Best Vape Mod: 2016 Vape Mod Buying Guide

When you vape, whether you’re using a new vape mod or sub ohming with an RDA, choosing the best vape mod or the best box mod for YOU is very important. 

We break down every major vape mod on the market, including extensive, honest reviews on the top 150W box mods, 100W box mods, 50W box mods and 10-30W box mods.

There are many vapes for sale here so take your time and look around at all of the top vape mods we list.

Best Vape Mods 2016

VaporFi VEX 150 TC Mod

VaporFi Vex 150 TC ModLooking similar to the VEX 75 TC, the VaporFi Vex 150 TC Mod delivers more to the consumer.

Created of brushed zinc alloy for a smooth exterior, the VEX 150 TC Mod is larger and more powerful than its fellow VEX 75 counterpart.

Using two 30A 18650 batteries, the deliverance of power can range from 1 wattage to an astounding 150 watts.

That’s more powerful than most of the vape mods you see on the market.

This amazing box mod also features multiple modes for controlling your wattage.

You can use a minimal resistance of 0.1ohm or you can switch over to the temperature control module and experience atomizers as low as 0.05 ohm.

Temperatures between 200 to 600 degrees makes this an easy top-contender with other top-branded vaping products.

Not many other vapes can have a wide setting of temperature controls such as the VaporFi VEX 150 TC MOD.

As an even nice little bonus, you can get a RTC (real time clock) to display on it with an energy-efficient LED screen to prevent excessive power drainage.

Change the way you smoke with the VaporFi VEX 150 TC MOD.

VaporFi Vex 150 TC Mod | Only $129.99!

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Smoktech R-Steam Mini TC Mod

vapor4life-smoktech-r-steam-miniThis portable vape mod from top vape manufacturer, Smoktech, fits all of the features that vape enthusiasts look for in a box mod into a compact form factor.

The R-Steam Mini fits easily into the palm of your hand with a height of only 3.25 inches and a width of only 1.5 inches.

This mod’s temperature control mode works great with Nickel, Titanium and Stainless Steel coils.

When paired with the TFV4 Mini Vape tank (which is pictured), it creates huge plumes of vapor and unparalleled flavor.

The R-Steam Mini’s power ranges from 1 Watt to 80 Watts, and it is powered by one external 18650 battery.

It is compatible with coil resistances between 0.1 – 3.5 ohms in power mode.

When using in temperature control mode, the R-Steam Mini will work with resistances as low as 0.06 ohms.

Smoktek’s unique mod chip allows for vapers to select “hard”, “normal”, “soft” and “minimal” in temperature control mode.

I personally like the “normal” mode the most because it functions similarly to most other temperature control mods.

The “hard” will give you a harder hit and the “soft” will give you a lighter hit, while the “minimal” gives a puff that is barely noticeable.

The R-Steam Mini also does have a techy TCR mode that uses a technical “Temperature Coefficient of Resistance”. I would only recommend using this mode if you are an advanced vaper.

This sleek and compact box mod comes in a variety of colorful finishes and features a bright LED screen with an easy to use display.

 Only $49.99 |

Best Vape Mods 200 Watt

WISMEC Reuleaux RX200 Vape Mod

WISMEC REULEAUX RX200 BOX MODThe Wismec Reuleaux RX200 Box Mod by Jay Bo Designs builds upon the Reuleaux triple 18650 platform, utilizing the chassis and design.

Designed by Jay Bo, the RX200 utilizes the Reuleaux design with the triangular shaped chassis, creating a svelte form factor that integrates three 18650 batteries in series.

The magnetized door gives way to the battery access in which Wismec has integrated it’s physical polarity protection design.

The RX200 features the same recessed control face as the Reuleaux, providing a sleek and organized face while improving ergonomic feel and handling.

VaporDNA | RX200 | Only $54.99

Need the best eGo mod to fit your EVOD 2 stealth vape setup? How about a vape box mod powerful enough for your shiny new Kanger Subtank Plus? Or maybe your looking for the best box mod under $100?

No problem here! We walk you through the specs and features you need to look for when buying a regulated box mod and share the best places to shop for cheap box mods or cheap vapes.

A LOT has changed with vaping technology over the past year, and we’re here to lay it all out for you. An informed buyer is a smart buyer!

