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Cloupor Mini 30w Review

With offerings from iPV, Sigelei, Innokin and other big name vapesmiths, the mini mod division seems to be expanding on a weekly basis, and all signs indicate that early 2015 is time for new entries into the class to put up or shut up.

The little cousin of the Cloupor box mod family, the Cloupor Mini Box Mod is designed to give users some of the power and functionality of its popular T6 and T8 models in a pared down piece of pocket perfection.

Today’s review of the Cloupor Mini 30w Box Mod will explore whether dedicated fans of the brand have something new to discover or if it’s a forgettable face in an increasingly crowded room.


  • Dimensions: 77.5mm (H) x 36mm (W) x 22mm (D)
  • Anodized Aluminum Body
  • Adjustable 510 Connection
  • Variable Wattage (7-30W)
  • Variable Voltage (3.6-7.0V)
  • Output power: 7W-30W
  • USB Passthrough Technology

What’s New- Cloupor Mini 30w Box Mod

cloupor miniThe newly upgraded internal regulator of the Cloupor Mini 30w yields power output and resistance ratings to the nearest hundredth, allowing for more accurate readouts.

This meticulous measurement system also allows safer sub-ohm vaping, so cloud chasers might want to take a look at this one.

Another departure from more conventional designs is the magnetic bay door on the unit which replaces the popular screw-down door.

This improvement is intended to enable more convenient access for maintenance and battery switching, and it’s nice to know not every box mod manufacturer expects the average vaper to carry tiny tools on their person each day.

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Batteries not included?

efest 18650 battery


The Cloupor Mini 30 Watt mod takes a single 18650 type battery, however, the battery is not included with the unit.

We advise picking up one or two if you decide on the Cloupor Mini. You know what, buy more batteries either way. You can never have too many, right?

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Charger the can charge your phone

The Cloupor Mini 30w is one of the few units we’ve tested with interchangeable batteries that supports internal USB charging as well as external battery charging.

trustfire charger


The Cloupor Mini even includes passthrough functionality that enables the mod to be used while the battery is being charged, but if you’re like us and have multiple batteries on hand, the Trustfire charger is a solid investment to pair with your new device.

It charges multiple battery types, including up to four 18650 type batteries, so you’ll never run out of juice for your Cloupor Mini Box Mod.

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Voltage and Wattage for the Cloupor

Voltage memeIt may not come as a surprise that the Cloupor Mini 30w features variable wattage adjustable from 7 to 30 watts.

The mini mod also packs in variable voltage that can be set from 3.6 to 7.0 volts for even more control over vapor flavor temperature, and throat hit.


Threading and Build Quality

The Cloupor Mini 30 watt has standard 510 threading as well as an adaptor to accommodate accessories of differing pin lengths, making it compatible with the majority of popular tanks and clearomizers on the market.

Build quality is above average with the Cloupor Mini Mod.  The small size of the device is offset by the substantial weightiness and overall feeling in the hand lent to it by its anodized aluminum construction, and the buttons are responsive if a tiny bit loose feeling.

The adjustable 510 connection of the Cloupor 30w is another plus for the mini mod, and they even included a third identical adaptor for when you lose the first two that came in the box.

Safety Features for the Cloupor Mini

Everyone knows internal charging is a convenient feature for a box mod, but the Cloupor Mini 30w Box Mod is also built for stability with overcharge protection to prevent damage due to excessive charging.

The Cloupor Mini also features reverse polarity protection to protect the unit from the worst effects of an incorrectly inserted battery.

Concerns about the Cloupor 30w Box Mod

Minor complaints about the Cloupor Mini include a small delay when the device is fired out of its sleep state, which can be a bit annoying in a first world kind of way.

The magnetic battery cover also could have been somewhat stronger, but we think it’ll stay on pretty well unless you run out of pucks for your game of rooftop hockey and need an expensive substitute.

Lefties Need Love Too

From the first scribbles in a composition book all the way through to a first driving test and beyond, most left-handed people become used to living in a world built for those who use their correct hand to do human things.

Regardless, Cloupor saw fit to include them in their design considerations as well by offering a Left-Handed Mode along with the standard operation to make vaping just a bit easier for the sinister individuals cursed to be forever backward within their own body.

Similar Mods

Cloupor T8

cloupor t8 review header


While it’s not exactly for beginners with its intimidating power and fairly involved upkeep, advanced vapers will likely find that the new Cloupor T8 suits their purposes.

The Cloupor T8 150w appears to be everything experienced vapers have come to expect from the Cloupor brand

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Sigelei 100w

sigelei 100w review header

The Sigelei 100 Mod adds one of the most advanced status detection systems we’ve ever seen in a mod of this type.

This helps keep its massive power under control.

Another nifty feature is the automatic required wattage detector, which bases the operating wattage on the level of draw resistance provided by a particular atomizer.

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Best Clearomizer for the Cloupor Mini 30w Box Mod

Kanger Subtank Nano

subtank-nano-review-header1You can’t have a high-quality vape like this attached to some cheap plastic tank vape shops practicaly pay people to take out of their stores, so if you’re looking for a tank worthy of your new Cloupor Mini Box Mod, try the Kanger Subtank Nano.

It doesn’t have the RBA mode of the Subtank Mini and OG Subtank, but as a pure tank it’s hard to beat, with it’s adjustable airflow and organic cotton coils that deliver cleaner, more distinctive flavor in every draw.

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Aspire Nautilus Mini

aspire nautilus mini review headerAspire turned a lot of heads with its brand new coil design, the Bottom Vertical Coil. Engineered for maximum flavor, the specially designed coils also last longer and interfere much less with the flavor of eJuices thanks to the absence of a wick.

We took a look a the Aspire Nautilus here on BC, so check it out if you’re looking for a capable clearomizer to use with your Cloupor Mini mod.

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Vista Vapors Free E Juice Offer!

Vista Vapor

Vista Vapors is an American based company from Minnesota and is a rising e juice vendor. They give you over 160 different flavors to ponder over, and you can customize each juice bottle with just the right amount of nicotine with optional ‘flavor shots’.

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Final Thoughts

cloupor miniOverall, the Cloupor 30w Box Mod is everything we’ve come to expect from the manufacturer, just a size down.

It has plenty of power to deliver solid vapor production with both PG and VG heavy juices, and the variable voltage and wattage allow every vape enthusiast to tinker around and discover the ideal settings to truly experience their favorite blend for the first time.

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Share Your Thoughts

The Cloupor Mini Mod is a well-designed, well-appointed device and a credible entry into the growing mini box mod field.  It has its mild shortcomings like most other mods in this class, but many who choose the Cloupor Mini make it their daily companion, and that’s the review that matters to us.

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