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Best Sub Ohm Tanks of 2017 for Flavor & Clouds

With the ever increasing and growing popularity of vaping you will find that there are more options available to you than ever before.

When you are looking for the best sub ohm tanks, there are many things that have to be in the running.

Best Sub Ohm Tanks of 2017Where Can You Get Yours?
VaporDNA Sub-Ohm
VaporFi Viper
Kanger Toptank
VaporFi Vibe
Kanger Toptank
VaporFi Pro 3
VaporFi Rocket 3

Sub ohm tanks are not the easiest type of tank to use with vaping which means that they are not for everyone.

Many who try a sub ohm tank fall in love but there are still a small amount who do not prefer this style of vaping.

One of the great things about sub ohm tanks is that they feature replaceable and rebuildable (for most) coil heads.

This means that you can replace them when something goes wrong.

Sub ohm tanks can be vaped at less than 1 ohm resistance. The most common coil resistance is .5 ohms but it can be as low as .2 ohms.

If you want to be able to use the coils at this level you have to make sure that you are choosing a mod that is going to work at that level.

Finding the Best Sub Ohm Tanks for Flavor and Clouds (And Fits Your Mod)

It is possible to find the best sub ohm tanks for vaping when you check out some of the top choices for 2017.

VaporFi Viper Tank

vf_viper_tank_bothThis top and bottom airflow sub-tank provides smooth and voluminous vapor production in both high resistance and low resistance settings.

The Viper is a top fill tank with completely removable parts providing the ability to deeply clean your tank and keep it firing impressively for a long time to come.

This tank provides a massive 4.0ml of vape juice capacity along with a removable glass window in case of any accidental direct strikes.

A slick and easy to manipulate juice flow adds depth of flavor far surpassing common sub-ohm tanks on the market today.

VaporFi Viper Tank at

Kanger Toptank Mini

subtank mini picOne of the amazing things about the Kanger Toptank Mini that lands it on the list of the best sub ohm tanks in 2017 is that it offers mighty power in a small size.

In fact it is one of the smallest tanks on this list but it still has a great 4 ml capacity. It is another tank that can vape differently based on the ohms that you are using (full review).

You can vape between 15W and 30W when using it at .5 ohms.

However if you are using it at 1.2 ohms then you are going to need to use between 12W and 25W.

This tank is one of the most versatile on the list. It is also known as the tank that produces the best flavor.

So not only do get great tasting hits but you are also going to have a number of options for how you vape.

The kit actually comes with the two separate coils at different ohms so that you can test them both out and determine which you like the most.

Kanger Toptank Mini at

Aspire Atlantis

aspire atlantis pic


The Aspire Atlantis is one of the most talked about tanks to date.

It has been earning rave review as a trusty workhorse from vapers and critics alike for its various different features (full review).

The Atlantis only holds 2 ml of e-liquid which is disappointing if you are hoping for all day long vaping.

There is a 5 ml extension that is available so that you can use it for longer periods of time without having to fill it up.

It works best when you are vaping between 20W and 30W.

The great thing about the Atlantis is that when it was introduced to the market many people were shocked at the high quality.

Since the quality was so high it encouraged other companies to catch up and make their tanks higher quality as well.

This tank was one of the ones that revolutionized vaping and it continues to be one of the best sub ohm tanks for vaping.

Plus it produces large clouds and offers superior flavor.

Joyetech Delta 2

Joyetech Delta 2The Joyetech Delta 2 is featured as one of the best sub ohm tanks for a number of reasons.

There are so many great features that this tank has that you will find yourself wanting one too (full review).

It has just a 3.5 ml tank capacity which is nice for vaping but not quite as large as some of the other tanks on this list.

Additionally it works at wattages between 20W and 45W. It uses a .5 ohm resistance.

Since it can be fired at a higher wattage than many sub ohm tanks this is a great choice for those who like to fire with more power.

Most users report that they like the tank the best when it is fired between 30W and 35W.

It can easily be fired up to 50W without any issues.

Some people find that they enjoy vaping at higher wattages without issues or problems.

It produces delicious flavor and large sized vapor clouds which many vapers enjoy.

Smok GCT Gimlet

Smoktech GimletThe Smok GCT Gimlet is one of the tanks on this list that vapes successfully with the highest wattages.

You can vape with this tank between 20W and 80W. It uses a .2 ohm coil that is made of nickel.

It also features 100% Japanese organic cotton for the wicking material. It is 22 mm in diameter.

One of the greatest things about the Smok GCT Gimlet that makes it one of the best sub ohm tanks is that it is so versatile.

In fact you can use any of the expansive line of Smok coils with this atomizer.

This means that you can have your own unique vaping experience that personally meets your needs and allows you to have everything that you are looking for.

Users state that they love using the Smok GCT Gimlet with temperature controlled and sensing devices.

The only complaint that users usually have about this tank is that it does not look as good as they would have thought.

VaporFi Vibe

VaporFi Vibe VaporizerGood vibes can be hard to come by; however, this tank is chock-full of positive energy.

Offering a smooth and wide open top airflow, the Vibe sub-ohm tank is a vape tank tailored for rich flavor and coil longevity.