50 Watt Vape Mods

Max OutputPower TypeBattery TypeThreadingPriceReview
VaporFi VOX II 50
VaporFi VOX II 50 Watt Box Mod
50 WattsV.W18650510$$$$$ Vox II 50 Mod Review
Kanger KBOXKanger KBOX40 WattsV.W18650510$$$Kanger KBOX Review
Sigelei 50W V2Sigelei 50W VR2 Mod50 WattsV.W18650510$$$$Sigelei 50w VR2 Review
SMOK Xpro M80 PlusSMOK Xpro M80 Plus Mod80 WattsV.WBuilt In 4000 mAh510$$$SMOK Xpro M80 Review
SMOK Xpro M80SMOK Xpro M80 80W Mod80 WattsV.WBuilt In 4400 mAh510$$$SMOK M80 Review
Eleaf 50WEleaf 50Watt50 Watts/10 VoltsV.V--V.WBuilt In 4400 mAh510$$$Eleaf iStick 50w Mod Review
Cloupor T5Cloupor T5 50W Mod50 WattsV.W18650510$$$Cloupor T5 Mod Review
Lotus JellyfishLotus Jellyfish 53W Mod53 WattsV.W18650510$$$$$Lotus Jellyfish Mod Review
Hana Modz DNA40Hana DNA 40 40 WattsV.W18650510$$$$$DNA 40 Mod Review
SMY 90WSMY 90W90 WattsV.W18650510$$$$SMY 90 Box Mod Review
Pioneer4You iPV Mini IIPioneer4You iPV Mini II 70W Mod70 WattsV.W18650510$$$IPV Mini V2 70w Review
SMOK Xpro M65SMOK Xpro M65 65W Mod65 WattsV.W18650510$$$Xpro M65 Review
SMY 60WSMY 60W60 WattsV.W18650510$$$$Review Coming Soon
Smowell DPV-50Smowell DPV-50 50Watt Mini Mod50 WattsV.W18650510$$Review Coming Soon
Zero SX 50WZero SX 50W Mod50 WattsV.W18650510$$$Review Coming Soon
SMOK Xpro BT50SMOK Xpro BT50 Watt50 WattsV.W18650510$$$$Review Coming Soon
SMOK Xpro M45SMOK Xpro M45 45W Mod45 WattsV.WBuilt In 2200 mAh510$$$Xpro 45 Mod Review
DOVPO DT-50DOVPO DT-50 Mod50 WattsV.WBuilt In 4000 mAh510$$$Review Coming Soon
Vapor Flask V3Vapor Flask V3 Mod40 WattsV.W18650510$$$Vapor Flask V3 40w Review
YIHI SX Mini S ClassYIHI SX Mini S Class 60 Watt 60 WattsV.W18650510$$$$Review Coming Soon
Pioneer4You iPV2XPioneer4You iPV2X 60W Mod60 WattsV.W18650510$$$$Review Coming Soon
Vapor Shark rDNA40Vapor Shark rDNA 40 Mod40 WattsV.WBuilt In 2500 mAh510$$$$$Review Coming Soon

100 Watt Vape Mods

Max OutputPower TypeBattery TypeThreadingPriceReview
Sigelei 100WSigelei 100W Mod100 WattsV.W18650510$$$$Sigelei 100 Watt Review
Sigelei 100W Plussigelei 100w100 WattsV.V--V.W18650510$$$$Sigelei 100w Plus Review
FATBABY 100 WattsProject Sub-Ohm FATBABY 100W Mod100 WattsV.W18650510$$$$Fat Baby 100w Mod Review
Pioneer4You iPV4 100WPioneer4You iPV4 100 Watt Mod100 WattsV.W18650510$$$Review Coming Soon
Tesla 120WTesla 120W Mod120 WattsV.W18650510$$$$Review Coming Soon
Sigelei 100W V2Sigelei 100W V2 Mod100 WattsV.W18650510$$$$Review Coming Soon
ARROW 100WARROW 100W Mod100 WattsV.W18650510$$$Review Coming Soon
Cloupor T6Cloupor T6 100W Mod100 WattsV.W18650510$$$$Review Coming Soon

150 + Watt Vape Mods

Max OutputPower TypeBattery TypeThreadingPriceReview
Pioneer4You iPV3Pioneer4You iPV3 150Watt150 WattsV.V--V.W.18650510$$$$$Pioneer4You iPV3 Review
Cloupor T8Cloupor T8150 WattsV.V--V.W18650 510$$$$$Cloupor T8 Review
Simeiyue SMY 260Simeiyue SMY 260 Watt260 WattsV.W18650510$$$$$Review Coming Soon
Kamry 200Kamry 200 Watt Mod200 WattsV.W18650510$$$$Review Coming Soon
SMY GOD 180WSMY GOD 180 Watt180 WattsV.W18650510$$$$$Review Coming Soon
Luxyoun Smaug Dragon V2Luxyoun Smaug Dragon V2 150W Mod150 WattsV.W18650510$$$Smaug V2 150w Review
Sigelei 150WSigelei 150W Mod150 WattsV.W18650510$$$$Review Coming Soon
Majesty 150WMajesty 150Watt Mod150 WattsV.W18650510$$$$Review Coming Soon

