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Cool Fire 2 Mod Review

Innokin had a blast when they created the Cool Fire 2 mod. It’s a 18350 variable wattage mod that stands out from the crowd with its unique hand grenade shape and styling. This form factor does more than make the mod look cool, it’s also an ergonomic design intended to fit in the palm of your hand for easy operation.  With that in mind, let’s get right to the good stuff and find out whether its’ function can come close to matching its eye-catching form.


  • Dimensions: 3.25″ x 1.5″
  • Variable Wattage: 7.0-12.5
  • Battery Level Indicator
  • Reverse Battery Protection Circuit
  • Anti Short-Circuit Features
  • LED Battery Power Display.
  • Low Voltage Warning
  • 10 seconds switch cutoff
  • Vent holes for battery safety


At a first glance, operating the Cool Fire II may seem less than intuitive, but the device tries to lead you along as best it can: The LED light blinks from red to yellow to green when the battery is installed, and from there you can press the power button three times to activate it.

To set the desired wattage, turn the control wheel in the appropriate direction until there is an audible click, then check to ensure the device is set to the correct wattage. To fire the batteries and release vapor, press the button at the side of the unit and draw for up to 10 seconds.

Cool Fire 2 Upgrades


cool fire 2 vwThe Cool Fire 2 features a variable wattage setting adjusted with a control ring, and users can choose wattage ranging from 7.0 to 12.5 to tailor their vaping experience to their taste.

It also has a battery life indicator to let you know when it’s time for a charge along with a number of advanced safety features to make dealing with this advanced mod a bit less intimidating.

As for the performance of the unit, all indications are that there will be very few disappointments with the Innokin Cool Fire II. The sleek grenade-style form factor is pretty much a universal hit with staff and observers all remaking on the general awesomeness of its look.

Whether it’s something you want to take to an airport is debatable, but the grenade styling works aesthetically and provides the promised comfort in the hand during use, so that’s all we can really ask.

The Cool Fire II also produces excellent vapor volume and quality, since that’s sort of important as well, and dense clouds of vapor are easy to achieve even at lower voltage and wattage settings.  The battery life indicator is easy to interpret, with a full charge represented by a green light, a partial charge by a yellow light, and a red light signifying it’s time to stop vaping and find an outlet.

This unit is compatible with a range of tanks and accessories, making it ideal for those who like to experiment with their setup. Build quality is rated as solid for regular use, carrying enough heft to be substantial at its size of about 3 by 2 inches without feeling like a paperweight in your pocket.

The Cool Fire II might be a tiny bit bulky for some users, but overall the weight is reasonable for the caliber unit it is. As for the portability aspect, the unit hasn’t leaked during travel testing and the 10-second cutoff is surprisingly useful for when keys or a smartphone decide they want to push the firing button.

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Compatible Batteries

18350 battery

The Innokin Cool Fire II is compatible with 18350 size IMR flat top Li-Ion batteries with a PCB control circuit, which contribute to its status as a somewhat advanced unit, and while some users report that button top batteries of the same type are an acceptable substitute, it seems like the kind of thing we should trust the manufacturer on.

Li-Ion batteries require a degree of care and maintenance for safety and proper operation, and low-quality batteries may explode, burn or leak if improperly handled, so be mindful that despite its looks, the Cool Fire is even less of a toy than most other vaping products.

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Charging Equipment

trustfire chargerThe batteries recommended for the Cool Fire II should be charged with a compatible Trustfire charger such as a TR-001 model or a WS1 wall-mounted charger. Always follow the manufacturer’s directions for charging the batteries unless you feel it’s been too long since something bad happened to you.

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Threading type

The Cool Fire II has eGo/510-type threading, making it compatible with the majority of generic and OEM parts on the marketplace. If you need an adapter for your device because of the different threads, you can find the 510 adapter here.

cool fire 2 mod

Safety & Design Complaints

Safety is always a concern when dealing with advanced modss, and Innokin has done more than enough to ensure that users can vape with the confidence that their hand grenade will not explode on them. No major operational issues have been reported with the Cool Fire II thanks to its effective short-circuit and overload prevention measures. The large, high capacity battery can heat up rather significantly over time, but the venting holes help tremendously in keeping things under control.

cool fire 2 mod bottom endLess positive aspects of the Cool Fire II include the relatively short battery life. While it can certainly get the majority of casual and moderate vapers through a day in style, more consistent or heavier users may find themselves heading for the nearest outlet every 6-8 hours, and for some it loses a few points for functionality in this area.

This is chiefly due to the limitations of the 18350 battery rather than a specific problem with the device, but still bears mentioning. On a better note, the LED battery life indicator is very helpful in keeping track of usage, and its various states are obvious to anyone who has ever seen a traffic light.

There are also a few complaints about the design of the wattage control ring, specifically the safety cutoff feature. The ring can occasionally be prone to sliding to neutral positions, lowering or shutting off the power and presenting a minor inconvenience.

Some users complain about malfunction or unit death after a few too many hard falls, but the list of electronic devices which that sentence does not describe is extremely short and does not include very many personal vaporizers.

If your device ever comes loose on the end and refuses to charge your battery correctly, you could have a stripped, or loose bottom cap on your Cool Fire 2 device. This isn’t a huge issue, but if you EVER need a replacement, be rest assured that someone actually sells the replacement caps. We looked around and found that My Freedom Smokes has the best deals on these replacement parts.

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Best Clearomizers for the Cool Fire II

aspire nautilus mini review header

The smaller brother of the most popular clearomizer out there, the Nautilus Mini comes with an adjustable airflow control, and a new bottom vertical coil design (with no wicks needed). Check out our full Aspire Nautilus Mini review.

Aerotank MegaNot an Aspire fan? Kanger released a powerful clearomizer that you are able to vape clouds on. The Aerotank Mega is 510 threaded and has a capacity of 3.8 ml. Check out our full review on the Aerotank Mega here.


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Final Thoughts

Overall, the Innokin Cool Fire II is much more than a pretty faceplate, it’s a solid overall device. Like most vaporizers of this type, it has a few minor issues, the severity of which is strongly linked to the individual user.

Nevertheless, the majority of people who give in to the powerful urge to own an object shaped like a military device might just be surprised to find what a high quality vaporizer lies beneath its outer shell. It’s a pretty advanced unit, but its multifaceted appeal makes it well worth the effort to master. Check out our vaping mod guide for a comprehensive list of mod reviews!

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If you own or have used an Innokin Cool Fire 2 mod before, please share your experiences in the comments below!

Thanks again for reading, and vape on!

3 Responses to Cool Fire 2 Mod Review

  1. yves lauzon says:

    I’ve purchased a cool fire 2 one year ago, this thing is not working anymore, I was told by the seller I have bad batteries….I changed the battery several time without any success…..When i have a new battery incerted inside, the light go on flasking from red yellow then green, and then nothing, no more lights and it doesn’t fire my coil ????
    Did I purchased a piece of crap or what ???

  2. ken wagner says:

    I converted my cool fire 2 for burning dab with the chrome mouthpiece and the element burned out finally. When I went in to the local pipe shop Hunky Dory in Eugene they sold me a element that bouned out the third time I pressed the button. they did this to me twice. I think the element they sold me is too low a voltage or something. What do you think?IThe burner is made by the Stagg Vapor Co.. Let me know what the correct model of burner or element is and Ill buy a couple . Thanks , Ken Wagner

  3. Michelle Fernandez says:

    Do you have coils for tank that comes with grenade?

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