. 


Halo Cigs Craft E Juice

Halo Cigs

Vapor Production

5 stars


5 stars

Price: 7ml – $5.99

For years Halo has been shooting up their competition; and no, not the video game. has been a staple for many vapers, with some of the best craft e juice on the market.

While not know for their wide selection of flavors, Halo puts serious emphasis on quality over quantity. 

Every flavor will tingle your taste buds with a unique taste, and each puff hits as smooth and flavorful as the last. 

They have about 25 different flavors to choose from, and trust us when we say it won’t be hard to find a favorite.

Halo E Juice Nicotine Levels

The flavors have a different nicotine variety including: 0mg, 6 mg, 12 mg, 18 mg, and 24 mg.

Not only does Halo provide tons of different nicotine options; they have several different themed sample packs you can try.

Plus, all Halo Cigs vape juice comes with child resistant caps. Safety first!

Regardless of the nicotine level you choose, you’re sure to find a flavor that hits.

E Liquid Breakdown for Halo

If that wasn’t convincing enough, Halo was also ranked #1 in the electronic cigarette industry for best electronic cigarette by PC magazine.

Halo also offers an array of starter kits and e cigs, but their juice works great in any type of setup.

For a 7ml bottle of their e juice, you’re going to be spending $5.99.

Not too bad, and definitely reasonable for quality juice.

To upgrade your bottle to 30ml you’ll be looking at $19.99, also not a bad price.

Halo categorizes it’s juice under three main flavors; Menthol, Tobacco and Gourmet. 

They also have sample packs that include e liquids from all three! Want to know more?

Check out our vendor review on Halo! Otherwise, check out some of Halos top flavors down below!

Halo Cigs Coupon Codes

Looking to try out some of Halos awesome juice, but looking for the little push?

How about a promo code! It saves you 5% on any e juice you order! 

Click the button to reveal the coupon. (Hint: sometimes it will stack with on ongoing Halo sale or deal)

Check out our full and up-to-date list of Halo Cigs coupons and deals.  

Save 5% off your entire order with this Halo Cig coupon!


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Motley Brew

Vapor Production

5 stars


  5 stars

     Pricing: 30ml – $21.99

We’re coming out swinging! Welcome to 2016, or is this another Back to the Future? 

Motley Brew is a brand new e juice company that brings the hard knock life of old school rock and roll to your vape life.

All their juice is inspired from the history of rock n’ roll. Their message is edgy, and so are their e-juice flavors. Let’s check them out.

>>Check out our Full Review on Motley Brew E-juice<<

Flavor Savors

Motley Brew has six original flavors to try from the delicious “Old Fashioned R&R” to their coffee-inspired “Brew’s Brothers”.

Here’s the list of their six rock inspired flavors:

  • Froot Fighters
  • Brew’s Brothers
  • Paradise City
  • Almost Famous
  • Grateful Red
  • Old Fashioned R&R

Check Out Motley Brew’s Selection of Flavors |

Bottle Size O’ Bottle Size

Motley Brew offers you one option. 30 ml of a 50/50 PG VG blend for $21.99

It’s a little pricey compared to most US based juice vendors, but if there’s ONE juice you have to try from them it should be Old Fashioned

Popular Motley Brew Flavors

motley brew old fashionedmotley brew brews brothersmotley brew pearadise city


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Vapor Production

5 stars


5 stars

Price: 10ml- $4.89

Cheap E Liquid Vendor NicQuid

Based out of Ohio, NicQuid’s motto since their beginning in 2012 has been “Dripping With Flavor“, and their e juice has stood up to the hype. 

With 35 different flavors broken down into 4 categories NicQuid doesn’t have the largest flavor selection.

But what they lack in quantity they make up in quality.

Setting the standard for many e juice vendors in America, NicQuid was one of the founding members of AEMSA, or American E-liquid Manufacturing Standards Association

Click To See NicQuid's Selection of Flavors

To comply with the standards they help found, all NicQuid e juice is mixed with the highest grade ingredients and made in sterile, clean laboratory environments.

nicquid best vape juiceWhile small, their e juice selection is still varied and interesting, separated into menthols, tobaccos, fruits and desserts.

Be careful with the menthol flavors though, they can be a bit over powering if you don’t love menthol!

All NicQuid juice comes with premixed PG / VG ratios of 60/40.

Since it largely made up of PG, Nicquid juice can tend to have a stronger throat hit.

It’s also why NicQuid explodes with flavor, since PG carries the flavor better than VG.

Smooth, delicious and well made, NicQuid ejuice is made with quality in mind.