30 Watt Vape Mods

Max OutputPower TypeBattery TypeThreadingPriceReview
Innokin iTaste MVP 3.0iTaste MVP 3.030 Watts/9.0 VoltsV.V--V.WBuilt In 3800 mAH510/eGo$$$iTaste MVP 3.0 Review
iPV Mini 30WIPV Mini 30 Watt30 Watts/8.0 VoltsV.V--V.W18650510$$$$iPV Mini 30W Review
Aspire ESP 30WAspire ESP 30W Mod30 WattsV.WBuilt In 1900 mAh510$$$Aspire ESP 30w Review
Cloupor Mini 30WCloupor Mini 30 Watt30 Watts/7.0 VoltsV.V--V.W18650510$$$Cloupor Mini 30W Review
Sigelei Mini 30WSigelei Mini 30W Mod30 WattsV.W18650510$$Sigelei Mini 30w Review
Vapor Shark rDNA30Vapor Shark rDNA 30 Mod30 WattsV.WBuilt In 2500 mAh510$$$$$Review Coming Soon
ZNA 30ZNA 30W Mod30 WattsV.W18490510$$$Review Coming Soon
Kamry 30W V2Kamry 30 Watt V230 Watts/8.0 VoltsV.V--V.W18650510$$$Review Coming Soon
Eleaf 30WEleaf 30Watt30 Watts/8 VoltsV.V--V.WBuilt In 2200 mAh510$$$Review Coming Soon

20 Watt Vape Mods

Max OutputPower TypeBattery TypeThreadingPriceReview
eLeaf iStick 20Weleaf istick 20w pink20 Watts/5.5 VoltsV.V--V.WBuilt In 2200 mAh510/eGo$$$eLeaf iStick 20W Review
Innokin iTaste MVP 20WiTaste MVP 20W Mod20 WattsV.V--V.WBuilt In 2600 mAH battery510/eGo$$$iTaste MVP 20W Review
Joyetech eGripJoyetech eGrip 20W Mod20 WattsV.WBuilt In 1500 mAhBuilt In$$$eGrip 20w Mod Review
SMOK Xpro M22SMOK Xpro M22 22W Mod22 WattsV.WBuilt In 2200 mAh510$$Review Coming Soon
Innokin iTaste SVD 2
Innokin iTaste SVD 2
20 Watts/6.3 VoltsV.V--V.W18350, 18650510$$$$iTaste SVD 2.0 Review
Wellec E-LVT
Wellec E-LVT Vape Mod
15 Watts/6.0 VoltsV.V--V.W18650510 /eGo$$$$$Wellec E-LVT Review
VAMO V5 Variable Wattage/Voltage
15 Watts/6.0 VoltsV.V--V.W18650, 18350510 (recessed) /eGo$$$$VAMO V5 Review
DOVPO Forever 20WDOVPO Forever 20W Mod20 Watts/5.5 VoltsV.V--V.WBuilt In 2000 mAh510$Review Coming Soon
Innokin iTaste VTRInnokin iTaste VTR15 Watts/6.0 VoltsV.V--V.W18650510/eGo$$$iTaste VTR Review
Innokin iTaste 134Innokin iTaste 13412.5 WattsV.W18650510$$$$$iTaste 134 Review
Kamry 20Kamry 20W Mod20 WattsV.W18650510$$Review Coming Soon
Vision Spinner 2
Vision Spinner 2 Vape Pen
4.8 VoltsV.V1600 mAh Battery Device510 /eGo$$$$Vision Spinner 2 Review
Innokin Cool Fire 2
Innokin Cool Fire II
12.5 WattsV.W18350510/eGo$$$$Cool Fire 2 Review
Innokin iTaste VV 3.0
Innokin iTaste Variable Voltage Mod
11 Watts/5.0 VoltsV.V--V.WBuilt In 800 mAh510 /eGo$$$iTaste VV V3.0 Review
Innokin iTaste MVP 2.0
Innokin iTaste MVP 2.0
11 Watts/5.0 VoltsV.V--V.WBuilt In 2600 mAh510/eGo$$$$iTaste MVP 2.0 Review
Eleaf iStick Mini 10WEleaf iStick Mini 10Watt10 Watts/5 VoltsV.V18650510$$Review Coming Soon
S-Body S-CA1S-Body S-CA1 Mod6.0 VoltsV.VBuilt In 2200 mAh510$$$Review Coming Soon


Is a 50 Watts Right For Me?

