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Cloupor T6 Review

The Cloupor T6 is one of the first variable wattage mods that was made by Shenzhen Cloupor Technology.

The manufacturer has been around for a while and is known for many of their other products but it seems that they might really be picking up the pace with this mod.

In fact it might even seem like they are trying to get ahead of their competition with some of the features and benefits that this mod will offer you.

There have been a number of precursors to this box mod.

The Cloupor T6 box mod really shows improvements from all of these previous models. It does not overheat like the original DNA mod did. It has improved in all areas where the T2 missed the mark.

While the T3 was great, the T6 just seeks to make this top selling design even better than it was before.

The T5 was popular but had issues after new software was installed so once again the units were found to be overheating.

Thankfully all of these kinks have been worked out and the T6 offers safe vaping and up to 100W of power which was not a level of power that had been seen with the earlier models.

What’s New – Cloupor T6 Box Mod

Cloupor T6 The Cloupor T6 comes to you in a box that is beautifully packaged. In fact if you are looking to give a mod as a gift then this is one of my personal top choices because it has such a beautiful presentation and looks so nice.

It also comes with a number of spare parts so that means that you are going to have everything that you need. Even the first of what is needed for repairs that you might need in the future.

One of the things that I wanted to mention in this Cloupor T6 review is that the box actually has a scratch off code on it.

You can go to the brand’s website and enter this code so that you can make sure that the box mod that you received is authentic.

This is a nice little feature that you will appreciate if you are worried about authenticity as many of us are.

Cloupor T6 Breakdown

The Cloupor T6 Mod is very lightweight out of the box. It is fashioned from aluminum but I have noticed that it feels much lighter than some of my other aluminum box mods. It is solid and feels good.

Many users have complained about or questioned the quality of the box mod when holding it because it just does not feel as solid as some of the others that are available in the same price range. This does not mean that the quality is different but there is a bit of a hollow feeling as it is very lightweight.

The buttons on the Cloupor T6 vape mod are solid and smooth. They are located on the right side. The mod also has a display window. Personally it is nice that the buttons do not rattle at all when you are using them.

There are a lot of vent holes on the box mod. It also features a battery cover that has magnetic closures that are very solid. Once the cover is put together it actually does not move at all. It is held very firmly in place.

It is easy to attach your atomizer to the Cloupor T6 box mod because of the smooth copper 510 threading. You will like that you can easily make your atomizer flush with the mod as well so that it not only looks good but makes vaping easier.

There is a small screwdriver in the kit that can help you adjust the 510 pin to make sure that you get a great fit with your choice of atomizer. When you first see the box mod it is not that impressive. In fact the Cloupor T6 mod looks just like the majority of the mods on the market today.

There is nothing wrong with the appearance but there is really nothing special about it. It has an anodized finish that is smooth and available in your choice of colors.

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Is It The Perfect Mod?

One of the most annoying things for any vaper is to have a mod that leaks. There is a seem that runs along the length of the mod so there is more potential for leakage with this mod than with some of the others that you can find today.

It does have a tendency to have some leaks but nothing major. These can all easily be cleaned up and it did not appear to affect the function or to leak where it would hurt any of the connections or other materials that are inside the mod.

The charging port is located on the bottom of the device which makes it nearly impossible to vape and charge at the same time. You can attempt but if you are not careful you can easily end up with a mess on you hands.

This is something that many vapers complain about with other mods so it is surprising to see it on a mod that is as new as the Cloupor T6.


  • Made From Aluminum
  • Battery – Intended 26650 Battery
  • Additional Battery – Will Also Work with the 18650 Battery
  • Dimensions – 98 mm x 48 mm x 30 mm
  • Weight – 135 grams
  • Threading – 510 (adjustable)
  • Four Color Choices – Silver, Red, Blue, Black

Using Your Cloupor T6

Cloupor T6 ModThe Cloupor T6 vape mod is really simple to use. You will first need to install your batteries. Now where other mods might turn on by themselves, this is not the case with the T6.

To turn on the mod you just need to click on the fire button 5 times within 3 seconds. This is the same pattern that you need to acquire in order to be able to turn off the mod.

Once you have powered on the mod you are going to see a special screen that only comes up when the mod is first being turned on.

The display screen comes on when the mod is ready. When you are looking at the display screen you will be able to see the battery life that the mod has, wattage, atomizer resistance, voltage, temperature, and puff counter.

This screen has everything that you need to know but with the design it can be confusing at first to know which numbers mean what. Once you have it down then it is easy to remember and easy for you to use.


  • Variable Wattage – 7W – 100W
  • Battery Choice – 26650 or 18650
  • Voltage – 3.6V – 9.3V
  • USB Charging
  • Resistance .2 ohm – 4.0 ohms
  • Connection – 510 Pin that is Adjustable
  • Protection Against Overheating
  • Reverse Battery Protection (This means you can’t install the battery the
  • wrong way!!)
  • Temperature Control
  • Magnet Battery Cover
  • Mod Can Be Turned Off
  • Overcharge Protection

Special Features

There are many special features that need to be mentioned in a Cloupor T6 review. One of these is that the mod is going to remember your last puff count and wattage.

This is great for those who like to vape the same all of the time and hate having to mess with getting the mod ready to vape that way.

This same feature is available after you have powered off the device when you power it on. Do not worry if you accidentally run out of battery power while using it because it is going to stay the same then too.

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What’s Included?

  • 1 x Cloupor T6 box mod
  • 1 x retractable USB cable
  • 1 x user manual
  • 1 x screw driver
  • spare parts package (includes a number of spare parts that you might need including magnets which are not usually included with a mod)

Final Thoughts on the Cloupor T6

Cloupor T6 Box ModThe Cloupor T6 was one mod that I was excited to check out because of the previous models and things that I really liked with them. Since this promised to solve all of the problems of these different various models I was hoping to have something that was truly unique and special with this mod.

This mod does have some great features but it appears that there are still a few kinks that need to be worked out before this mod is perfect and working like it should.

In fact there are many things about this mod that I am not a big fan of but they are all things that I can deal with.

I would recommend this mod to someone who is not a very active vaper or to someone who has not used a mod before.

This mod is easy to use and works well but does not have the additional power that expert vapers are seeking out.

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