A 10ml bottle will set you back a modest $4.89, and they have a great 3 Bottle Sampler Pack if you wanna try more than one flavor. 

NicQuid combines Grade A value and price, especially considering the product they are bringing to the table.

For a complete breakdown of NicQuid and what they have to offer, check out our full review on NicQuid.

In the meantime, how about a coupon!?

NicQuid Coupon Code

NicQuid offers a full 10% off your whole order with this coupon code! 

Click the green button below to reveal your 10% code and start saving some money on that juice today!

Save 10% off your entire order at NicQuid


South Beach Smoke

Vapor Production

5 stars


5 stars

Pricing: 30ml – $14.99

South Beach Smoke Logo

South Beach Smoke is most known for their disposable e cig kits, but they also have an offering of e juice worth checking out.

They have a huge selection of flavors, as well as a custom blending option that allows you to mix and match your own flavors for up to 30,000 different possible mixes. That’s a lot of flavors.

Click To See South Beach Smoke's Selection of Flavors

What are the E Juice Options

When it comes to personalizing your juice, the options from South Beach Smoke aren’t overwhelming.

You aren’t able to adjust the PG and VG ratio, but you do have 5 options for nicotine levels.

Choose from 0mg, 6mg, 12mg, 16mg, and 24mg.

For each e liquid flavor they have they show you the breakdown of how many of their ‘flavor shots’ they used when mixing that particular blend.

This is useful if you like using their custom blend feature.

It gives you an idea of what is in your favorite flavors, so you can build a custom blend much close to your taste preference.

South Beach Bottles and Prices

All their bottles come in a 30ml size, and will set you back $14.99.

This is a middle of the row price, with some venders clocking in at a little less, while certain craft brands cost way more.

South Beach smoke is particularly excellent if you need to order a supply of disposable e cigs.

They are one of the best in the biz when it comes to disposables, and if you need to order some it’s a great opportunity to check out their e juice as well!

South Beach Smoke Coupon Code

South Beach Smoke offers a bunch of discounts on a rotating basis, including the Flavor of the Month!

One select flavor is 25% for the whole month. 

Here’s a coupon that automatically applies at checkout for 12% off.

Cash in on this coupon and save some money. Simply click the button below to have the discount applied during checkout.

Save 12% + 25% Off the Blend of the Month Flavor

Discount will be applied at checkout!


Virgin Vapor Logo

Virgin Vapor

Vapor Production

5 stars


5 stars

Price: 7ml – $6.99

Ever heard of organic e liquid? No? Either did we. Until we found out about Virgin Vapor.

If you’ve been following the news about all the dangerous “side effects” and poison you’re inhaling (even though most is misinformation coupled with a big tobacco agenda to demonize e liquids), than you should no longer worry! Enter Organic E Liquid.

Virgin Vapor is our favorite 100% organic American e liquid vendor that we have found.

They make all their e juices from organic flavors and juices and they package them in glass bottles. That’s right, you heard it.

No artificial sweeteners, added colors or flavors. They only use USDA certified organic flavorings.

Click To See Virgin Vapor's Selection of Flavors

Are there any vapers out there that don’t like PG e liquid because it gives you that “throat hit”?

Well, by default Virgin Vapor only uses VG e juice (vegetable glycerin and distilled water).

However, you can still request PG (propylene glycol) if that is your fancy.

If you don’t know the different types of juices there are, check out our PG or VG article.

If you’re looking for a guaranteed safe alternative, I think you just found it.

Virgin Vapor Coupon Code

Virgin Vapor doesn’t offer a lot of coupon codes, but we’ve managed to track one down!

Click the coupon button down below to reveal the code. Apply it at checkout to save your 10%!.

Save 10% off Virgin Vapors!


Crystal Canyon Vapes

Vapor Production

5 stars


5 stars

Pricing: 5ml – $3.75

Crystal Canyon Vapes E Juice Vendor

Wholesome and homegrown, Crystal Canyon Vapes is a family owned and operated all-American e liquid vendor out of Arizona.

Often called CC Vapes, they make an appearance on the top 5 list as our bonus vendor.

Their liquids are made with only 100% USA ingredients and do not come with any additives including food coloring.

You get a choice between two different PG/VG options. 70/30 or 50/50 (pg/vg).

Click To See Crystal Canyon Vapes' Selection of Flavors

They offer 5ml, 15ml, 30ml, and 60ml bottles of e-juice.

The 15ml, 30ml, and 60ml bottles come in a glass bottle with a glass dripper.

The 5ml bottle is made out of plastic.