50W box mods have became particularly popular in the vape community over the last year.

If you’ve been looking to upgrade from your eGo pen/mod, 50 watts is a great sweet spot to shoot for.

A 50w mod will have plenty of power to run virtually any clearomizer/tank on the market.

50 watts also gives you plenty of head room for sub ohm vaping on both RDAs and sub ohm clearomizers.

With sub ohm clearomizers starting to offer .3 ohm replacement coils, it’s important to buy the best vape mod that will set you up to handle these coils right out the gate!

The bottom line; 50 watt box mods provide plenty of power without the increased price tag of the 100 + watt mods.

50 watts is plenty for many vapers, but certainly not everybody.

If you’re someone who routinely wraps you own coils below .3 ohm or vapes with a mechanical mod often, you’ll want to move on & step up your box mod game. 

Let’s move on and take a look at the top 100W vape mods!

100 Watt Box Mods

Best 100W Box Mod Under $100

Sigelei 100W Box ModThere are a lot of good box mods under $100, but today we want to highlight the Sigelei 100W Plus.

This is the best bang-for-your-buck box mod to hit the market in recent months, and it’s getting rave reviews across the board!

This bad boy fires coils down to .15 ohm, and comes with a nifty magnetic battery door (it’s cooler than you think!).

The curvy design makes it easy on the eyes, and with 100 Watts you’ll have fun vaping no matter what you decide to top this beast with.

Click to check out the Sigelei 100W Plus

If you’re looking to make the jump to sub-ohm vaping, has a deal you simply can’t miss for less then $75!

Sigelei 100w + Starter Kit

Sigelei 100W Plus Starter Kit

This is a pretty killer deal, especially if you’re looking to start sub ohming and need more than just the vape mod.

The kit includes a Sigelei 100w Plus, and you get to choose a tank/RDA to pair it with.

With 8 different sub ohm tanks and RBAs to choose from, anyone can find something that’s right. 

Saddle up and start vaping like a boss!

Click to check out the Sigelei 100W Kit

100W Box Mods – More Power, More Fun!

Looking for more power or longer battery life? A 100 watt box mod might be just what you need!

These mods often come with a few ‘quality of life improvements’ that are not found in smaller box mods, but also have some drawbacks.

In order for any box mod to crack 100 watts, it must have two batteries.

One 18650 battery just doesn’t provide enough voltage on it’s own to get the job done.

As such, these vape mods are generally a little bigger than box mods using an internal battery or a single 18650.

That also means you can get some really awesome battery life.

When you can stack in two 2500 mAh 18650 batteries you’ll be blissfully vaping for hours on end!

This is particularly important for those who like to pull a lot of power when chasing those clouds.

Sub ohming / using a high wattage setting can really drain batteries, and having 4000+ mAh means you won’t have to change batteries constantly.

If you’re running a more modest setup running under 50w, you’ll be able to vape allll day (and probably then some!)

Top 100+ Watt Box Mods – Mighty Sub Ohming Power

Let’s start big and cover the monsters!

These are some serious best vape mods built for sub ohming and cloud chasing

100 Watts is enough to power coils as low as .2 ohms, making it a great device for sub ohm coil builders.

It’s also plenty to power the popular new sub ohm clearomizers including the Aspire Atlantis and Kanger SUBTANK, both which come with .5 ohm replaceable coils. 

However, new sub ohm clearomizers are use replaceable .3 ohm coils, taking the stock coil ohm even lower!

Normally I would say having a device over 50 watts is overkill for most people, but with all these new sub ohm tanks hitting the market, having the extra wattage could prove useful in the future.

That said, let’s check out some of the best 100 watt box mods out there!

Cloupor T8 – 150 Watts of Box Mod Madness – $112.46

cloupor t8 100 watt box mod

The Cloupor T8 is two-battery box mod capable of up to 150 watts, and is designed to handled even the lowest sub ohm coil builds (0.15ohm-4.0ohm).

It has some pretty impressive construction quality too.

The case is machined from a metal alloy that feels very solid and looks quite sleek.

