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Best Vape Pen Starter Kits of 2016

Top 5 Best Vaporizer Pen/Vape Pen Starter Kit Deals

Vape Pen Starter Kits Of 2016Where Can You Get It?
V2 Series 7 Starter Kit$169.99
VaporFi Pro II Starter Kit$36.73
Kanger SubVod Ultimate Starter Kit$80.88
HaloCig's Triton Starter Kit$40.00
E-Bull Vape Pen Starter Kit$37.90

Vaping starter kits encompass three main categories: E Liquid vape pens, waxes and oils vape pens, and dry herb vape pens and vaporizers.

In this article about vape pen kits and vaporizer pens, we’ll take a look at some of the best for each category and what makes them a device you should check out for yourself.

Not only are we are giving you the top list of the best vape kits, we have some of the best vape pen starter kits too!

Whether it be a good starter vape for vaping for beginners, intermediate or advanced vaper, we factor in price, compatibility and functionality to give you the ultimate list out there!

We’ll go ahead and breakdown the pros and cons of all the top vape mod kits on our countdown.

Let’s get started on our list!

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Dry Herb Vape Pens

Dry herb vaporizer is where a particular herb is placed into the vaporizer pen in order to be vaped. There are many herbs that can be crushed and then vaped, including marijuana.

The vaporizer chamber heats the herbs up and release a vapor that is inhaled.

The dry herb vaporizer pen is the least evolved of the various types of vape pens because it is difficult to create a smaller device like these that vapes dry herbs and sometimes it is better to have a larger vapor pen.

However, there are some that work pretty well and here are a few of the best dry herb vaporizer pens on the market in 2016.

The Dube Vaporizer

The Dube VaporizerThe Dube Vaporizer is here. Finally, a vape pen that’s small enough to fit in the palm of your hand and easy to use.

Just load your Dube and your ready to start using your vaporizer pen within a matter of seconds. No waiting around. It’s the size of a regular electronic cigarette – but much more powerful.

The Dube Vaporizer was designed to look and feel like a regular E Cigarette so you can vape while on the move.

It’s small and compact design make it perfect for anyone looking for a discreet vaporizer.

Unlike other pen-style vaporizers that are only capable of vaporizing oils, the Dube Vaporizer has dual functionality – oils/waxes and herbs.

This unit includes a wall charger, cleaning brush, battery, herb/waxy oil cartridge, tweezers, USB cable and User Manual.

White Rhino has now introduced the newest model of the popular Dube Vaporizer.

This new Version 2 includes an extra herb/waxy oil cartridge and a liquid tank for vaporizing your favorite e-juice.

It also includes some cleaning wipes and a dabber tool. The Gold version of the Dube Vaporizer features 18kt gold plating on the battery and heating chamber.

This one is inexpensive (less than $50) and vapes oils, E Liquid, waxes, and herbs so you get a multi-function vape pen.

Cannastick Mini Dry Herb Starter Kit

Cannastick Mini Dry Herb Starter KitThe Cannastick Mini Dry Herb Starter Kit has the world’s smallest dry herb vaporizer.

This dry herb vaporizer pen also lets you vape your favorite wax concentrates with the unique oil ceramic chamber and coil.

This coil gets so hot so fast it will instantly vaporize your wax concentrate into nothing. Featuring 14k gold plated terminal connections with the battery you can be sure this coil will light up for as long as possible.

It also features a 100% all-ceramic design giving you the ultimate clean taste. It has a 14kt gold plated connection center post design, replaceable coil, and a lithium ion 350 mAh rechargeable battery. It’s able to be upgraded, too.

Buy other coils and turn your Cannastick MINI into the ultimate vape pen for wax concentrates, dry herbs or essential oils.

The Cannastick Mini Dry Herb Starter Kit comes with a Cannastick rechargeable battery, mouthpiece, replaceable coil, silicon cover, dab tool, acrylic jar, micro USB charging cable, wall charger, and user’s manual. It sells for around $60 but you can find it as low as $30 on sale.

Sutra Vaporizer

Sutra VaporizerFinally a Vape Pen for Dry Herb that combines regulated temperature control with the ease of use of a vaporizer for weed. The Sutra Dry Herb Vaporizer uses a stainless steel heating oven as opposed to the coil method used by most dry herb pens.

The Sutra utilizes a rechargeable Li-Ion battery that can be used for over 24 hours at a time. During the heating cycle an LED indicates the temperature status by changing colors once the Sutra Dry is ready for use.

A universal micro USB port allows for an easy charging option, while patrons can choose from a variety of attractive colors.

Each Sutra Dry Vape Pen offers silent operation for those that are looking for the best portable vaporizer that can be concealed inside your pocket or hand.

This is an excellent marijuana vaporizer for active minded individuals that want to be able to vaporize on demand.

