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Big Dripper RDA Review: Flavor and Convenience

With the ever-changing technology in vaping devices, things can only get better and that is exactly what happened with the introduction of the Big Dripper Dripping Tank Styled RDA by Sub-Ohm Innovations.

What is game changing about this RDA is that you simply have to push down on the drip tip in order to get vaping juice from the huge 5ml tank.

By using this method, the E Juice travels from the primary reservoir to the base RDA where you’ll find three posts and a deep juice well so you can create a variety of builds.

Of course, you’ll find adjustable airflow and an added wide bore drip tip so that you get the exact hit that you crave with plenty of flavor and tons of sweet, puffy clouds.

Big Dripper RDA – VaporDNA – $129.99

What’s New – The Big Dripper RDA

Big Dripper RDA review (1)What Sub-Ohm Innovations has basically done is to create the combination of a rebuildable tank atomizer with a true rebuildable dripper.

This creates  a combination of convenience and rebuild capability – the RDTA (Rebuildable Dripping Tank Atomizer).

You’re able to set a single, dual, or quad coil build on this awesome RDTA. The Big Dripper may be treated just like a regular RDA but there are deviations.

It does use the plunger method to inject your vaping juice to the dripper below from the top of the tank, but it does not use the entire atomizer into the well at the bottom.

The cap’s drip tip base area is moved which then is akin to the Atmomixani 3D RDA, it also uses a plunger method too. There is one difference in how you use it.

While it typically is treated the same as an RDA, the wick starts to dry you will only have to press down on the tip.

This avoids having to drip more E Juice onto the wicking or having to take off the cap or top.

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The Build of the Big Dripper RDA

Big Dripper RDA review (4)The deck is a little different from some due to the 13mm, non-removable side walls. This helps prevent leakage issues due to the air flow holes being further away from the base.

The deck itself has recessed grub screws, creating a small chamber.

Some may find that the high deck walls do make it a little harder to install the coil but this will depend on the individual.

It has o-rings that hold it snug and has a three-post arrangement.

It has two cross head screws in the base that hold the two negative posts and the center post is held in by an Alan key grub screw which can be found inside of the post.

You will have to screw in the posts in the sleeve area which do not come with grub screws holding the wire in place.

You have the basic three sections:

  • Tank base
  • Chimney
  • Tank Section

Big Dripper RDA review (2)There are two cyclops slots in the side of the walls of the base and the chimney section has a secure fit so that you get a draw that is not restricted at all.

The center spring assists with the automatic dripper action and the tank section sits snugly in place with the top opening of the chimney so that you don’t get a lot of leakage.

This allows you, instead to get a smooth pumping action against the spring.

How Does it Work?

The method of using the Big Dripper will take a little getting used to for some because instead of having to constantly drip, you press and vape and if you’re not used to it , you can flood the deck or over-juice it.

If you simply press the drip tip twice, you get the juice into the juice well which is convenient, especially if you’ve had a dry hit.

With the reduced chamber, the adjustable dual cyclops air flow, and PEEK insulator, you get great performance and can use it safely when driving – and who doesn’t want to vape while they’re on the road?

Whats in the Box?

  • (1) Big Dripper RDA
  • The Helvapor Big Dripper Clone comes with an accessory bag of tools you’ll need and drip tip.
  • Features of the Big Dripper RDA Everyone Can Appreciate
  • 22mm in Diameter so that it will fit most 22mm Mods Flush
  • Highly Innovative Design and Attractively Machined
  • Full Stainless Steel Construction
  • Adjustable Airflow Control
  • Deep Juice Well
  • Quad Coil Capability
  • Top spring loaded juice flow control
  • Press the drip tip is all you need to drip
  • 510 Connection
  • Traditional 3 post design to perform your favorite builds
  • 5.0ml E-Juice Capacity
  • Made In USA
  • Specs of The Big Dripper
  • Diameter: 22mm
  • Capacity: 5ml
  • Material Construction: Stainless Steel
  • Type: Rebuildable Dripping Tank Atomizer
  • Threading: 510
  • Threading of the Big Dripper RDTA
  • The Big Dripper RDTA has a non-adjustable brass 510 pin connection with a solid stainless deck

Pros and Cons of the Big Dripper RDA


  1. You get a tank and dripper combination
  2. The flavor and vapor is impressive
  3. The wick is saturated fully with the impressive plunger action on the Big Dripper RDTA
  4. The body is sleek (the authentic Big Dripper will come with the logo while the clone may not or will have its own logo)


  1. Getting the position of the coils correct on the deck may be difficult for some users
  2. Installing the coils can be difficult, as the rim of the deck walls come up to about the same level as the holes in the posts. So it can be difficult to slide them in.
  3. It can be a little challenging to reassemble the device, notably the spring

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Final Thoughts on the Big Dripper

This RDABig Dripper RDA review (3) is an excellent choice due to having the option of a combination dripper and tanker, however, the reviews are mostly mixed.

While some have praised this concept, others feel that the build deck is difficult and that the air flow can be hard to work with.

Since you have limited coil placement due to the deck walls having four holes,  the outer sleeve only has two.

Some felt the need to tilt and rotate in order to saturate the coils, which was a hassle.

With that said, the concept was praised all around and the large tank size is a definite advantage.

Throw in the fact that you simply press to vape and you have a good idea that can only get better with future builds.

Plus, you can use your own drip tip and many felt that it gives flavor and vapor similar to a straight dripper with even better quality.

So mainly, the reviews were positive with only a few caveats on the way it is built. You can also use it as a regular dripper if you don’t feel like filling the tanks section. It will just be a bit taller.

Big Dripper RDA | Get it here for $129.99

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