While the Cloupor T8 is a bit on the expensive end, it comes jam packed with features.

These include CPU Temperature Control System, Reverse Battery Protection and a self-heat dissipation system, all great safety features to have if you’re doing any kind of sub ohm vaping.

To dive deeper into the Cloupor T8, check out our review.


Sigelei 100 Watt Plus – Sub Ohm Ready – $99.95

100w box mod sigelei

The Sigelei 100 Watt Plus is a popular vape mod among many vapers, and for good reason.

It holds two 18650 batteries, and with 100 watts at your disposal there is very little this device can’t take.

Similar to the Cloupor, the Sigelei 100 Watt Plus is very well constructed.

One of my favorite features are the 8 magnets on the battery door panel; they hold the door on, so no screws are required.

It’s a quality of life improvement that’s nice to see.

The 100 Watt Plus version made some notable improvements over the original, including improved buttons and a more rounded design.

With a sexy new design and the power to back it up, the Sigelei 100W Plus is a highly recommended box mod. 

Choosing the Best Vape Mod

Our chart gives you the basic insights you need to make an informed decision choosing the best vape mod box that works best with your tanks.

What clearomizer can I use with this vape mod? Is it variable voltage or variable wattage?

What types of batteries does the vape mod take? What’s the max output of this vape mod?

We need to answer all these questions before you can decide on choosing the best variable voltage mod or best variable wattage mod for you!

Here are some of the top specs to keep in mind:

  • Max Output – The max Watts/Volts of the device
  • Threading – Some mods are 510, some are eGo, some are both
  • Battery Capacity – If it has an internal battery, is it large enough?

Those are just a few, but we’ll cover these and more as we continue through our guide. 

But first, what exactly is a vape mod or box mod or a vape box mod?

Personal Vaporizers and Mods – What is a Box Mod?

Box mods and Advanced Personal Vaporizers (APV) make up the newest, and most powerful class of e-cigs on the market.

Sometimes referred to as vape mods, these devices still use atomizer and clearomizer tanks; however you get the advantage of having more detailed control as well as increased safety features with Vape Mods and PVs, or Personal Vapes.

How Do Box Mods Work?

When it comes to creating big, puffy, flavorful clouds there are a lot of factors that come into play; wicking material/speed, airflow, coil design & resistance, wattage/voltage, ect. 

While every factor plays an important role, let’s focus on the wattage output and coil design & resistance.

Understanding how these two factors work together is vital to understanding how much vapor and flavor your vape can produce. 

In electronics, Wattage measures the rate of energy transfer.

What does that mean for us vapers? In very general terms, more wattage = more heat transferred from coils = more e juice vaporized! 

When it comes to coils, too many people only focus on the resistance.

What many vapers tend overlook with coil design is the surface area of the coil.

A coil with a larger surface area will come in contact with more e juice, allowing the coil to vaporize more juice.

Lack of Powerful Regulated Box Mods

The problem was that for years, most regulated mods on the market weren’t very powerful.

Many had a max wattage of only 5-15 watts and a max voltage of 10 volts. 

For many vapers, this left something to be desired.

In search of a better vape experience, enthusiasts began using unregulated mechanical mods instead.

By ditching the electronics of the old regulated mods and using high performance batteries, mech mods were capable of much higher wattage outputs.

Ohm’s Law and Calculating Wattage

To understand why mech mods can have a higher wattage output, let’s quickly talk about how wattage is calculated.

Ohm’s Law is the formula used to calculate voltage, wattage and resistance. Using Ohm’s Law, we can derive the formula for wattage; Wattage = Voltage2 / Resistance.

That means if you want to increase the wattage of your vape, and thus the vapor production, you have two options; 

1) Increase your mods voltage output or

2) Decrease the coils resistance. 

Regulated Mods vs Mechanical Mods

Unlike regulated mods, a mechanical mod doesn’t have any electrical components, so it’s not possible to change/increase the output voltage of the battery.

So the only other option for mech mod users was to lower the resistance of the coil builds there were using.

For example, if you had a mechanical mod using a battery with a 4.7 volt output and a 1.8 ohm coil, the output wattage would be 12.27 watts. 

If you had the same setup except you use a .5 ohm coil instead 1.8 ohm, the output wattage would jump to 44.18 watts. More watts, more vapor!

That’s why sub omh vaping, using a coil build with a resistance below 1.0 ohm, became so popular.

It was the only way advanced vapers could reach those high levels of wattage output and thus, cloud nirvana. 