Snoop Dogg G Pen

Snoop Dogg G PenConsumers are often tempted to try a particular product when they see it has been endorsed by one of their favorite celebrities. When it comes to dry herbs and the vaporizer pens used to smoke them, there may be no-one better than Snoop Dogg to act as a spokesperson.

The rapper has been very vocal in his support of marijuana use, so you would imagine that if he puts his name to a dry herb vape pen, it’s going to be one that gets the job done.

That is indeed the case with the Snoop Dogg vape pens.

While this vape pen may fall on the pricier end of the scale, it does so for a good reason. The Snoop Dogg G Pen is a beautifully constructed device that looks awesome and delivers a fantastic vaping experience to boot.

The packaging of the Snoop Dogg vapor kit is also great. It comes with everything you need to get started vaping, as well as having a couple of little extras that you don’t normally find in other similar kits.

The package may seem a little overwhelming at first, given that there are so many pieces, but putting the Snoop Dogg Double G Series pen together is easy to do.

The tank as well as the rechargeable battery can be attached in seconds and the battery is also a snap to charge.

All you need to do is screw the battery into the charger that is provided, after which you connect it to a wall outlet or USB port.

It only takes about 4 hours to get a full charge. This means you won’t have to wait long before you are vaping again.

You should keep in mind that the Snoop Dogg vaporizer pen is ready once the red indicator light turns green.

Wax and Oil Vape Pens

A wax vape pen and the best vape pen for oil hold what are referred to as concentrates.

Due to them being a concentrated mix, you have the benefit of only having to use a small amount of the wax or oil to get the same effect.

If you are looking to vape waxes and oils you will need a vape pen for wax or an oil vape pen that is able to remove the work of heating up some form of metal then using some rudimentary lighter.

Here are a few of the most reliable waxes and oil vape pens. Some also work as dry herb pens, as well, as seen above with the Dube Vaporizer and the Cannastick.

Pulsar Vortex

Pulsar VortexThe Pulsar Vortex Vaporizer is the newest vaporizers for weed from the popular line of Pulsar Portable Vaporizers.

This compact and sleek unit is capable of effectively vaporizing your favorites oils and waxes.

It’s small enough to fit in the palm of your hand and can be used discreetly in almost any situation.

It features the Pulsar Vortex Vaporizer Advanced Cartridge System too.

This marijuana vaporizer features an advanced cartridge system that allows for a more efficient vaporization process.

Instead of the typical wick system found in many other oil vaporizers, the Pulsar Vortex utilizes a funnel system that allows for easy filling of your waxes and oils.

Each unit includes a battery, 2 atomizers, dabber tool, USB charger, and instruction manual. It also includes a full 6 month warranty that covers any defects related to the heating element.

710 Vape Pen

710 Vape PenThe revolutionary 710 Vape Pen utilizes a stealth and compact design for convenient usage anywhere.

This pen vaporizer features an innovative LCD display that accurately displays the vaporizing temperature for maximum control and efficiency.

The LCD display also shows the battery life of the unit and each 710 pen includes a mouthpiece inhaler for extra comfort while vaporizing.

With a quick heat-up time, this unit is capable of reaching vaporizing temperatures within seconds.

It features ease of use, it is compatible with oils and wax, a quick heat up time, and an LCD display.

It comes with one cartomizer, one cartomizer shell, one mouthpiece inhaler, one inhaler cap, and a USB charger.

Vapen Duo Dual Wax and Oil Pen Vaporizer

Vapen Duo Dual Wax and Oil Pen VaporizerThe Vapen’ Duo is the first of its kind to offer both wax and concentrate plus oil and liquid options in one kit.

Vapen’ Duo contains both a state of the art ceramic heated “wax globe” designed for concentrate vaporizer pen, as well as a liquid or oil vaporizer pen for vaporizing e-juice, essential oils, and other liquids.

Each Vapen’ Portable Pocket Vaporizer contains a Vapen’ Wax / Concentrate Vaporizer Globe, Vapen’ Oil / Liquid Clearomizer, a long life 650 mAh battery with a digital LCD display of remaining power and a puff meter, a car charger, a USB quick 2.0 amp wall charger, a stainless steel, food grade dabber tool, a free NoGoo food grade wax / concentrate container, and a limited warranty.

Trippy Stix

Trippy Stix 2.0Trippy Stix is known for being the best portable vaporizer with no cartridges and its limited edition fashionable designs.

It is very easy to assemble and use with your vaporizer weed. Simply pull off your Trippy Tip and place vape components into the chamber. Replace the tip and press the center button.

Trippy Stix 2.0 will light up when it is ready for you to begin your vaping experience. It features a safety lock option and is completely silent while operating.

Containing a strong rechargeable lithium ion battery for extended use, the Trippy Stix was redesigned to be charged from the bottom of the pen. This allows for continuous use even while charging.

It features silent operation, it’s discreet and easy to use, has a locking safety feature, no cartridges, a quick charge time, and durable craftsmanship.