They are a smaller e-juice vendor compared to others but it gives you a great feeling you’re buying a safe American product!

Give a shout out in the comments section if you’ve heard of these guys and tell us what you think about CC Vapes, We’d love to get your feedback!

Crystal Canyon Vapes Coupon Code

If you’re ready to dig your atomizer into some seriously good juice, check out this coupon to save 15% on your next order!

This is an exclusive coupon just for BC readers! Click the button below to reveal to code.

Save 15% Off at Crystal Canyon Vapes




Henley Vape

Vapor Production

5 stars


5 stars

Pricing: 15ml – $12.00

Henley Vape Logo

Henley Vape is next on our list, and we are excited to get to them.

Henley Vape, formerly know as Henley eCig, is a popular vaping brand most well known for opening a vape lounge in no other than New York City called The Henley Vaporium.

Their hardware inventory is astounding, ranging from their own line of disposable e cigs, up to mech mods and advanced tanks, including their very own mech mod called the “Fu#! Big Tobacco”.

But their e juice selection is even more awesome! They offer their own line of e juice they call the Henley Vape E Liquid.

Click To See Henley Vapes' Selection of Flavors

With only 11 flavors, their selection is short but sweet.

They are dedicated to using only the finest, quality ingredients and all their juice is made in US laboratories.

When it comes it juice customization options, Henley actually has a fairly small number of options.

All of the Henley Vape line of juice comes as a 50PG / 50VG ratio, and can only be purchased in a 15ml bottle.

They do offer several nic level choices, including 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, 12mg, 18mg and 24mg. 

Premium E Juice Galore, All From One Shop

While Henley may have a limited selection of their own line of juice, they carry nearly 20 other craft e juice brands, making them a one stop shop to buy fantastic juice.

They carry some of the most notable and popular craft liquid brands including Cosmic Fog, Five Pawns, Suicide Bunny and  Pink Spot.

And they aren’t exactly cheap e juices!

That’s understandable though, as it is some of the most popular craft juice brands out there, mixed and made with the utmost craftsmanship. 

Each brand has their own line of flavors and different juice specs, and it’s nice to have so many options when shopping on one site.

Prices on the different brands of e juice can range quite a bit too, anywhere from $15 to $20 for a 30ml bottle.

Having all of these big name brands in one shop is definitely super convenient. 

If high end, craft e juice is your thing, Henley Vape is the place to check out.

Henley Vape Coupon Code

Henley Vape offers an awesome selection of craft e juice and brands, but it can be a bit pricey.

To save a few bucks, we have found his 10% coupon code for you!

Click the green button to reveal the code and enter it in your shopping cart to redeem the 10% off.

Save 10% on your entire order!


Our Top Subscription Picks

Can’t Decide? Sample with a Subscription!

Whew, those were a lot of e juice vendors!

It’s one of the great parts of vaping, you have so many choices when it comes to e juice it’s crazy.

It can also be overwhelming sometimes, especially if you don’t know exactly what you will like.

For those who are on a mission to sample and taste more e juice brands and flavors, there is a fantastic solution; monthly e juice subscription clubs!

These services are based on a monthly subscription, and once a month you will receive a brand new box of juice to taste and sample.

We have put together a comprehensive list of the top e juice subscription companies out there to give you the low down on price, quality, diversity and special perks each of these different subscriptions offer.

If you’re looking to expand your juice horizon , this is the place to be. Let’s get started.

First Up – VaporFi’s Blend of the Month

VaporFi is now offering a Blend of the Month Club, which includes a few perks that are bit different then the rest of the subscriptions on our list.

If you’ve read our review on VaporFi at the top of the article, you’ll know they boast over 160 different flavors, as well as custom blending feature to make your own flavors.

These features are worked into their Blend of the Month offering.

Click To Check Out Blend of the Month Subscription Options

What are the Perks?

Becoming a Blend of the Month subscriber will afford you some pretty awesome perks.

Let’s take a look:

  • vaporfi-blend-of-the-month-imageE Juice – You will receive one bottle of  a specially created and unreleased flavor category you enroll in
  • Flavor Profile – Base your bottle on these flavor groups; Tobacco, Menthol, Dessert, Fruit and Other Flavors
  • Critique Flavors – Your voice matters, cast your vote for which flavors VaporFi should release to the public
  • Members Only Contest – Awesome contests, including juice and hardware prizes and even the chance to name a flavor
  • Free Shipping – On any order you make on VaporFi – Booya!
  • Exclusive Discounts – Deals and sales only Blend of the Month members have access to

That’s a lot of perks! If you are a regular customer of VaporFi, this subscription is a no brainer.