The Catch with using a Mechanical Mod

As vapers kept pushing the extremes of vapor production, they kept building lower and lower resistance coils. 

The problem is that in order to build a coil at such a low resistance, you have to use thinner wire and/or less wraps in each coil. 

Why should we care? The surface area of the coil is smaller when building coils using thinner wire and less wraps.

Remember what we said about the surface area of the coil? Bigger is better. 

So as mech mod vapers built sub ohm coils to increase the wattage (and vapor) output, they were also decreasing the surface area of the coils, simultaneously reducing vapor production.

In the battle of more wattage vs more coil surface area, wattage always won.

You could have an awesome coil design with a lot of surface area, but if your box mod can’t output enough wattage to heat the coils up it doesn’t matter.

Regulated Box Mods and Why They Are Amazing

Today, regulated box mods have come a long way from their early predecessors. 

As technology developed and designs were refined, more powerful and some of the best box mods started hitting the market.

So what can regulated box mods do that a mech mod can’t?

Regulated box mods can adjust the output voltage of the mod.

And as we now know, increasing the voltage output increases the wattage output. 

With regulated devices, there is no need to build a coil with a really lower resistance to reach a high wattage output.

Instead, regulated mods can use a computer chip to increase the output voltage of the battery.

Let’s look at a quick example. Our first example was about a mech mod with a 4.7 volt output and a 1.8 ohm coil, resulting in an output wattage would be 12.27 watts. 

Now take the same 1.8 ohm coil and put in on a regulated box mod. This time, we keep the coil resistance the same (1.8ohm).

Instead we increase the voltage output from 4.7 volts to 7 volts. 

This results in an output wattage of 34.67 watts, over 20 watts more than the mech mod.

And since you didn’t change/lower the coils resistance, they retain the large surface area.

That way you get the best of both worlds; high watts and large coil surface area.

A powerful regulated box mod using a 1.6 ohm coil can totally out perform a mech mod using a .2 ohm coil.

Plus, regulated mods often come with a slew of extra features and safety mechanisms not found in mech mods. 

Finally, vaping technology is starting to catch up to user expectations.

That’s why 2016 is going to be the year of the regulated box mod!

Why Choose a Vape Box Mod vs Mech Mod

To sum it up, a vape box mod is any vaping device that uses one or two li-ion batteries and has a “smart chip” to regulate the voltage and add safety features.

These are different from mech mods, or mechanical mods, which don’t use any form of voltage regulation or safety fall backs.  

There are several advantages of APV’s and vape box mods that make them a favorite for new and veteran vapers a like. 

  • Variable Voltage/ Variable Wattage
  • Safety Features (Battery Reversal Protection, Ohm Reader, ect)
  • Constant Discharge Rate

Variable Voltage/Wattage Is Awesome

The benefits of variable voltage and variable wattage is that you can fine tune your vaping experience.

This can help really bring out the flavor of your favorites juices, or allow you to dial in on getting just the right amount of vapor production or throat hit.

Mech mods, while much less prone to mechanical failure, can’t adjust the voltage output at all. 

The voltage output of a mech mod is tied to the battery life; full battery means a high voltage, low battery means less voltage.

A vape mod with a good chip will adjust the voltage as the battery dies, keeping you at the same voltage level throughout the entire use of the battery.

Vape Box Mod Battery Benefits

Another huge advantage you’ll find with the best vape mods and PV’s is that they have a much longer battery life capacity than traditional disposable style e cigs.

These large capacity batteries are also rechargeable, giving you even more mileage than remotely possible with other disposable e cig counter parts. 

Large mods and APV’s will often use one or two 18650 or 18350 replaceable batteries, while smaller devices tend to have a built in, non removable battery.

Having the option to use removable batteries is very convenient, since you can always have another battery on charge while your using the first one.

Mods with built in batteries are a little less convenient, since you have to stop using it to plug it in and recharge.

However, some mods with an internal battery also come with a pass-through feature. 

This lets you use your mod while it’s being charged, a definite quality of life improvement you should look for.

Either solution is still much better than what you would find in traditional, disposable e cigs, even if you are using entry level or cheap vape mods.

Variable Voltage vs Variable Wattage

Next up, let’s dive in and learn the difference between variable wattage vs variable voltage, and which options you would most likely use based on your preferences.

They work in a similar manner, but it’s good to understand the difference. 

Choosing a box mod that has variable voltage let’s you fine tune your vaping voltage. 

The voltage changes the temperature in which your e liquid is being vaporized.

