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Cigavette Coupon Code | Vaping Coupon

Cigavette is an online vendor of premium and affordable nicotine vapor products.

From disposables to refill cartridges, e cigars and accessories, Cigavette is your online electronic cigarette store.

You can save money at Cigavette but to save even more, we have a Cigavette coupon code you can use on the site.

Starter Packs

Cigavette has starter packs in quite a few nicotine levels.

  • Super – 24mg
  • Full – 18mg
  • Light – 12mg
  • Ultra Light – 6mg
  • Zero – 0mg
  • Menthol is available in 0 – 24mg

Cigavette Series Starter Packs have everything you need to use. Cigavette’s tobacco free E Cigarettes.

Cigavette uses the most advanced state-of-the-art technology, ensuring quality and safety in every pack.

Cigavette packs are a two piece system (battery and cartridge) that is simple and easy to use providing the most value in electronic nicotine vapor devices.

Here is what comes in the starter kit:

  • 1 Premiere Premium 3.1 inch / 280mah / 4.2v Battery
  • LED Simulated Flame Tip available in Orange, Red, and Blue
  • Battery available in White, Black, and Stainless
  • 2 Premiere Super (24mg) Cartridges (Pre-filled and Heat Sealed)
  • Signature Premium Blend Tobacco Flavor
  • 1 USB INTELLA Battery Charger

E Hookah Flavors in Singles

Each Cigavette E Hookah is a full flavor rush with a hookah-style manual puff. Thanks to advanced technology, these disposable one-piece systems are easy to use and provides the most value in electronic nicotine vapor.

They come in five flavors: Strawberry, Daiquiri, Choclatini, Berrylicious, Peach, Bellini, and Vanilla Bean. Each E Hookah single comes with the following:

  • Choice of any 5 (five) flavors
  • Smooth Vapor – E Hookah “puff” experience
  • Medium – Nicotine content (11mg)
  • LED lights in a trio of colors
  • 100% disposable E Hookah which means no battery to charge

Along with starter packs and E Hookah singles, Cigavette also has sets, E Cigars, disposables, accessories, and more.

Pretty much everything you need for vaping is right there in their online shop and you can get it at a discounted price that adds to the pleasure of convenient shopping.

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