The free shipping alone can make the value worth the price of the subscription.

We also love that you can suggest and vote on new flavor names, and leave feedback on the flavors themselves.

It’s a fun way to throw your $0.02 into the discussion.

To top it off, you’ll get a stream of exclusive discounts and offers just for members.

Another big reason an avid VaporFi fan should sign up.

Discount will be applied at checkout!

Price and Summary

VaporFi’s Blend of the Month comes in at $14.99 a month, a very affordable option compared to our other subscription options.

One main drawback is that you only get one bottle of e juice a month.

But considering that one bottle would have cost a non member more than the subscription cost alone, it’s easy to see how a Blend of the Month subscription can really save some cash.

>>Learn more about the VaporFi Blend of the Month Club prices, options and perks<<

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Next Up – The Ever Popular Zamplebox

Zamplebox was one of the first e juice subscription services to hit the market, and has grown into a well known and popular brand.

As we covered in our Top 5 Reasons to Check Out Zamplebox, there is a ton of value (and juice!) packed into every Zamplebox subscription.

And hey, with over 110,000 active subscribers they have to be doing something right!

Click To Check Out Blend of the Month Subscription Options

Unlike VaporFi’s Blend of the Month, Zamplebox offers a monthly subscription containing juices from many different brands.

They have a huge selection of participating vendors, and they update the list on a regular basis.

Let’s take a lot at what a Zamplebox subscription has to offer.

What are the Perks?

  • Zamplebox SubscriptionE Juice – Receive juice from over 60 hand picked, premium juice companies
  • Flavor Profile – Take Zamplebox’s flavor profile quiz to receive personalized juices
  • Members Only Forum – Access to a Private Zamplebox Family Lounge and forum, just for subscribers
  • Giveaways – Enter epic  giveaways for more juice and hardware
  • Exclusive Coupons – Deals and discounts so you can buy more of your favorite flavors and save
  • Insider Access – Be the first to try new flavors and mixes

It’s easy to see Zamplebox tries to above and beyond in it’s value offering to customers.

First off, they accept less than 3% of the vendors that apply to them.

They are very picky in who they accept, so you know the juice in your box has come from qualified, vetted and safe vendors.

They also offer a great selection of coupons in each box.

This a perfect addon, since you are bound to find a flavor or two in your box you really enjoy.

These coupons can save you some money if you decided you want reorder a couple bottles of your favorite flavors.

Price and Summary

If you’re looking into getting a Zamplebox subscription, you have two options; their Standard Plan or Gold Plan.

The Standard Plan is $24.99 a month for 6 bottles up to 100ml, while the Gold Plan is $44.99 and will score you 11 bottles, up to 180ml total, a month.

Both plans offer pretty good value, especially if you buy a lot of juice online.

Having a monthly subscription can not only save on your per bottle price, but knowing you have a box of juice on the way each month can help prevent those spontaneous juice buying sprees we all go on once in a while (I’m guilty too!).

Zamplebox’s extra perks round out the subscriptions very well, and make them a prime candidate in the e juice subscription space.

>>Learn more about Zamplebox prices, options and perks<<

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Who’s Your Favorite?

So to recap; we just went through the Top E Juice Vendors in America.

Whether your preference is NicQuid, Mt. Baker Vapor or CC Vapes; every single one of these companies represents the vaping community’s growth within our own country!

By now you may have noticed, there are more than 10 vendors total on this list.

But that’s just because we wanted to fit them all in!

It didn’t make sense to not include a quality juice vendor. But hey, we won’t tell if you don’t!

E Juice Tips and Tricks – Our Collection of Cool Stuff

Next, we want to jump into some other e juice guides we have that you may find helpful.

Learn how to spice up your e juice flavor, how to steep properly and more!

The perfect reading material while you’re waiting for your e juice vape mail.

We’ll also cover a buying guide on how to pick out e juice flavors you like.

Understanding PG vs. VG ratios, throat hit, nicotine content ect can make buying e juice online much easier.

It’s all about what you know! Informed buying is smart buying!

But first, let’s jump back into the e juice basics and cover what steeping is.

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Do I Have To Steep My E Juice?

Guide: How Long To Steep Your E LiquidThe short answer; it depends. But first, what is steeping?

Steeping is basically the process of letting the all the ingredients in a bottle of e juice to mix or marinate. 

E juice consists of PG and VG liquids, plus flavoring and nicotine solutions. 

When a bottle of e juice is first made, these ingredients aren’t mixed together very well.

Over time, the ingredients blend together more.

