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Best Flavored E Juice Cartridges

While most of the advanced devices we discuss on this site use clearomizers and eJuice for at-home filling, pre-filled cartridges are a popular alternative for new vapers as well as those more comfortable with a cigarette-like profile.

Pre-filled cartridges are self-contained disposable atomizers that you simply twist onto a compatible battery and use until it is no longer filled.

These cartridges offer the ultimate in convenience and portability when compared to tank and clearomizer systems, and what they lack in customization potential they can make up for in ease of use.

No ending up with a mouth full of eJuice due to overfilling or worrying about accidental nicotine poisoning with kids and pets when you use these, so they’re a great option for those who like things as simple as possible.

If you’ve considered making the switch from smoking but have always been intimidated by the number of options on the market, we suggest starting with the basics.

Of course, like with any other product, not all prefilled cartridges are created equal.

Finding a cartridge flavor you enjoy could be the difference between taking your new setup everywhere you go and running back to the old cancer sticks, so not getting stuck with a 5-pack of dirt flavored cartridges is kind of important.

That’s why we’ve sampled flavors from all over the Internet to find some of the best vendors for prefilled cartridges.


VaporFi LogoThe well-known manufacturer of eJuice and dry herb vaping equipment also takes a focus on prefilled cartridges, giving their users the most possible options for enjoying their products.

VaporFi brings their expertise in creating eJuice blends to the cartridge game with their line of VaporFi Express cartridges.

Cherry Crush

Cherry Crush brings the bold and distinctive flavor of cherries to the VaporFi Express cartridge, providing a nice change-up from their standard tobacco and menthol flavors.

Very Vanilla

Sometimes the title says it all. Chords of sweet vanilla essence create a delicious treat and a winning choice for any lover of this classic flavor.

Chocolate Dream

Chocoholics rejoice, as VaporFi’s Chocolate Dream flavor is blended to give you access to the deep, rich flavor you crave any time.


Mig Cigs Coupon codeMigCigs is another company born of a former smoker’s desire to taste something besides burning while enjoying a favorite pastime.

Their lineup of specialty flavors gives vapers plenty of interesting options.

Blueberry Classic Hookah

Classic hookah tobacco flavor gets an uplifting punch of berry flavor in this delicious prefilled cartridge blend.

Miami Fusion

This hookah bar-inspired creation blends the flavors of juicy blueberries and strawberries with rich Middle Eastern tobacco flavor to create a cocktail as perfect for a day on the beach as it is for a night at the club.

Green Tea

The refreshing flavor of green tea is the focus of this premium cartridge blend, making it an ideal choice for unwinding at the end of a long day.


V2 Cigs LogoV2 is a trusted name in vaping, serving the community with an industry blog and user forum as well as with its line of prefilled cartridge options.

These cartridges can be purchased in bundles of 5, 20, 40 or more, and with free domestic shipping with purchases over $50, stocking up might not be the worst idea.


We all know someone who can’t go a day without a cold drink of their favorite cola.

If you are that person, you’ll find something to like about this blend no matter which of the two main options you prefer, as it’s formulated to come as close as possible to splitting the difference.

If you’re an RC Cola fan, you might be out of luck, but then you’re probably used to that.


The uniquely sweet and tangy flavors of grape are the subject of this delicious cartridge blend.

V2 uses a balance of green and red grape essences to create a juice cocktail guaranteed to bring childhood rushing back.


If you like menthol, why not give a different minty blast a try?

V2’s peppermint cartridge blend is addictively fresh and delivers a cooling rush of flavor, making it an outstanding choice as an all day puffer.

Prime Vapor

Prime VaporPrime Vapor started as the brainchild of two formerly heavy smokers who identified some serious weaknesses in the cigalike personal vapes on the market.

After one of the business partners got the bright idea to use his skills as a mixologist for the purposes of creating delicious and authentic flavors, Prime Vapor’s line of over 20 flavors was born.

Here are a couple of our favorites:

Caramel Apple Crumble

Caramel Apple Crumble from Prime Vapor goes beyond the generic cinnamon flavor so common in cartridges, adding fresh, crispy apple and the essence of sweet graham cracker crumbles to the rich spice flavor to create a new take on an American classic.

Cherry Tobacco

Taking inspiration from an ancient hookah blend, Cherry Tobacco brings these flavors together in pefect harmony by adding a touch of vanilla flavor to create a complex yet balanced vape.

This is one of Prime’s most popular flavors, so if the title piques your interest you probably can’t go wrong here.

Caramel Macchiato

No matter how far you may be from your local gourmet coffee shop, you can enjoy the flavors of your favorite java treat anywhere with this vibrant flavor cartridge.

Espresso flavor is blended with caramel and chocolate undertones to take the familiar coffee flavor to the next level.


EverSmokePrefilled cartridges from EverSmoke feature their proprietary VaporFlo technology, which uses a built-in atomizer and specially formulated e Juice to deliver clean pulls with maximum vapor production in every puff.

Much of their lineup of flavors is intended to provide an introduction to vaping for those just converting from smoking by simulating popular cigarette brand flavor profiles.

Classic Tobacco

Classic tobacco is intended to deliver the most straightforward possible experience, bringing the full-bodied and slightly sweet flavors of classic American tobacco to a prefilled cartridge.

If you smoked Marlboros, Pall Malls, Winstons or Lucky in a former life, Classic Tobacco from EverSmoke is for you.

Royal Tobacco

Those who enjoyed the mellower profile of lighter brands such as Benson & Hedges, Viceroy and Parliament might find Royal Tobacco more to their liking.

Featuring authentic tobacco flavor with a more refined finish, Royal Tobacco gives lovers of classic American tobacco flavors a more nuanced option.

Golden Tobacco

Golden Tobacco takes vapers on a tour of the Middle East, incorporating the exotic flavors of Turkish-style tobacco into this cartridge blend.

If you prefer a stronger blend such as the ones used by Camel or American Spirit, you no longer have to compromise with a generic “regular” flavor.



While tanks, clearomizers, drip tips and other vaping vessels may provide more options for customization and versatility, the fact remains that some users just want to enjoy a nice flavor break with as little fidgeting as possible.

For these vapers, an eJuice cartridge setup is the clear choice.

Fortunately the market is exploding with more options than ever for those looking for a halfway point between inhaling a tube of flaming tobacco and walking around with a piece of highly advanced, vaguely alien glow in the dark vaping technology.

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