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Choose The Best Vape Battery Charger For You

For the vape lovers, it is very important to choose the right vape battery charger for their device. There are many important factors that one needs to consider while buying a battery charger for your vape. Some of these factors are speed, accuracy and safety.

How Do Vape Chargers Work?

Like any other chargers, battery chargers of a vape work the same way. You just have attach the batteries to the allotted slots in your charger with the (-) sign on negative side and (+) sign on the positive side.

Once you attach the batteries, the plug-in the charger. The LED light will be switched on as soon as you switch on the charger. Once the battery is fully charged that you can see in the LCD display equipped in some chargers, you can switch it off. This is how the vape battery chargers work.

1: Efest Soda Dual Charger

This is one of the best chargers that supports 2 batteries at a time. This charger is built with a good quality material for excellent durability. The best part is the red light indicators that are located at the bottom.

This red light indicates whether or not the charge is going on. If the light is not on then the batteries are not charging. Thus, it gets convenient for you to understand. It also helps to charge up your batteries quite fast.

2: Efest Pro C2 Charger

This is a great vape battery charger which is compatible with many models such as 10440, 14500, 16340, 17670 and many more. It is a two-bay 1A charger which is built with a strong and durable material.

The texture of the charger is non-slip mat which will prevent slipping off from your hand. It also comes with LED Light indicator for showing whether not the battery is charging. It is one of the best chargers that you should buy.

3: Nitecore D4

This charger can support 4 batteries at a time. This is undoubtedly the best and most efficient charger that shows the amount of charge remaining or how much it has been charged up.

By this, it gets easier for you to know the status of the battery charge. It is built with intelligent circuit for superb performance. The charger is also made up of high quality material which is also resistant to fire. It supports AA, AAA, AAAA and C batteries.

4: Efest LUC V4 LCD Universal Charger

There are total 4 charging slots in this battery charger for your vape. It also has a LCD display for displaying some essential information about the battery such as charging status. So, according to the status you can stop the charging and use it immediately if you want. 

5: Efest LUC V6 LCD Universal Charger

There are total 6 charging slots in this vape battery charger. Just like the previous one, it also comes with a LCD Display that displays the current status of the batteries.

It comes with several features like over-voltage protection, over-current protection, short circuit protection and also reverse polarity protection.

6: Nitecore D2

This charger provides 2 slots for charging your vape batteries at a time. It supports batteries like AA, AAA, AAAA and C. This charger is designed in such a way that it provides top safety while using it.

The material used for this charger is 100 % fire retardant. It has a worldwide insurance and is compatible with wide range if batteries. 

7: Efest Pro C4 Charger

It has 4 slots for vape batteries to charge at a time. This charger comes with a battery life LED indicator for better convenience. Even the texture of the material by which this charger is made up of is completely non-slip mat. This is for better safety while you use this charger.

So, these are the top battery chargers for your vape. You can choose any one vape battery charger out for this according to your needs and choice. All of these chargers are really great providing different types of services.

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