This usually makes the e juice a darker tone of color, and brings out a more mature, robust version of the flavor. 

That said, whether or not you need to steep your e juice depends on the vendor you buy it from.

If you buy your vape juice from a vendor who makes their e juice on a per order basis, like Mt Baker Vapor, the e juice will only be 3-4 days old when it gets delivered to you.

(Mt Baker Vapor also released some new flavors this year)

How long should I steep my juice?

Anybody who dabbles in DIY e juice will tell you e juice should be steeped for at least a week from the day of creation, preferably two or more. 

Sometimes e juice will taste just fine after only a couple days.

The problem is that flavor is going to change a bit (and often get better) as it get’s older regardless, so many vapers will simply wait.

Steeping Dark Color ExampleOther times however, fresh e juice can taste burnt or really bad/far from the intended flavor. 

In these cases, it’s time to steep it for a while.

Many vendors (like VaporFi and Halo) sell their e juice pre-steeped to help with this.

This means they make their e juice in larger batches, and by the time you get the bottle you ordered it could 2 or more weeks old. 

This is obvious pretty freakin’ awesome, since you can tear into your new bottle of juice right away.

This also means these vendors generally offer less PG/VG and nicotine options to the customer, since they make big batches at a time.

That’s why Mt Baker Vapor has such a massive list of customization options, but you almost always have to steep the juice you get from them.

I want to learn more about steeping!

We have an entire guide on how to steep your e juice, and we cover it all.

The best tips and tricks to steep your juice, including ways you can speed the process up!

Plus, some tools that will make the whole process a lot easier.

The most important part is the be aware of steeping, so you know when and how to handle your juice.

Check it out if you’re looking to get your juice in tip top shape!

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Make Your E Juice Taste Better – Our Tips & Tricks

Make Your Juice Taste BetterSteeping your e juice until it is properly aged is certainly best practice, but what else can you do to change up your e juice?

We cover all kinds of things you can do to change or improve your existing flavors, some of which you probably never heard of!

Did you know drinking more water can make your e juice taste better?!

First, let me first note that nothing is going to make a really shitty e juice flavor miraculously amazing. Some flavors just suck. 

These are tips that can instead be combined for a pleasant boost in flavor for juices you like, not a flavor overhaul.

These tricks or hacks tend to work best for old fav flavors you enjoy vaping, but want just a little something more out of it.

We won’t cover all the tips here, since we do that in the guide.

We will however cover a few of my favorites. First up, Vapor’s Tongue!

What is Vapor Tongue?

E Juice So Good It's Gone!Vapor tongue is basically when your tasted buds become desensitized, and you no longer taste to the full potential of the vaper.

How can this happen? Well, a couple of ways in fact. One simple way is by vaping a certain flavor too much. 

By constantly vaping it over and over, it’s possible to desensitize yourself to flavor. Easy fix; vape something else!

Another great example is when you get a cold.

You’re sinuses get stuffed up, and anything you eat (or vape) tastes like it is diminished or off.

Same thing can happen if you have bad allergies as well.

It’s a great time to vape a super menthol/minty flavor though!

Most of the time though, you’re best bet is set the vape aside until you’re feeling better. 

Hardware Matters – Sometimes it’s not the juice

Sometimes one of the best ways to improve your flavor is to upgrade your hardware.

Now, this certainly doesn’t apply to everybody.

But I’m still constantly surprised at how many people blame their e juice when it’s the hardware making it taste like crap.

Clean you gear from time to time!

how-to-clean-clearomizerKeeping your coils relatively clean will go a long a way to boosting the flavor of your juice, no matter what rig you’re vaping on.

Most cheaper clearomizers can be cleaned / rinsed on occasion to help the build up. 

More expensive clearomizers with replaceable coils like the Aspire Atlantis, Kanger SUBTANK and VaporFi Volt Hybrid make it even easier.

Simply swap out the coil head for a new one and the entire clearomizer tank is as good as new.

Even some cheaper clearomizers like the Kanger EVOD 2 and Aspire Nautilus Mini have replaceable heads.


Why Does Sub Ohm Vaping Improve Flavor?

Sub Ohm Safety TipsThe newest sub ohm tanks to hit the market are changing the coil game once again.

Tanks like the Atlantis and SUBTANK Mini come with .5 ohm replaceable coil heads, making sub ohm vaping easy and accessible to the everyday vaper.

Prior to this, most clearomizers had a resistance around 1.6 ohms, and building your own coil with an RBA or RDA was the only way to sub ohm.

Since the coils are sub ohm, they run relatively hot.

This helps vaporize more e juice, more quickly. 

