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Central Vapors E Juice Sample Pack Review

Central Vapors often address themselves as “one-stop for everything vapor”.

Same goes for their amazing selection of Vape Juice Sample Packs.

All of their ingredients are sourced from the US with USP grade, kosher certified PG/VG and lab-tested nicotine, even the tobacco is hand-picked from within the US.

These vape liquids are manufactured daily to ensure freshness and high quality.

Sample Packs

central vapors sample packsThese vape juices are available in dropper plastic bottles and more than 100 varieties of e-liquids are available.

So definitely, it is difficult to make the right choice from the huge array of e-liquids.

Central Vapors provide a pack of 5 e-liquids as a sampler pack. The user can order these vaping juices online from their site

The can customize the level of nicotine, VG/PG, and choose the capacity of the bottle from among 10ml, 30 ml, and 50 ml.

All these combinations add up to more than 2000 customized options for the customers.

Options and combinations

The 100+ flavors can be divided into sub-categories-

  1. Candy
  2. Coffee And Tea
  3. Cereal
  4. Cinnamon
  5. Dessert
  6. Menthols And Mints
  7. Drinks
  8. Fruits
  9. Tobacco

A vape enthusiast has to make a sampler pack choosing e-juices from these categories.

He can choose the e juices from any one single category if he prefers those flavors.


We suggest that the vaper should select from different categories to get the taste of varied flavors.

Popular Flavors

Drinks, coffee and tea

These are beverages flavors which are hot, cold, strong or mild.

Try the new sweet peach tea or the apple cider e-juice.

The fruit beer floats, Texas tea, and the flavorless juice are a few of the options.

Fruit flavors and dessert

They are hot favorites as they deliver a combination of tangy, succulent, and sweet tastes.

Grapefruit, green apple, and Caribbean coconut e-juice are tasty flavors and the Papa Smurf E-juice is currently a bestseller.

The fruit lovers have a huge range to choose from.

Try the caramel cheesecake or the coconut cream pie for a nice vaping kick.

Menthol’s and mints

It is great to have that extra punch of mint in your vaping juice. It leaves you wanting for more after every puff.

Fire and Ice, Strawberry Ice, Arctic rush, or the simple spearmint e-juice, you can pick any of these amazing options.


These draw you close to the real experience because of their authentic flavors.

The Smoothport e-juice, Original Tobacco e-juice, Turkish tobacco, or the American tobacco, you can pick any of them and be assured of great taste and flavor.


Central vapors provides a treat for cinnamon lovers.

There is a vast collection of cinnamon flavored e-juices.

Get the taste of cinnamon rolls and enjoy the fiery apple, fireball, or the ever popular Fire and ice e-juices for a spicy or soothing treat.

CINNAMON, LEMONADE, GRAPEFRUIT, and PINEAPPLE FLAVORS can burst the plastic tanks, please be careful and check the e-juice page before placing orders.

About Central Vapors

Central VaporsCentral Vapors is a vaping shop based in Texas, USA.

They strive to deliver superior vaping liquids and hardware at great prices.

Their juices are lab tested and real-time experiments of nicotine concentrations are performed to ensure satisfaction to the customers.

Final Thoughts on the Sample Packs

For customers who are trying the Central Vapors e-liquids for the first time, a sample pack is a great option.

It gives the customer an option to choose from 5 different varieties. He can customize the flavors and order smaller bottles for the first trail.

The nicotine and VG/PG levels can be adjusted as per liking.

The user can order small capacity bottles which come at very affordable prices.

The sample packs are like the combo packs which are available at great discounts and offers.

All these e-juices have been tested for quality.

They are freshly made every day to maintain their true flavors.

The sample packs are a great way to introduce a variety of your products to the customers.

Since they are well priced, the customers try the flavors, like the taste, and come back for more.

With so many options, Central vapors have the ideal choice of flavors for all kinds of customers.

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