This top fill tank boasts 3.5ml e-liquid capacity along with a cup style design to prevent leaking and makes coil flooding a thing of the past.

The VaporFi Vibe provides a diverse selection of atomizers meant to perform excellently in variable wattage and temperature control modes.

This tank is perfect for both mouth to lung and direct to lung vapors.

VaporFi’s Vibe atomizers provide high resistance mouth to lung coils that can be used alongside low wattage to achieve an unmatched throat hit.

Direct to lung vapers will enjoy both stainless steel and kanthal coils at low resistances allowing for massive vapor production and perfect flavor.

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Horizon Tech Arctic Sub Ohm Tank

arctic tankThe Horizon Tech Arctic Sub Ohm Tank is one of the tanks that has the greatest wattage range. 

This tank can be used between 10W and 100W which makes it unique.

It does have a smaller tank capacity of just 2.5 ml which means that if you are vaping at the higher wattage that you are probably going to have to replace e-liquid rapidly.

They also offer a huge selection of Horizon coils so that you can have the exact vaping experience that you are looking for.

It is very new to the market but what users are saying is good.

There are just not a lot of reviews out there yet since many have not tried this one.

Arctic Sub-Ohm Tank at | Only $28.95

Smok VCT A1

Smoktech VCTThe Smok VCT A1 is another sub ohm tank that can work at different levels of power.

You can use the tank between 15W and 30W with a .5 ohms coil and between 20W and 30W with a .4 ohms coil (full review).

It has a full 4.5 ml tank capacity which means that you will be able to use it a while before you have to refill.

This is one of the most affordable choices on the list of the best sub ohm tanks of 2016.

This clearomizer is easy to use as well and allows for you to pick from a variety of coil styles so that you get what you want from your vaping experience.

Best Deal on the Smoke VCT | | Only $24.99

Kanger Subtank Nano

kanger-subtank-nano-chartThe Kanger Subtank Nano is another one of the more affordable options on this list (full review).

This tank features a 3 ml capacity and can be vaped with between 15W and 30W with a .5 ohm resistance.

You can also use it between 12W and 25W with a 1.2 ohm resistance.

Depending on what your personal vaping wants are, you might find that some tanks work better than others.

If you are hoping for the best flavor and large sized vapor clouds then you should definitely check this tank out.

It is one of the smallest tanks on the list as well. It is just 18.5 mm in diameter.

Many people love the small size and find that it really can make their vaping experiences more enjoyable.

Subtank Nano at | Only $27.95

Eleaf Melo

Eleaf MeloThe Eleaf Melo actually costs less than $20. 

This means that you are going to be able to pick one up to try and if you do not like it then you are not going to feel as though you are out much.

Plus if you use it for a while, you might even find that you love it and that you have gotten away with a steal (full review).

Many users love that this tank features a 3.5 ml tank.

It is a little bigger than most of the others with a 22.3 mm diameter.

If you are on a budget then this is one of the best tanks on the market and one that you are really going to love.

Plus it has coils that are interchangeable with many other brands on the market making it possible for you to get the same vaping experience that you would have with tanks that are much more expensive.

The Melo works between 20W and 30W with a .5 ohm resistance.

Best Deal on the Eleaf Melo | | Only $17.50!

Herakles Sub Ohm Tank

Sense Herakles TankThe final of the top ten best sub ohm tanks of 2015 is the Herakles Sub Ohm Tank.

This tank is known for being fired at a higher wattage (full review).

In fact you are actually supposed to use it at wattages between 50W and 75W.

One of the things that should be noted here is that your mod is going to use more battery power when you are constantly vaping at this higher wattage.

The tank is made from stainless steel and features special insulation in the drip tip to keep you burning your mouth.

This insulation keeps the drip tip cooler so that you do not end up injuring yourself.

Best Deal on the Herakles Tank | | Only $23.50!

Safety Considerations with Sub Ohm Tanks

What is sub ohmingIt is important that you be an experienced vaper before you start experimenting with sub ohm tanks.

You should make sure that the batteries that are being used in your mod are specialized so that they are safe to use with sub ohm vaping.

When you know what batteries you are going to be using it is important that you actually make sure to follow all recommendations with ohm resistance levels and wattages.

Never use a sub ohm tank with a hybrid mechanical mod.

Using a calibrated multimeter is also smart so that you know that you have everything put together correctly before you start vaping.

Thankfully many of today’s mods actually have built in safety features that make it nearly impossible to injure yourself while vaping.

Final Thoughts

Top sub ohmChoosing the best sub ohm tanks for vaping should be easy when you have an idea of the style of vaping that you want to do. 

There are unique features to the different sub ohm tanks on this list that make some better than others.

If you vape regularly you will want to choose a sub ohm tank that has a larger capacity.

Choosing one that holds at least 4.5 ml of e-liquid is going to be the smart choice.

In addition with these sub ohm tanks you can find one that is made in a specific size that you would like to have.

Most of these run around the same size of 22 mm in diameter but a few are smaller or larger.

You will also be able to determine which of these best sub ohm tanks is going to work best with the mod that you already own or new mod that you would like to purchase.

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