That helps these coils create larger clouds of vapor and a better, more pronounced flavor with almost any juice.

Remember, if you’re sub ohming it’s always important to use the proper equipment.

Choosing a quality box mod to par with your sub ohming device not only helps performance, but safety.


What are more ways I can boost more flavor?

Whether it’s getting over that cold or upgrading your hardware, there are plenty of ways to improve your e juice flavor.

We’ve only just started to scratch the surface, and we cover a ton of other ways to boost your e juice flavor. 

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DIY E Juice – The How and Why Made Easy

DIY Vapor LiquidDIY e juice is a fun topic, and we’ve recently put together our own DIY E Juice Guide to help walk you through the process.

However, we understand it’s not for everyone, and it’s not supposed to be.

Many people are more than happy to pay for quality juice, as I’m sure you’ve done yourself. 

But learning how to mix you’re own juice can have a whole host of benefits!

Even if you don’t make you’re own e juice on a regular basis, understanding the processes and ingredients behind creating e juice will make you a more educated buyer.

That said, what are some of the pros and cons of making your own vape juice?

Pros and Cons For DIY E Juice

  • PROS
  • Making e juice yourself is cheaper
  • Ultimate control over flavors
  • You never run out, simply mix more
  • It’s fun!

  • CONS
  • You always have to steep your juice
  • You have to pay for upfront costs (tools, ingredients, ect)
  • There is a learning curve
  • You might get addicted to creating new flavors

DIY Glass E Juice BottleAs you can see, it goes both ways.

If you are in fact interested in mixing your own juices, our guide walks you step by step.

We show you everything you need to learn how to mix your juice and where to get supplies.

We also share some awesome coupon codes too! It helps to save on those up front costs ;)

Click here to read our full DIY E Juice Guide! 

And if there’s something you don’t see on the guide you think we should have, leave a comment!

We love hearing from our readers, and any DIY e juice aficionados are welcome to share input.

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PG vs VG – How Do I Know What’s Best For Me?

VG vs PG BreakdownWhen you start shopping around for e juice for the first time, one of the very first decisions you must make is what kind of PG and VG ratio you enjoy.

Besides the actual flavor, the amount of PG and VG in a bottle of liquid has the largest impact on the vaping experience.

Let’s take a step back really quick and explain what PG and VG are.

What does PG and VG actually mean?

PG stands for Propylene Glycol, and VG stands for Vegetable Glycerin. 

They are the two primary ingredient in e juice, and are added together in different ratios.

For example, a common PG/VG ratio is 50/50.

That means the juice is made with 50% PG and 50% VG (as well as the flavoring, nicotine, ect…)

PG and VG are not the same either.

They each have different properties that can change the way your e juice tastes and feels.

Two bottles of e juice with the SAME flavor but with DIFFERENT ratios of PG/VG will taste different! 

So how do we know how much PG and VG we want?

Throat Hit, Clouds and Flavor

PG and VG MixesIf you’re looking for maximum vapor cloud production, you’ll want a high VG juice.

VG is more viscous then PG, and when heated up creates more vaper.

That’s why drippers and cloud chasers prefer high VG juices.

VG also has a natural, sweet undertone to it.

If you are vaping a high VG juice, this underlying sweetness can sometimes cover, or over power, the actual flavor of the juice.

High VG juices also tend to have less throat hit, and an overall smoother vape. 

PG on the other hand is more watery than VG, and is considered the base for adding the flavor.

PG itself doesn’t have the sweet undertone like VG does, and e liquids that are high in PG will have a pronounced, vibrant flavor.

You’ll enjoy the natural taste of the flavoring, without the extra sweetness add.

PG also has more throat hit, and produces less vapor than VG.

This makes PG juice great for stealth vaping, when huge vapor clouds bring unwanted attention.

The extra throat hit is nice too, especially if you’re an ex smoker liked the feel of smoking a cigarette.

What are some common VG/PG ratio?

Many e juice vendors start by offering their juice in 50/50.

Depending on the vendor, you could have other options like 70VG/30PG or 30VG/70PG. 

Mt Baker Vapor, who makes each bottle on a per order basis, offers 5 different PG / VG ratios to choose from.

Check out our VG vs PG Guide for a more in depth explanation of PG and VG ratios, as well as why not all PG and VG is made the same!

Understanding what goes into your e juice is important for all kinds of reasons!

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E Juice Flavoring 

Nicotine is fundamentally tasteless.

In order to replicate that kind of cigarettes, some of the best e juice are mixed with an infinite number of enhancing mixes.

