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Billow v2 RDA Tank Review

The Billow v2 is the latest in Ehpro’s line of vaping accessories, and it boasts some welcome improvements over the already capable original. It’s 5mL capacity is retained in a more compact form, and the v2 also has a airflow control ring to replace the old adjustment screws, making it a much more convenient tank for those of us without consistent access to tiny tools. This tank is touted as an equal to the established heavyweights in hybrid tanks such as the Kanger Subtank family, and this Billow v2 review is aimed at finding out just how well it stacks up.

Billow v2 RDA Specs

  • Stainless steel construction
  • 22mm diameter
  • Two-piece chimney
  • Rebuild coils without dumping out your juice
  • Cotton grooves design on deck
  • No more airflow screws
  • AFC ring with bigger airflow hole
  • PEEK insulator
  • Wide bore delrin base drip tip
  • 5ml capacity
  • 510 threading connector

What’s New- Billow v2 RDA

Like the v1, the Billow v2 is a bottom-fill tank with a 5mL capacity, but the design of the unit has been improved to allow much easier access to the build deck. The liquid ports have been enlarged to allow for easier filling, and the one-piece chimney of the original Billow tank has been replaced with a two-piece design on the new model.


The Billow v2 RDA tank exhibits solid performance, and while we’ve seen some other models kick out more raw vapor, the flavor delivered by the Billow was more than a match for pretty much anything else we’ve tested.

Building on the Billow v2 is relatively easy for experienced vapers, although the small build deck can be a little unforgiving. You’ll probably want to err on the side of moistness when it comes to wetting the cotton and like a thicker gauge of wire better, but once everything is all looped and wrapped the Billow v2 does a great job of pumping out consistently warm and flavorful vapor with almost no dry hits through two weeks of use.

Build Quality

Build quality on the Billow v2 tank is substantial, with clean machining and a solid overall feel. The stainless steel body of the Billow has an attractive matte finish, and the Billow also gets major bonus points for being easy to use and fill thanks to its improved design. The airflow control ring is smooth to a minor fault, as it is prone to shifting during random handling. The undersized deck is a function of necessity, but it’s a fact that the post screws are exceedingly tiny and good candidates for stripping.

Compatible Mods

Innokin Disrupter

The Innokin Disrupter is the next generation box mod from the folks who brought you the ever-popular MVP line. The Disrupter features an upgraded internal chip and a range of other improvements, but the most visible new feature is the all-new Innocell battery pack, a proprietary cell designed specifically for this unit and offering extended operational life as well as a choice of fashionable colors. We ran a full review of the Innokin Disrupter relatively recently, so check it out to see what we thought.


The SMOK Xpro BT50 is one of the most robustly featured box mods on the market, featuring a fully aluminum construction and a 50 watt high output chip-set with Bluetooth technology to create one of the most advanced pieces of vaping equipment on the market today. The Xpro’s Bluetooth connectivity enables access to the mod’s settings and controls through a specially developed smartphone app. Obviously, there’s a lot to say about the SMOK Xpro BT50, and we’re said plenty in the full review of the unit.

Compare With…

Arctic Tank

There’s nothing on the market quite like the Billow v2, but the Arctic Tank has its own share of unique characteristics. Like other top tanks, the Arctic features Pyrex and aluminum construction and adjustable airflow. What sets the Arctic Tank apart is its enhanced heat dissipation capabilities, which use a system of vents and heat fins to deliver comfortable operation at power levels up to 100w. For more information about the amazing Arctic Tank, check out our full review here on BC.

Kanger Subtank Plus

The Kanger Subtank line is widely recognized as the first family of hybrid tanks, and the over-sized 7mL capacity of the Plus makes comparison with the Billow relatively fair. The Plus has all the polish vapers have come to expect from Subtanks: outstanding build quality, incredible flavor, tons of vapor. Although its rather rotund form factor may create an awkward look with some mods. Still, it remains one of the best, and you can read all about it in the full BC review of the Kanger Subtank Plus.


We Would Have Liked to See…

While the Billow v2 is a rather well-considered device, some limitations in its design will make it a less than stellar choice for beginners. To start, the building deck is very small, and it’s very easy for an inexperienced builder to create a coil that’s destined for shorting. There could also be a little more airflow available, and those coming from extremely wide open tanks might find the Billow’s draw to be a bit tight.


All things considered, the Billow v2 RDA Tank is a worthy upgrade to the original. A more compact profile with the same large juice capacity should attract some interest from those who own similar units, and once everything is set up the performance is great, but some quirks in the Billow’s design leave it short of the universal appeal it was probably aiming for. Veteran vapers can feel comfortable adding the Billow v2 RDA Tank to their collection, but newcomers should probably steer clear.

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