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Classic Vape Co Premium E-juice Review

Featuring 3 different, equally enticing flavors (Platinum Chalice, Club House and Yacht Club), The Classic Vape Co.’s Black Label E Juice Line is the perfect choice for adventurous, yet inexperienced vapers looking for a unique combination of flavors.

Guaranteed to satisfy even the most eclectic of tastes, The Classic Black Label – 3 Flavors features three wonderfully tasting e-juices with a unique twist. Highly recommended.

Club House – The Classic Black Label

A sophisticated and exciting choice, The Classic Black Label e-juice is a combination of caramel, double chocolate and cinnamon. This is an incredible desert vape – it smells and tastes great.

The only downside could be the fact that it is slightly more expensive than similar products out there, but once you get a taste of it you will know exactly where the extra money went. Highly recommended for vapers looking for a sophisticated desert e-juice.

Yacht Club – The Classic Black Label

Next in line is the Yacht Club – Classic Black Label vaping juice, a unique combination of creamy peanut butter and banana, mixed into an authentic horchata.

This is one of the best desert e-juices available today – rich texture, lovely taste and an amazing combination of unique features, carefully blended into what’s called Yacht Club – The Classic Black Label.

Legacy 650 – The Classic Black Label

Rarely do we ever come across a vapor liquid as unique as the Legacy 650 – The Classic Black Label. This is a subtle, sweet vaping juice packing a punch.

Great combination of wonderfully tasting fruits and the prefect treat vape after a good meal or a desert. Perhaps best enjoyed with a cup of coffee or tea, the Legacy 650 – The Classic Black Label is certainly a real treat.

Green Jacket – The Classic Black Label

The Green Jacket – The Classic Black Label is an exclusive blend of powerful passion fruit and the sweet grapefruit juice. This is a high quality e-juice, made for budget-conscious customers looking for something new – a fresh experience featuring different well-balanced flavors.

Although not really meant to be a desert vape, the Green Jacket – The Classic Black Label is a lovely sweet and sour combo. A great sweet treat and a great overall flavor will satisfy those who are used to sweet-tasting juices, but are yet looking for something new and exciting.

Platinum Chalice – The Classic Black Label

Platinum Chalice – The Classic Black label is a smooth e-liquid that combines the juiciest strawberry, pineapple, blueberry and banana imaginable in a very unique way.

Utilizing different smooth and fruity tastes of this vape juice and turning it into a perfectly balanced set of colors and flavors. Great ingredients, smoothy flavor and a lovely, balanced blend. What more could one ask for?

Diamond Status – The Classic Black Label

Diamond Status – The Classic Black Label is a bubblegum e-liquid, a unique product in all aspects that promises and delivers a lot.

This Premium E-Juice by High Class Vape Co features Gourmet Guava and Pear, incorporated into a unique bubblegum flavor.

Not too strong, but not too light either – a great, tasty vapor liquid that will satisfy your palates, even if you’ve tried every e-juice under the sun.

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