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Classified E liquids Review | Vape Juice

Is it just too predictable that there’s not too much information out there on Classified e Juices?

Here’s what we know: the Classified line of e Juice products is brought to you by the alchemists behind Ben Jonson’s e liquids.

This vape juice company was founded in 2013 in So Cal, premium e Juice from Classified take a more refined spin on DIY e Juice, creating complex flavor blends that put new twists on old favorite flavor combinations.

Classified offers just 6 handcrafted flavors of liquid in its lineup, and we’ve tried every last one as a service to you, the reader.

Classified E Liquid Flavors

Classified eLiquids flavors are inspired by the fast paced urban life of the company’s founders and created as the ideal momentary escape from the constant stresses of life in the concrete jungle.

These juices are packed with authentic fruit flavor, and are available in nicotine strengths of 0mg, 6mg, and 12mg.

Crisp (Green Apple – Watermelon)

The focus of Crisp is its’ fresh apple flavor which dominates the inhale. Don’t think Jolly Rancher candy, the apple flavor of Crisp is closer to that of a real tree-raised apple.

A sweet watermelon finish accents the exhale, although it comes through much more clearly at higher power settings.

Crisp was the most popular choice for an all day vape, as the juicy flavor of fresh apples just about never gets old.

Delight (Peach – Berry Cobbler)

Peach-berry cobbler is aimed more at your sweet tooth, blending warm peach flavor and the tartness of blueberries to create a delicious sweet treat.

However, it’s not all about the sugar content, as a rich cinnamon undertone cuts through the sweetness before it becomes overpowering and the mild essence of a flaky crust is also readily apparent on the exhale.

As an added bonus, Delight has a lingering flavor that brings you back to a real bite of fresh baked cobbler, so this flavor is even a hit after you put your mod down.

Fusion (Blueberry – Passion Fruit Tea)

Blueberry passion fruit tea is an exotic blend of flavors created to remind vapers of a refreshing drink on the beach.

Bold blueberry flavor meets tropical fruit with a hint of earthy tea flavor to create a complex eJuice that might be even better after a few weeks of steeping.

(For more on why that matters, check out our comprehensive guide to steeping eJuice here on BC.)

Indulge (Custard Pudding Cake)

This vanilla custard inspired juice delivers the sweetness and creaminess of frosted birthday cake without being obnoxious about it, toning down the sugar rush with a drier finish that’s somewhere between vanilla pudding and yellow cake.

If you’re a fan of cake, you have to give this Classified blend a try.

Keen (Kiwi – Blueberry – Apple)

Keen is a delightful fusion of kiwi, blueberry and apple, and after tasting it we wonder why those fruits don’t seem to hang out very often.

Tangy blueberry is the star of the show, with crisp apple essence serving to mellow out the in your face tartness, and kiwi providing a subtle twist that makes this flavor deliciously addictive.

Keen isn’t a sugary syrup, the fruit flavors are blended to mimic their harvested counterparts as closely as possible, and that smoothness really helps this liquid separate itself from other fruit flavored juices.

Plush (Banana Souffle)

Plush is the perfect flavor for lovers of banana, as this juice partners realistic banana flavor with the essence of vanilla custard before finishing the concoction with a hit of delicious caramel.

Plush is another flavor that can be made even better with a week or two of steeping to develop the custard and caramel flavors, but it delivers plenty of bright banana flavor right out of the box.

Classified e Juices might be a relatively low-key outfit, but the secret about the quality of their e Juices is spreading fast.

Their handcrafted production and premium ingredients mean a slightly higher price point than some other manufacturers, but the quality and flavor is certainly worth it.

If you’re looking for a new juice maker with some interesting new flavors, Classified is definitely an excellent choice.

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