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Best Kanthal Wire For Wrapping Your Own RDA Coils

Understanding the type, and specifically the gauge, of kanthal wire that you need can be a little tricky for beginners who are just getting into the world are wrapping their own coils. Knowing what is the right gauge of kanthal wire might feel impossible and overwhelming if you are just getting started down the RDA rabbit hole (so to speak).

To sum it up, choosing the best type of kanthal wire is AWG 32 gauge, although it ultimately depends on the type of coils you are trying to wrap. Some coil designs will require a thicker gauge, while others will require something a bit thinner.

There isn’t much difference between the kanthal it’s self, so it’s generally recommended to find a reputable shop online with a variety of sizes and and order a handful of varies sizes.

There is some information that you should know and some basics that can help you determine which choice is going to best meet your needs.

Many people are choosing to drip rather than using a regular atomizer because of the improved performance (flavor & clouds) as well as a cheaper alternate to buying prepackaged coils for tanks.

Dripping means that instead of a constant flow of e juice being on the wick that goes through the coil, that you are dripping a few drops of e-liquid directly on the coils and wicks.

Though, this does increase the amount of e-liquid that is used. An RDA is a Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer.

This is one of the types of atomizers that are quickly gaining popularity.

Understanding the Basics of Kanthal Wire

Kanthal wireBefore you can decide which Kanthal wire is going to be best for your needs, you will need to know the basics. You might want to start by finding out “what is kanthal wire?”

Kanthal wire is made from ferritic iron and chromium-aluminum alloy.

It is used to build the coils that are used in vaping with mechanical mods.

There are two different ways that the wire can be used for RBA and RDA. Today we are going to take a look at the best options for RDA set ups.

An RDA set up means Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer. These are the most popular atomizers on the market today.

The fact that you need to rebuild them means that over time as things start to go wrong you will be able to fix them.

One of the most common issues is the wick and coils need to be changed. You can purchase coils but sometimes it can be best for you to get your own wire and make your own coils.

It really can save you money but of course you are going to have to know the right type of wire for the RDA that you have.

To understand this you have to understand how kanthal wire works and how you vape. This is going to make sure that you find what you want and that you are vaping safely.

Now when you are looking at the Kanthal wire you are mainly concerned with the diameter of the wire.

The thicker the wire the more coils that are needed for the same resistance. So the finer the wire the tighter the coils would be which means that you can have higher resistance when vaping.

A Look at Wire Gauge and Resistance

AWG 34 Gauge

AWG 34 is a very fine wire with a diameter of 0.15 mm. It is possible to have a resistance that is as high as just 3.2 ohms with just five or six wraps around a 2 mm pin.

You can easily get 1.8 – 2.0 ohms in a very short coil. The wire can be hard to work with so it might not be the right choice for a beginner or someone who is not patient enough to make sure that they are not breaking the wire.

AWG 32 Gauge

AWG 32 is the most commonly used wire and measures at .20 mm in diameter. With five or six wraps around a 2 mm pin you will just have 1.8 – 2.0 ohms of resistance.

This is also a very commonly used wire among manufacturers who use it for their single coil designs.

Plus this is one wire that can be used on nearly all RDAs and RBAs so it is a great choice if you are uncertain. If you have a stainless steel or mesh wick this is not the best choice. It also pops easily.

AWG 31 Gauge

AWG 31 is another contender for the top kanthal wire for vaping. It is especially perfect if your goal is to vape around 1.5 – 1.8 ohms.

The wire measures .22 mm in diameter and allows you to cover more surface area on larger diameter wires.

It is a very durable choice so you are not likely to have any pops from using it or any other problems. You are able to use it on nearly all atomizers so it is a great choice with your RDAs.

AWG 29 Gauge

The AWG 29 wire measures .30 mm in diameter and is not always the best choice for an RDA.

It really depends on the resistance that you are hoping to run your RDA at but for the most part this wire builds coils that work best .8 ohms.

This is the recommended wire for many tanks as long as you are going to be vaping at a lower resistance.

Plus it helps the wick to be heated quicker and better than what you would see with other wires. If you need a resistance of 1.3 ohms or higher it is not going to work too well for you.

AWG 28 Gauge

AWG 28 measures at .32 mm in diameter and is used best for mechanical mods. It is best for those who are vaping below the 1.0 ohm level.

It does work well for vaping above 15 watts of power and will vape at ohms that are as low as .4 ohms. There is no need to worry about the wire popping or shorting.

It is actually the easiest wire for you to use for set up. This makes it a great choice for beginners who might not otherwise be able to take care of things on this level.

Plus you will find that it really covers a large amount of surface area.

Kanthal D Ribbon

The Kanthal D Ribbon measures in at .5 mm in diameter. This extra thick wire is best used when set ups are solid.

If your set up is not solid then it is going to cause you to have dry hits from time to time. It works very well with many types of atomizers as it will not pop or short.

However it will cause you to have dry hits if you do not know how to handle the set up so this is something that you should watch for.

What is Your Build?

Many times the type of Kanthal wire that is used for your RDA depends upon the build and set up of the RDA.

And believe me when I say there are a lot of different ways you can wrap a coil!

Like we mentioned in the intro though, kanthal wire is something that is pretty tough to get wrong. So don’t be afraid from buying from the cheapest place you can find. Although I would highly recommenced you buy it in bulk spools, as that will drastically lower the overall price you’ll be spending per foot or wire (just like anything else in bulk, but small packages of kanthal can be outrageously experience sometimes.)

Silica Wick with the Kanthal Wire

Silica Wick with the Kanthal WireIf you have a silica wick set up you will be happy with how the Kanthal wire works with it.

There are a wide variety of patterns and shapes that can be used with the silica wick and Kanthal wire together including the “S” shape and the “U” shape which are most common.

Your possibilities are endless when you are using these two materials together. Plus you can get huge vapor clouds with this set up which many vapers like.

Ekowool Wicks with the Kanthal Wire

Ekowool Wicks with the Kanthal WireEkowool has a rope like texture that works better as a wick and can be used in a variety of shapes and styles.

The wick is going to stay in tact and last longer than the silica wick which makes it a nice choice for those who are heavy vapers.

It still produces top quality flavors and clouds which also makes it popular among those who want that type of vaping experience.

Cotton Wicks with the Kanthal Wire

Cotton Wicks with the Kanthal WireIf you are searching for the best flavor then the cotton wick should be your choice.

Using cotton wicks with the Kanthal wire produces the best flavors that you will find anywhere.

This combination is also known for its flexibility in meeting different vaping styles and needs.

Some people choose to use cotton balls but if you are seeking out the best flavor you will want to check out the organic cotton wicks that have not been processed with as many chemicals.

Important Safety Tips for RDAs

Since vaping can be dangerous if done wrong, you should know the safety tips that are necessary for you to safely vape with your RDA.

If you to prevent your lips from being burnt you should make sure that you are using a heat resistant drip tip. You also need to make sure that you are not using a higher wattage or the wrong ohms for the RDA that you are using.

Plus you should make sure that you are using drip tips that have been regularly cleaned and maintained. All of these are going to help protect you while vaping and keep you safe.

Final Thoughts

It can be difficult to say which type of Kanthal wire is the best for your RDA. Basically you have to look at your personal vaping wants and make sure that you are choosing the wire that is going to work with your wants.

Of course there are some RDAs that only vape at specific ohms or wattages.

So figuring out how you like to vape is going to make it possible for you to have the best experience with your vaping.

This means that you need to know the ohms and the wattage that you like to vape at. Plus you have to know the specifics of your RDA so that you can determine which of the gauges of wire are going to be the best fit.

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