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Best Vape Gear Summer 2015

Sure, adding years onto your life by quitting the ashtray fillers or enjoying a functionally infinite range of delicious flavors are great, but one of the best parts of vaping is the culture around it.

As anyone who has walked into a brick and mortar vape supply store knows, the vaping community is largely made up of fun, vibrant individuals who showcase their personal style through eye-catching accessories or exotic custom builds.

Vaping can be as much about self-expression and connecting with new people as the actual experience, and if you’re among the many who have embraced the vaping lifestyle, you might like a few of these accessories from some of the Internet’s hottest vape stores.

Central Vapors

Central Vapors USA E Liquid Vendor

Kuro Koiler

Central Vapors is a great destination for utility accessories, and one that will definitely get the interest of the tinkerers in the room is the Kuro Koiler.

The Kuro Koiler is designed as the ultimate micro coil building tool, as its patent pending coil bending technology allows you to simply trap the desired length of wire, give the top cap a spin, and just like magic you get a perfectly coiled…um, coil.

The Kuro Koiler gives perfect results every time in just a few seconds.

It is available in three types so you can make 2.0mm, 2.5mm or 3.0mm coils quickly and easily.

Best of all, it’s about the size of an overweight pen, so it can go everywhere you do.

Battery Stand

If you have clean, organized tables in your home and uncluttered desks in your office, congratulations!

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For the rest of us, finding a single battery that has wandered elsewhere in a room free and undetected can be a waste of a perfectly good hour.

These colorful battery stands will ensure your batteries never become invisible mere inches from your face again.


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Anti-Slip Mod Ring

Anyone who knows the feeling of paralyzing helplessness as they watch their finely crafted piece of vaping equipment tumble to the unforgiving earth in slow motion is probably aware that many models of vape can be somewhat slippery.

Most can stand a fall or two without much issue, but there’s always the chance of dropping a mod and picking up a brick.

Plus, all bets with your fragile tank or atty are off when gravity comes to play.

Get a better grip on your vaping equipment with these anti-slip bands.

Not only do they help keep your mod firmly in your grasp, some also feature fun little messages like “It’s Not Smoke, It’s Vapor” and “Just Vape It” among other specialty graphics.

At about a buck each, you don’t even have to choose…just grab the ones that catch your eye.

Premium Silicone Sleeve

Box mods typically suffer from a serious lack of flair, mostly due to the fact that “gray box” is pretty much the exact opposite of everything creative and interesting.

This durable protective casing for box mods comes in an array of brilliant colors such as infrared, electric blue and shock yellow along with black and clear if you’re just in it for the protection.

It’s also available to fit the most popular devices such as the Eleaf iStick line, the Kanger KBOX, and the Vapor Shark rDNA, all of which we’ve taken a good hard look at here on BC.

If you’re sick of losing your precious box mod among the 3.6 billion other small silver devices in the typical modern home, this is the way to go.

VAPES: The Cloud Company

Vapes Coupon Code

VAPES tees

The good people at VAPES have enormous pride in the vaping lifestyle, and it shows through their line of VAPES t-shirts.

These tee designs are printed on premium American Apparel tees, and showcase the VAPES logo at the chest or along the bottom left in their “Lowgo” variation.

Available in sizes small through XXL, these tees are an easy way to let your fellow vapers know you’re a part of the movement.

VAPES hats

Maybe hats are more your thing? If so, VAPES hasn’t forgotten about you, offering not one but two hats featuring the distinctive VAPES logo.

The VAPES beanie is made from 100% acrylic, features high quality embroidery and is available in three colors, making it a perfect choice for vapers in colder climates or confused Californians this time of year.

There’s also the VAPES snapback hat, which can be adjusted to fit any head smaller than a basketball and shows off the VAPES word-mark set against a classic black New Era cap, so you can shout out the vaping community every day.

VAPE Magazine

It was only a matter of time until the vaping industry grew to periodical proportions, and VAPE Magazine is one of the first of its kind.

VAPE takes a special focus on e-cigarette news and culture, specifically spotlighting the latest tech gear and vaping trends.

Sure, we realize that’s kind of what we do here at BC, but we don’t really want to go into the bathroom with you, so there’s that.


Vapor DNA

Vape Bands

VaporDNA is one of the exclusive carriers of Vape Bands, a line of high quality silicone mod wraps that can add color and style to almost any device.

These aren’t your standard anti-slip bands.

Vape Bands are designed for higher elasticity to fit a wider range of mods and they’re also heat resistant, so don’t be afraid to use them to help twist off those hot parts during a rebuild.

Vape Bands are also a literal fashion statement for hardcore vaping enthusiasts, showing off catchy phrases like “Cloud Chaser,” “Wake-N’-Vape,” and “Eat, Sleep, Vape, Repeat.”

There’s even a gold-accented Vape Band proclaiming your mod “Authentic!,” just in case you need to non-verbally address any of those pesky urban vape raters.

Cuttwood Vapors

Cuttwood Vapors

Cuttwood Culture Apparel

Cuttwood Vapors is known for its nearly legendary line of a few perfectly crafted flavors, but at its core the company is all about connecting with the vaping community.

Following in the footsteps of brands like Red Bull, Cuttwood calls their vision of the vaping lifestyle “Cuttwood Culture,” and initiatives like the Cuttwood Racing Team, Cuttwood TV and the Cuttwood Girls features show that it’s a perfectly legitimate lifestyle choice.

Cuttwood Culture embraces freedom, individuality and good times, and if you’re a fan of Cuttwood Culture, you can show some love with one of these stylish tees.

There’s one featuring the classic Cuttwood Crest, a Jack Daniels-inspired design with a nod to their status as the “Sauce Boss,” and a special design sharing a spicy yet accurate take on vaping bans.

There’s even a “Girls of Cuttwood” tee,  because pretty women have been ignored and marginalized long enough.

The vaping lifestyle is about more than tech and tanks, it’s about creating a community.

From advanced accessories to fun fashion statements, the right vape gear can help you stand out from the crowd and get more from vaping than flavor.

It’s a lot more fun than trying to find a place to smoke, that’s for sure.


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