Some e liquid manufacturers offer up to 90 different e liquid flavors extending from exemplary menthol and tobacco to nourishment concentrates.

For example, coffee, chocolate, organic products, confection and spices.  

E liquid Strength

E liquid strength identifies the quantity of nicotine fluid within a set level of e liquid, measured in milligram of nicotine per milliliter of total liquid volume.

For instance, if a cigarette package offer states that there surely is 1.6 mg of nicotine in the merchandise, it ensures that each cigarette does contain 1.8 of nicotine.

To this result in a pack of 20 cigarettes there exists you will find a total of 36mg of nicotine.

Within an e liquid bottle of 18mg/ml durability, there is usually 18mg of nicotine in each milliliter of liquid.

In the event that you were to inhale 1ml of the e liquid, then it could contain the same quantity| of nicotine as ten 1.8mg conventional smoking cigarettes.

Some users also make use of apply percentage of nicotine to determine the solution strength. Some users make use of percentage of nicotine to determine the perfect solution is answer strength also.

For instance, each 1.2 mg/ml of e-liquid contains 0.13% nicotine and 99.9% diluent and flavoring.

Applying this notation, an 18 mg/ml e-liquid contains 1.8% nicotine.

E liquids range between zero-nicotine up to amounts as high as 8 approximately.2% nicotine, though anything greater than 2.4% gets increasingly difficult to acquire.


Dilutes in E Juice

The E liquid smoking and flavorings won’t become vapor without the 3rd most significant ingredient in e-liquids – dilutes.

The dilutes basic works two ways: 1st, it is put into dilute the combination of nicotine and flavors to the right strength, and second, it really is in charge of turning the liquid answer into inhabitable vapor.

E cig companies commonly use any combo of the three dilutes:

Pharmaceutical-grade polypropylene glycerol do help in producing to what is referred to as ‘throat hit‘ in mix with flavors and nicotine.

PG is widely used in a wide range of sustenance and personal care items like toothpaste.

Alongside being a solvent, it is mostly known for its usage in haze machines.

How it Works 

E liquid in e cigarettes plays the part of the tobacco in customary cigarettes, less the ignition.

Kept in a tank, usually the atomizer warms the fluid which conveys a sensation of smoking. 

The e juice is apparently the most fundamental segment of the electronic cigarette since you can get the best e cigarette yet without a quality e juice, you won’t get the best vapor taste or throat hit you want.

Most premium E-Juice makers decline to utilize plastic containers since they declare it can ravage the taste extra minutes as specific flavors and plastic don’t play well together.

Despite the way that the flavorings are conveyed to the producers in plastic containers, so I have to say this is more offhanded than whatever else.

In any case, there are a few advantages beside unadulterated monkish life with a glass bottle. 

A glass bottle makes splashing and curing a huge measure less requesting than a plastic container.

An amazing measure of the times when E-Juice gets through the mail station, it needs couple of days to a week of dousing/curing for the flavors and base to be homologous.

To speed this technique up a broad measure of veterans give the E-Juice bottles a 8 to 12 hour “steaming shower” by strategy for a moderate cooker.

This procedure speeds the drenching get ready from a week to two or three hours. Having glass containers are basically favorable as the plastic containers tend to coast.

Unmistakably glass compartments are more disposed to hurt than plastic containers likewise getting E-Juice into a tank without some kind of press container can be a stunning errand also. 

You might get glass bottles you might get plastic containers, however sometimes vendors like to get-up-and-go things up and make custom boxes to package your E-Juice to give the facade of it being premium.

Certainly, there are a few silly dealers out there that go into mind blowing lengths to package their E-Juice.


E Juice Taste Test

At last, there’s the taste part of these premium E Juices.

So they are all the more immoderate and have flashier bundling and similarly bottles, however a complete part of the premium E-Juice ought to be taste.

So does the premium E-Juice taste better than the less costly E-Juice? Yes and no.

Taste is subjective, yet the premium E Juices try to concentrate on a more broad get-together of individuals of vapers out there so everyone might require it.

Generally, the premium E Juices show change over the less costly ones.

Other than utilizing more premium enhancing, a critical measure of the premiums E Juices are pre made.

That is they restrain the nicotine levels to 4 to five choices and won’t give a choice of what PG/VG degree can be picked.

By binding these choices, these E Juices are great right out of the container since traders pre-drench or cure them before movement them out.

Like a fine wine, E Juices are amazingly the more settled it gets considering as the E-Juice ages the enhancing and the base get the chance to be homogeneous. 

So are the premium E-Juices genuinely upheld paying little personality to the high sticker cost over the less costly E Juices?

