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Best Premium E Juice Brands | Cheap E Juice

Vape Juice BrandsWith so many craft e juice brands available on the market it can be tough to determine which one is really the best vape juice. There are just so many to choose from that you might find it difficult to find just the right one for your needs.

While some of the e liquid flavors are very subjective, this list brings together five of my favorite vape juice brands.

The first thing that you should decide is which flavors are your favorite when shopping for the right premium vape juice.

Do you prefer dessert like sweet flavors? Or do you like something that has a cooling or menthol effect?

Also, consider if there are any flavors that you do not like so that you can quickly choose which ones are not for you if you are struggling with which ones are for you. 

The following are my top five premium e-juice brands.

1. Lick Brand Vapors
2. The Standard Vape
3. Black Label Liquids
4. Tug Sauce
5. The Blueprint Vapor

Lick Brand Vapors

Lick Brand VaporsLick Brand Vapors is one of the more popular premium e liquid brands that is available today.

They got their start in 2013 and are known for their unique flavor combinations.

Many people argue that they offer the best premium e juice that money can buy.

Each bottle of Lick Brand Vapors e-liquid is handcrafted to offer you the quality assurance that you desire.

These e liquids are often considered the best choice for someone who wants something that is rich and deeply flavored.

However they are not without a hint of mystery or surprise so they are great for giving you that little something extra that you might not have even known that you wanted.

Lick Brand Vapors e liquids cost $21.99/30 ml.

Lick Brand Vapors are made with 100% pure USP Kosher propylene glycol 40% and vegetable glycerine 60%.

The nicotine that is used is 99.86% pure and comes from North Carolina.

There are 10 distinct flavor profiles available

Apples N Dip – This flavor is like a candy apple on a stick. It is a combination of apple and butterscotch flavors.
Calypso – Calypso is a cool and refreshing combination of lemonade, strawberry, and watermelon.
Carmilla – With a hint of tobacco, creamy caramel, and two different vanilla flavors; Carmilla is one of the most delicious flavors available.
Half Moon – Half Moon combines cool spearmint with deep butter rum.
Juicy Chew – This combination is like a delicious piece of grape bubblegum.
Luscious – Luscious features a hint of blueberry with a thick cream flavor.
Monroe – The flavor of Monroe is a thick, sweet and fruity flavor that is delicious for those who enjoy trying something new.
Pina Colada – The Pina Colada flavor in this vape is like getting your favorite drink in your vape and blends the delicate flavors of coconut with the fresh flavor of pineapple.
Pink Mist – This flavor combinations features a tropical twist on icy dragonfruit.
Sunshine – One of the more complex flavors that Lick Brand Vapors makes, Sunshine combines citrus fruits with melon.

The Standard Vape

PrintThe Standard Vape features some of the most creative and unique blends of e liquids that are available on the market today. Each of their e liquids has a special story to go along with the flavor which is a ton of fun for you to read about.

The Standard Vape hand mixes their e liquids in a facility that is laboratory grade.

This means that they have all of the latest equipment available to them for mixing high quality and safe e liquids.

The Standard Vape e liquids cost $22/30 ml bottle.

The flavors that The Standard Vape has all have creative and fun names. They include:

Cell Block Four – A favorite among those who love dessert flavored vape with its crème brulee base with hints of citrus and vanilla cupcake.
Curious Jorge – Much like the cartoon monkey’s favorite, Curious Jorge is all about the bananas.
Dead Mans Party – Dead Mans Party reminds you a lot of blueberry lemonade with a hint of cream.
F.U.E.S. – This is the newest flavor from The Standard Vape and is a favorite among its creators.
Frankenvape – Frankenvape combines marshmallow with kiwi in a unique and intriguing way that will leave you longing for more.
G-35 – This flavor profile features a tropical combination of mango, coconut, and pineapple with menthol.
Irie Nights – Like a party in Jamaica, the flavors of brown sugar caramel and rum combine to truly tempt your taste buds.
Slow Mo – This flavor is meant to take you on a trip back to your childhood and your favorite summer days eating an orange creamsicle from the ice cream truck.
Tater – While the packaging would have you believe that this e-liquid was going to taste like tater tots, the result is much better with a Neapolitan flavor combination.
Thumper – A combination of blueberry and grape, this e-liquid has a sweet and tart flavor.