Delta 9 Persei Portable Oil Vaporizer

Delta 9 Persei Portable Oil VaporizerThe Delta 9 Persei Portable Oil Vaporizer is a hand held unit designed for use with oils and concentrates – no herbs.

This product is widely regarded as the best oil vaporizers on the market.

You can also purchase the Bender Attachment to transform the Persei into a Herb Vaporizer, giving you the best of both worlds.

These units are fully customizable with a dazzling array of different battery setups and oil attachments.

It features portability which can be easily concealed in your purse or backpack, a very discreet size, a durable aluminum construction, a variety of colors, and a lifetime warranty on the electronics and heating element.

E Liquid Vape Pens

Whats the best vape pen for e liquid?

The e liquid vape pen simply comes in the form of a regular vape pen. These allow people to enjoy E Liquid (sometimes known as oils) which comes in a variety of flavors and strengths and is made out of Propylene Gylcol, Vegetable Glycerin, Flavors and Nicotine.

Of course, you can always get E Juice that has zero nicotine for those who do not want it.

Here are some of the candidates for best e liquid vape pen.

VaporFi Pro II Starter Kit

VaporFi Pro II Starter KitThis Vaporfi Pro starter kit is ready to take things to a new level! This Vaporfi Pro ii starter kit that was designed to please, with awesome performance and absolute convenience.

Featuring a powerful 3.7V, 650 mAh Pro battery, with a fierce 1.5 ohm Pro-L II tank that is equipped with dual coil technology.

Additionally, the stunningly modern stainless steel drip tip is removable. Which is perfect for those times when you want to switch it up.

This is the kind of power and excitement you’ve been craving in a vape starter kit.

This kit contains 3 atomizers, additional atomizers (5 packs) sold separately and they highly recommend ordering additional 1.5 oHm atomizers if this is your first or only vaporizer.

Blaze Vape Pen

Blaze Vape PenThe Blaze Vaporizer is the best vape pen for liquid based essential oils. Now go buy it if you plan on vaping e-juices, e-liquids or essential oils. Now back to the oil vape pen.

The best part about this vape pen is it comes with two vaporizers and two atomizers so you can keep your units separate for different uses.

The Blaze Vaporizer also utilizes a strong 900 mAh battery that lasts over six hours between charges.

The Blaze Vape Pen is designed in the USA and features an advanced temperature control that moderates the volume of vapor produced. The Dragon design is pretty awesome as well.

White Rhino Trifecta Vaporizer

White Rhino Trifecta VaporizerThe White Rhino Trifecta is a multi-functional, slim, discreet portable vaporizer.

This vaporizer for weed boasts a large chamber and all the attachments you would need to vaporize any material.

It is available in 8 color options: black, blue, gray, green, orange, pink, purple, and red and features aluminum plating, ceramic heating chamber, 510 threading, and did we mention you can vape all three types of material?

It’s perfect for E Liquid but you can also use it as a vaporizer pen to vape dry herbs, waxes, and oils, too.

The White Rhino Trifecta Pen comes with one clear oil tank, one oil filling tool, one rubber mouthpiece, one battery, one wall charger, one USB charger, one packing tool, two cleaning brushes, two dry herb/waxy oil cartridges, two mesh screens, and a user manual.

Innokin iTaste SVD Express Kit

Innokin iTaste SVD Express KitThis itaste svd is similar to the starter kit, however, only comes with the telescopic mod portion of the unit. This mod is built to last. It features variable voltage, variable wattage, durable construction, short circuit protection, LED battery power display, three digit display, and supports 18350, 18500, and 18650 batteries.

The Innokin iTaste SVD express kit is compatible with e cig juice and marijuana oil.

Delta 9 Vape Pen

Delta 9 Vape PenThe Delta 9 Omicron V2.5 is a hand held unit designed for use with an oil vape pen but not a vape pen for dry herb.

Delta 9 manufacturers the world’s best oil vaporizers. The Delta 9 Vape will vaporize any type of oil or concentrate within seconds.

These units are easy to use and fully customizable with a dazzling array of different battery setups and oil attachments.

For vapor lovers looking to add an exclusive oil unit to their collection, Delta9 is an excellent choice as it is an amazing portable vaporizer.

It’s discreet, portable and comes in a variety of colors. It also has a durable aluminum construction.

It comes with one Omicron body in your choice of color, one K.I.S.S. cartridge, one K.I.S.S. mouthpiece, one aluminum shell, two 3.7v batteries, one battery charger, one carrying case, and one user manual.


These are just a few of the Best Vape Pen Starter Kits.

There are so many choices out there and each have their own functionality, design, and features but with any of the above – you’re sure to be pleased and have many happy vaping experiences no matter whether you use E Liquid, dry herbs, or waxes and oils.

Remember to consult your local laws before purchasing anything used to vape “herbs”.

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