This depends on upon individual to person. For me, I’ve endeavored numerous E Juices as well as cheap vape juices.

In any case, a wonderful shabby E Juice is hard to discover.

I’m emphatically not saying it doesn’t exist yet rather more often than not, they have a tendency to baffle.

Premium flavors are perfect and taste mind blowing when in doubt.

In any case, again I extend taste is subjective; you might discover a rate of the premium flavors completely terrible and be out $30.

So certainly read a percentage of the surveys before getting if you are an attentive purchaser.

Is E juice safe? Is Vaping side effects a thing?

We know Nicotine carries side effects as far as side effects from vaping itself, that we don’t know.

We do know that any substance introduced to the body can cause side effects. The e liquids used in association with vaping are no different.

The 300 to 3000 poisons that real tobacco cigarettes convey are what’s destroying our bodies and making us debilitated. Eliminating those poisons is the biggest step in winning this battle.

E cigarettes have been around for quite a long time yet just recently have to come light on a mainstream stage.

On account of most e juice vendors picking US grade tobacco/nicotine the side effects are extremely limited. 

The nicotine and chemicals provide in these e cigs could likewise create numerous opposite results; it is not always evident that these are being triggered by cigarette smoking, making it intense to identify precisely.

An excessive amount of nicotine could create problems, which could differ in their seriousness, and the polypropylene glycerol present in the e cigarette could likewise result in a completely dry or hurting neck or nose.

These e cigs require a change from taking in smoke to breathing in vapor, and this could likewise induce a hurting or completely dry neck in some cigarette smokers.

Some cigarette smokers likewise mention an undesirable aftertaste, when they make the change from genuine cigarettes.

This is very regular at the outset when changing from a real tobacco cigarette to an e-juice electronic cigarette. 

How to Use your E cigarette with your Vape Juice 

E juice, e liquid and vape juice is still comprise of nicotine, despite the fact that it is in a liquefied state.

Nonetheless, it is extremely simple to accidentally draw several of the e liquid nicotine into your mouth, which could threaten, and could damage the physical body’s breathing system.

To avoid doing this, the dominant part of e cigarette makers suggest taking brief pulls on their vapor cigarette.

Essentially of less than a couple of secs, despite the fact that as loads of cigarette smokers understand, this is not always an easy thing to do.

Due to the way that despite everything they have nicotine in some type, they could at present be propensity shaping and several professionals say that they could likewise be substantially more addicting for some people compared to real cigarettes.

One trend has really been to the introduction of synthetic cigarettes that are absolutely nicotine free of charge, yet which still carefully reflect the encounter of cigarette smoking. 

The nicotine and chemicals provide in these vapor cigarettes could likewise create numerous opposite results; it is not continually evident that these are being triggered by cigarette smoking, making it intense to identify precisely.

An abundant excess nicotine could create problems, which could differ in their seriousness, and the polypropylene glycerol present in the e cigarette could likewise result in a completely dry or hurting neck or nose.

These vapor cigs likewise require a change from taking in smoke to breathing in vapor, and this could likewise induce a hurting or completely dry neck in some vapor cigarette smokers.

Some e cigarette smokers mention an undesirable aftertaste, when they make the change from genuine cigarettes.

This is very basic to start with when changing from a real tobacco cigarette to an e juice electronic cigarette. 


The flavor in the E juice varies from where it is from, the components which are used to make this vape liquid, and the flavorings that were added.

Actually derived nicotine produced from natural plant sources for the most part taste best and are safe to utilize than synthetic nicotine. 

E liquids ought to be stored in cool and dry place that is not to direct exposure of daylight.

Numerous suppliers tend to use the colored glass bottles since they reduce exposure to daylight however you may likewise need to store the liquids in an enclosed place to keep away any light exposure.

Numerous e liquids have a date of expiring and also date of manufacture printed on the bottle label. Most e liquids expire between two years since they were manufactured. 

The essentials of Vape Juice are quite easy to get a handle on.

They do work in different ways, and each one has merits and demerits.

My advice is to begin with 50-50 VG to PG proportion then experiment with different blends and decide which you choose.

Make sure the vaping set-up can be handled with the different proportions. 

Numerous vapers like using different levels of E juice at various times, and with different flavors.

Foods grown from the ground enhances often run the sharpness of the PG blends in a good way with the tart or bubble of the seasoning.

Correspondingly, enhances based on cream, yogurt and custard tend to function admirably with high VG as the mouth sensation will add to the dessert-like feel. 

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Jump in and share your thoughts!

Thanks again for reading, and vape on!

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