Black Label Liquid

Black Label LiquidBlack Label Liquid is known as a “craft brewed e-liquid.”

Their e liquids are crafted in small batches to ensure their quality and flavors.

This allows them to offer you the best quality craft e-juice that your money can buy.

Black Label Liquid is a product that is made by Leet which is known for their wide range of e-liquids.

Under the Leet brand name the company produces 32 different types of e-liquid which offers a much larger variety than the Black Label’s 5 flavors.

The brand prides themselves on offering high quality products and the Black Label line is their finest quality products to date.

Black Label Liquid e-liquids cost $22/30 ml bottle.

Their flavors include a combination of spunky named blends and popular classics. They include:

Bangin’ Orange – This is a flavor combination of orange, tangerine, and cream.
Belgian Breakfast – The blend of flavors that you taste with Belgian Breakfast include macerated strawberries, whipped cream, and warmed waffles.
Eskimo Kiss – Eskimo kiss is a smooth menthol flavor that cools like a blast of cold air in the winter.
Island Style – Kiwi and coconut with a special ingredient that is sure to leave you relaxing like you were on the islands.
Jolly Green Apple – This e-liquid offers you the flavor of sweet and tangy apples.
Leprechaun Smack – This is like a Shamrock Shake for your vaporizer with its vanilla milkshake with mint flavor.
Melo Vibes – Melo Vibes is a combination of a wide variety of different flavors of melon including cantaloupe and honeydew.
Nocturnal Banana – This flavor combines banana with a nutty finish.
Polar Berry – A combination of raspberries, strawberries and menthol makes this taste like delicious frozen berries.

Tug Sauce

Tug SauceTug Sauce is a premium line of e juices that are made in Southern California.

Their collection of e juices are known for being especially smooth when compared to other e-juices.

This makes them a favorite of users.

Tug Sauce e liquids cost $22/30 ml.

There are five amazing flavors that are available with Tug Sauce e-liquids. These include:

Side Piece – A delicious strawberry cake with hints of cream and vanilla allows Side Piece to be like dessert in your vaporizer.
Regrets – This e-liquid tastes like the perfect breakfast after a long night out, cinnamon apple cereal with milk and fresh strawberries.
Pink Panties – The flavor of this delicious e-liquid is similar to a pink Starburst candy and features strawberry cream with watermelon.
Late Nights – A combination of vanilla, sweet fruit, and custard that is delicious.
Creamy Nibbles – This flavor combines caramel and custard with after-tones that are milky for a truly creamy and delicious treat.

The BluePrint Vapor

The BluePrint VaporThe BluePrint Vapor is a new line of five e-liquid flavors that comes from SaveurVape.

There is a wide range of flavors that can fit anyone’s personal needs and wants from an e-liquid.

The BluePrint Vapor e-liquids cost $22/30 ml bottle.

They have five innovative flavors that you are sure to love. They have quickly become a favorite of vapor fans from around the world.

A-Train – A truly tropical experience with the combination of pineapple and mango that is not like any other pineapple mango flavor you will find.
C.R.E.A.M. – This is a true dessert blend that features the creaminess of vanilla ice cream with the buttery richness of a Butterfinger.
Empire – This is the flavor that was inspired by the working men and women in the US with a subtle flavor that is unique and all its own.
Page Six – This e-liquid blend features a citrus kick to a green tea raspberry flavor.
Park Avenue – Park Avenue stays true to the street that it was named after with a sweet and sour blend of strawberries and lemons.

Can’t Decide Which One To Try?

If you are struggling between all of these amazing brands of vape juice and you just can not decide which one to try then a subscription service might be the answer for you.

Subscription services offer you a monthly supply of the best vape juice that are unique from top e juice makers.

You will get generous full sized bottles of at least 5 or 10 e-liquids depending on the premium e-juice choice that that you make.

Along with these full sized bottles you will also receive smaller sample bottles.

Some subscription services are Craft Vapory, Zamplebox, and Zodist.

Prices and e liquids vary between each service, but they all offer wonderful vape juice at an affordable price.

When you use a subscription service it allows you to try a variety of juices, that you can then purchase from the juice makers if you like them.

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