A higher voltage means more heat, which will vaporize more juice when you take a hit.

There are several advantages to this. One of the biggest is that some flavored e liquids you purchase will only produce the desired flavors at a certain temperature.

With variable voltage, you can test-and-taste until you find the juices sweet spot.

Variable voltage box mods will often range from 3.0-6.0 volts, with adjustment increments anywhere from .1 volts to 1 volts.

It is important to note though, you device output power isn’t the only factor to consider.

The resistance of your coil heads on your clearomizer has a huge effect on this too.

How is Variable Wattage Different?

As you continue to use your clearomizers, the coils can start to gunk up an increase in resistance.

When this happens, you have to increase the voltage you are vaping at to get the same performance.

This isn’t the case when using variable wattage.

With variable wattage, you adjust the wattage setting of the device (ranging anywhere from 5-150 watts depending on the mod) to a level you are comfortable vaping at, similar to using variable voltage.

Except this time when your coils start to gunk up, the mod will recognize you are using a Variable Wattage mode, and will automatically adjust your mods output voltage to the right level to compensate.

Variable wattage takes a lot of the guess work out for you. A quick analogy can explain it better.

Variable voltage is like have a manual transmission in your car, where you have to check the resistance of your atomizer heads and adjust accordingly, with variable wattage the device does this for you automatically.

Many of the best variable voltage mod units have a variable wattage feature as well, but it’s definitely a feature you want to look for.

Threading Compatibility – 510 vs eGo Threaded Mods

Threading compatibility is another important feature to consider when you are trying to look for a good mod device, especially is you already own a lot of clearomizers/cartomizers/atomizers.

Nobody wants to buy a new mod and have it not work with their favorite clearomizer! 

There are two main thread options that almost every mod on the market offers, either 510 and eGo threaded.

Most mods and APV’s come with the ability to use either option for your atomizer/clearomizer tanks.

These units with be equipped to handle either 510 or eGo threads right out of the box (like the VAMO v5), while some will come with adapters to make both types of threads work.

However, there are a few popular mods that only allow 510 threaded tanks, and you have to buy a separate adapter to use eGo clearos/cartos on them.

Similarly, certain eGo threaded mods won’t work with 510 connections, and you’ll need an adapter to get them to work.

It is worth noting that often times, eGo only mods (mods with support for only eGo threading, like the Joytech eGo-C Twist) work best with clearomizers designed with eGo threading.

While you can find adapters to make the eGo only mods work with 510 thread clearomizers, sometimes the battery in those mods will struggle to prove the proper power. 

This can be particularly noticeable if the 510 clearomizer has a dual coil setup, or an Ohm rating closer to 1 Ohm.

This is where our chart steps in!

Easily and quickly compare the top vape mods and what type of threading they support!

Buying a vaping mod is a big set for most vapers, and we want to make sure you get it right.

How To Choose Compatible Batteries

Don’t cheap out when you are browsing for good batteries to use for your PVs and Mods.

Choosing the best battery increases the available power you are able to get out of your devices, and they will last much longer than their cheaper counterparts.

Even the best setup can be held back if you power it with low quality batteries.

There are a few different options you can choose from when looking for the best batteries for your mod.

You want to look for a battery with a high milliamps rating, but be aware that not all milliamps are created equal.

Most larger mods can take 18650, 18350, and 18500 batteries while some smaller mods (typically eGo threaded units like the Joytech eGo-C Twist) contain non removable, rechargeable batteries.

Clearomizer Reviews and Guides

Here are a couple of clearomizer reviews and vaping guides to get you started!

Be sure to check back often as we are constantly adding more reviews to the database.

Top 10 Starter Kits of 2016

If you’re looking to make the move from disposable e cigs to a personal vaporizer or mod, then we would suggest looking into a starter kit.

Starter kits offer you the chance to get all the pieces you need to get your vaping setup off the ground for an affordable price.

We take a look at our Top 10 Starter Kits of 2016, and break down what comes in each kit and where you can find them.

Be sure to read to the end to discover our bonus starter kit, as well as some exclusive discounts!

VaporFi Vox 50 Mod

VaporFi Vox 50 Mod review header

With 50 watts of raw power, the Vox 50 mod by VaporFi is turning heads this year.

Only serious vapers need to inquire.

This 50 watt mod needs to be in your hands.

Read our full review on this 50 watt box mod.

Click here to go straight to VaporFi with a 10% off your total purchase (automatically added)!

Cloupor T8 150w Mod

cloupor t8 review headerIf you’ve been searching for a vape box mod, than look no further.

