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Buying Cheap Box Mods | How Box Mods Work

Cheap Box ModThere are plenty of cheap box mods for sale online that many people will find very useful as far as vaping their favorite liquids.

Box mods have plenty advantages they provide, with strong, powerful batteries and options to amp up the wattage or voltage.

Box mods popularity has become a rising trend lately over vape pens. Many people are buying cheap box mods online.

This is the better way to go as far as vaping your favorite e-juices.

How Box Mods Work

How box mods workWhen you buy a box mod you need to make sure that you buy a compatible Top Mod Clearomizer to be able and load your favorite concentrates.

Typically top mods have cotton wicks with a coil wrapped around it to absorb the concentrate.

You make sure you soak your concentrate well, and prime the box mod before using the top mod.

Most top mods come with multiple pieces, so you can clean it well and change its coil.

Changing the coil is necessary every few months as they are inexpensive. The lower the ohms the more vapor is produced.

Having the right top mod coil is important to handle low ohms. The best ohms setting is .5ohms – 1ohms.

This give you a stronger lung hit but less vapor is produced. Box mods usually are 510 threaded and come with removable 18650 batteries to support the strong wattage and high temperatures.

What Box Mod Should You Buy?

There are many different cheap box mods to buy online, finding the right one will take some time to research.

Making sure you find a box mod that contains a high quality clearomizer is one of the most important things you need to worry about.

For e-juices, 50 watts is plenty for thick vaping sessions. It all depends what you are trying to do. Getting the right e-juice makes all the difference.

If you are trying to cut down on cigarettes, you would want to get a higher PG 70%/VG 30% ratio.

This gives the cigarette experience for the throat, so there’s nothing different using this type of juice.

Higher VG juices are thicker and give you bigger clouds. Box mods with low ohms are best with this type of juice viscosity to deliver huge clouds.

Best Box Mods To Buy

The best box mods to buy always will have an OLED screen with wattage/voltage settings and an indicator of the ohms produced to the top mod.

Making sure your top mod can handle low ohms is important to avoid short circuiting the coil rendering it useless.

Buying a box mod with easy charging methods is the best for handy use all day.

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