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Cloupor T5 Box Mod Review

In this Cloupor T5 review, we are going to look at the newest mod from Cloupor.

Not only does this mod feature an innovative, humanized design, but it gives a better vaping experience.

Cloupor is known for their quality products and attention to detail and the T5 is no different in superior production and build.

Amazing Features on the Cloupor T5 That You’ll Love

Cloupor t5First of all is the look of this mod.

It has what the manufacturer calls a humanized feel to it.

This simply means it looks and feels more ergonomic, or has a more comfortable and natural fit in your hand.

It is made out of 6061 aluminum and this is the same material used in manufacturing aircraft because it’s more sturdy, stronger, and doesn’t corrode easily.

The weight is also lighter even though the material is strong enough to withstand a lot of wear and tear.

The shape of the Cloupor T5 is a tapered, ergonomic look that flows well.

The screen runs down the length of the device and the two buttons are down near the bottom.

These menu buttons sit flush with the device and are made out of plastic but that doesn’t mean it has a cheaper look or feel to it at all.

The screen is very impressive with an OLED display that comes on when the device is turned on.

You’ll see the logo screen first with the numbers falling – similar to the Matrix look.

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The Display Menu Shows:

  • How much charge is left on your battery
  • Wattage setting you have currently
  • Coil resistance
  • Voltage is being drawn when the device is fired
  • Temperature of the CPU that is in the device
  • Number of puffs you have taken

Cloupor T5 (2)There are also error messages that are displayed when there is an error and these messages include: shorted, check atomizer, too low, too cool, and low power.

These are thankfully not written with codes but instead you get the actual wording in English so that you always know what is going on with your mod device.

Awesome Cloupor T5 Mod Features

  1. Awesome appearance and very comfortable to grip
  2. Innovative welcome screen
  3. Instead of a screen lock, it can be turned off
  4. Extra large OLED screen: 64*128 dpi
  5. Display battery power in percentages as well as graphics
  6. Accumulated vaping puffs are displayed
  7. Board comes with self- heat dissipation
  8. Shows notice when charging by USB
  9. Output power: 7W-50W
  10. Output voltage: 3.6V—9.3V
  11. Can be built on with a 0.2ohm-3.6ohm atomizer
  12. Suitable for 18650 batteries
  13. Reverse battery protection so no worrying about installing the battery improperly
  14. Chip is totally designed by Cloupor
  15. CPU temperature control system, it will stop working automatically once over temperature warning, which is much safer to use
  16. Adjustable 510 pin

Cloupor T5 Specs

  • Name: T5
  • Manufacturer: Cloupor
  • Main Material: 6061 ALUMINUM
  • Atomizer Connection: Adjustable 510 pin
  • Key Feature: variable Wattage 7 – 50 Watts, Error Messages
  • Battery Size: 18650
  • Battery Contacts: Solid brass connections
  • Firing Mechanism: Microprocessor / Electric Switch
  • Locking Mechanism: Electronic
  • Built in Safety: Short Circuit Protection, Temperature Control, and Reverse Battery Protection
  • Mod Width: Oval Major Axis – 43.06mm, Oval Minor Axis – 38.23mm
  • Mod Height: 111mm Weight (without battery): 183g

Voltage and Watts on the Cloupor T5 Mod

  • Output Power: 7W-50W (variable wattage in .1 increments)
  • Output Voltage: 3.6V—9.3V

What Comes in the Box for the Cloupor T5

  • (1) Cloupor T5 Mod
  • (1) Retractable USB charging Cable.
  • (1) Small Philips head screw driver.
  • (1) Small Black Plastic box containing spare screws.
  • (1) Instruction Booklet

Threading for the Cloupor T5

As with most mods, you’ll find that the Cloupor T5 has an adjustable 510 connection that is made out of brass material.

You can adjust it easily simply by unscrewing or screwing in the brass screw and this means that you can easily flush mount any of your tanks or drippers.

Battery Choice for the Cloupor T5

There is not a battery that comes with the Cloupor T5 Mod in the box, but the one that is used is the 18650 battery.

There are a few brands that are recommended which include the AW IMR, the Panasonic CGR, and the Sony VTC4.

The battery lasts a decent while unless you’re using the maximum wattage.

At regular use around 20 watts, you should get about 14 hours but with high wattage, you can burn up the battery in less than a couple of hours, so keep that in mind.

Best Deal on the Cloupor T5 is where you can find the Cloupor T5 and can even get a lower price if you want to purchase in bulk.

You still get everything that comes with the Cloupor T5, including the impressive wood grain box that it comes in.

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How to Use the Cloupor T5

To use the Cloupor T5, here are a few instructions:

  1. To turn it on you simply click it five times and this works to turn it off as well
  2. To increase the wattage, press the upper menu button
  3. To decrease the wattage, press the lower menu button
  4. To switch between normal mode and stealth mode where the display is turned off, hold the fire button and the lower menu button at the same time.
  5. To unlock the wattage increase or decrease options, hold down both of the menu buttons

Mods Similar to the Cloupor T5

There are a few mods that are somewhat similar to the Cloupor T5. While you won’t find the same look to these mods, you may find the same functionality in the following:

Best Clearomizers for the Cloupor T5 Mod

There are quite a few clearomizers that you can use on the Cloupor T5 and it really depends on your absolute favorite. Here are a few that you may like:

  1. Kanger Subtank
  2. Aspire Atlantis
  3. Joyetech Delta II
  4. eLeaf Melo
  5. Goblin
  6. SMOK Gimlet
  7. Aqua V2
  8. Matrix
  9. Lemo

Safety Measures for the Cloupor T5

The Cloupor T5 has short circuit protection, temperature protection, and reverse battery protection.

As with any mod like this, you should have working knowledge of electronic equipment since these are not for the beginner.

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Final Thoughts

Cloupor T5 (1)The Cloupor T5 looks and feels aesthetically pleasing and, the most important thing, you get good clean clouds with great taste. Some have noted a few issues with the firmware of the device.

Others have loved it and had no issues at all.

It is comfortable enough to fit in your hand easily but large enough that it doesn’t tip over due to the width.

Overall, it looks great and performs well. It should give you exactly the flavor and clouds you’re looking for in a mod.

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