The Cloupor T8 can handle some of the best clearomizers, and is able to punch out up to 150 watts of full power.

Check out our full review here.

Check out the Cloupor T8 reviews, rating, and price over at

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26 Responses to Best Vape Mod: 2016 Vape Mod Buying Guide

  1. chris crawford says:

    Please let the public know that Vaporesso should be boycotted and avoided. Their products are very nice, but have bad flaws that the company will not deal with. Their sales practices are nothing short of fraud. My Target tank leaks like crazy and gets juice all over the mod, my hands and my clothes. I even bought a new tank. It leaks just as bad and the company will do nothing about it. I unfortunately just bought the Target Mini since they say the newly designed Guardian tank doesn’t leak. They show in their ads that it uses the same ceramic coils as the big Target, of which I have pleanty. Upon arrival of the Mini, I find that it uses a totally new designed ceramic coil that is NOT interchangeable with the gold coils. Vaporesso put out his new tank, the Guardian, directly targeting we idiots that bought the Target mod and are dealing with its leaking tank. They are nothing short of thieves.

  2. Fred X says:

    KOOPOR 200 TC by Smok – Cost is huge bonus as currently delivered under $50.00. Has V/W but importantly TC for Ni-200, Titanium T1, and Stainless Steel. Besides price, what makes it as good as a DNA board is that it has a menu system that allows for proper adjustment of exact ohm calibration for your specific wire composition. No eScribe software just enter the value in the TC offset menu after selecting wire type. Following menu asks for Single Coil or Dual Coil and it works fantastically. Currently using 3.5mm 11-1/2 wrap 26G Ti-1 0.3ohm dual vertical coils in a Steam Crave Aromamizer SC200 RDTA and it is still spot on though 3 cotton changes. Having single/dual coil menu selection is essential to quick changes without having to adjust the TC offset. If you have a coil that on other devices pops out of TC once hot, you can permanently set the Base Ohm Offset. Although TC seems to use batteries faster it claims to check for ohm change 2000+ time per second and for strictly TC I can find nothing with as much built in function and capability for anywhere near the $49.95 delivered price.

    • TeritorialDemon says:

      You can’t find anything for that price that does what you said? Really? Hmmm. i know i’m a tad late on this comment but i also know the mod that i have was out before your comment so….SMOK, yes Smok X Cube II/ Smok X Cube II min. Does exactly what you said soooo…… just hyped up a different mod and claimed it was the only one. Sad….

  3. SteelCity14 says:

    I agree with Aventerine! You CANNOT have a “Best Box Mods” article without including a LOT of the best box mods to come out in 2015. The Smok X Cube 2 is one of the best mods I own and isn’t anywhere in this article!!

    Same goes for the IPV3 LI, Any newer Kangertech boxes, RX200, Evic VT(C), etc, etc. I mean you dont even have the SNOW WOLF in this article….really??!?!!?!?!!

    • TeritorialDemon says:

      That’s pretty much what i was thinking. But the Snow Wolf is junk….the v1. Kanger is worth a mention but only for noobs or beginner sub ohm. iPV3 Li was good don’t get me wrong but was a bit gimmicky with the finger print. See, everyone has opinions. Now, my list would go like this:

      MVP 20W
      Kanger Subox

      iStick 40WTC
      MVP 3.0
      MVP 3 Pro
      eVic VT/eVic VTC mini
      iStick 60WTC
      Kanger Subox
      Cloupor mini

      Sigelei 150W TC
      Sigelei Fuchai 200W
      Smok X Cube II/Smok X Cube II mini

      I could have listed many others but it’s a preference thing i think here. You will have a list much different i’m sure. At the end of the day though….whatever helps keep you off the stinkies is the key here.

  4. Abchiptop says:

    I’ve got a VaporFi Vox Mini, which isn’t bad, but uses the same screen as the Vox II 50W reviewed here.

    It’s pretty nice, the LiPo battery in the mini all day at 25 watts, but pushing closer to 40 (the max on the mini) will require an afternoon charge, or sooner if you chain vape. Using .4 ohm single coil on a RDA, it’s good around 35W for me.

    But the screen. It’s impossible to read in broad daylight. Buried behind the mirrored bezel means every bit of light is reflected off, preventing you from reading the screen below. For the price of vaporfi’s hardware, you can buy a comparable mod, battery, charger and some juice, maybe throw in an RDA or a tank. It’s like going to the Apple store. You’ll get good service, but you’ll pay a premium for it.

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