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Cosmic Fog Review

We all have e juices that we love.  When you think about your favorite e juice brands, there are likely to be many different factors that come to mind. 

One of the things that certainly comes to mind for many is having an e liquid that is high in quality while being relatively inexpensive.

Cosmic Fog offers a line of ejuices that are reasonably priced while still adhering to the highest quality standards. Let’s check them out.

Cosmic Fog E Juices



Cosmic Fog is a company that is run out of Orange County, California.  They are known as being a vape that you can not put down.

Once you try their amazing e juices it is likely that you are going to be vaping with them for life.  They are just that good.

Comic Fog e juices are a line that consists of unique flavor pairings and choices that are you not likely to see anywhere else on the market today.

They are a unique company that have really found their own unique flavor pairings. 

For many users, purchasing Cosmic Fog e juices is a lot of fun because of their whacky and zany names that directly relate to much of the popular culture of today.  Their six flavors include:

Users agree about many exciting aspects of these premium e juices that you are sure to enjoy.  Just keep reading so that you can determine which flavor choice is going to be right for you or if you should go ahead and just try them all.


cosmic fog kryptonite

Cosmic Fog Kryptonite is a unique experience in itself.  It holds true to its name with many vapers feeling like they need this powerful ejuice after they have tried it.

It is one of those e juices that seems to always be in your life once you have given it a chance. Many people find that they go through Kryptonite much quicker than other ejuices because they enjoy the flavor so much.

Kryptonite is a blend of your favorite candy and cool melon.  It is a unique blend that not only tastes delicious but is perfect for all day long easy vaping.

The only problem with Kryptonite might be that you are not able to put it down if you need to get out there and save a life.  So in turn it could really become your own personal Kryptonite keeping you from other things in your life. 

Users give this ejuice stellar ratings and many actually rate this as being a perfect ejuice.  It is rated as being a deliciously sweet vape that you are not going to tire of. 

Many also say that this ejuice helps them to be transported to their childhood when they were able to really enjoy the deliciousness of rock candy.

Check Out Cosmic Fog Kryptonite

Milk & Honey

cosmic fog milk & honeyCosmic Fog Milk and Honey is an e juice that they claim feels “lighter than air.” Now since this can not really be true, it was something that intrigued me and made me set out on a path of discovery.

I can tell you that it is almost like it is true because vaping with Milk & Honey actually feels like you are not vaping at all.

In fact it is as if suddenly the air around you not only tastes delicious but is also easier to breathe. 

This ejuice gives you flavor profiles of fluffy sweet marshmallow, creamy smooth milk, and rich delicious honey.  It is a delicious e juice that could be too much and over the top but this is one that is really light. 

You can actually vape with this one all day long without needing to take a break.  It is not overly sweet and heavy as you might imagine by its name.

Users of Milk & Honey ejuice often give it a perfect rating.  It is one of the few ejuices that has this high of a rating and the second that comes from the Cosmic Fog line of products. 

Many users state that they almost get the taste of graham crackers with milk when vaping with this.  It has also been referred to as tasting like breakfast cereal.

Check Out Cosmic Fog Milk and Honey(15 ML)

Cola Gummy

cosmic fog cola gummyCosmic Fog Cola Gummy is an e juice that is more than a flavor. Instead it is more of an experience for the users. It offers you a unique fizz that is only comparable to the fizz that you get from a freshly opened can of soda. 

In addition to the fizz of soda you get the flavor of those cola bottle shaped gummies that you were probably addicted to as a child.

It is a unique choice that is not like any other ejuice that we have been able to find.  That fizz is something that really helps this ejuice to stand apart from others.

User ratings are split on this ejuice.  It is one that you are either going to love to death or really not care for at all.

In most cases users really appreciate the fizz and unique flavor.  However in other cases there are users who really are not happy with the fizz experience. These users generally appreciate the flavor but they wish that it was flat like other ejuices that they are accustomed to using.

The users who do not like the fizz have compared it to soap because of the bubbles.  However for those who enjoy it, it seems to be an experience worth coming back to again and again.

Check Out Cosmic Fog Cola Gummy


cosmic fog churchCosmic Fog Church is an e juice that is not quite what you would expect.  In fact it really has nothing to do with Sunday school and instead everything to do with sundaes.

Church is an ejuice that is going to whisk you away to an earlier time when things were a little bit more simple.

It will take you back to a time when a nice delicious ice cream sundae was all that was needed to make the world right again.

When you are vaping with Church you are going to have the delicious experience of old fashioned hand scooped vanilla ice cream that has been drizzled with hot fudge.

You will also get a hint of sliced bananas and the delicious creaminess of whipped cream.

This is a perfect vaping treat that is going to offer you delicious tastes for your personal enjoyment.  Church is one of the newest flavors of e juice from the Cosmic Fog line so many people have not yet had the pleasure of trying this ejuice.

Users say that Church is the perfect ejuice to come home to after a long hard day.  It is the perfect delicious treat to cap off your day on a high note.

Check Out Cosmic Fog Church | VaporDNA – $11.99 (15 ML)

The Shocker

cosmic fog shockerCosmic Fog The Shocker is an ejuice that offers you a burst of tropical fruit pleasure along with the delicious flavor of lemonade

The Shocker offers you a delicious tropical fruit flavor on the inhale and a delicious citrus lemonade flavor on the exhale.

This e juice has the power to take you back to relaxing summer nights of your youth.  It has the power to really transport you to a time and place when you were able to just live your nights relaxing.

Users rank their experience with “The Shocker high”.  Many times users say that they get the distinct flavor of strawberry lemonade with this ejuice.

For some there is not enough lemonade flavor and it seems a bit too sweet.  If you like sweet ejuices and want just a hint of something citrus flavored then this might be the perfect ejuice for you.

Many people claim that this is the best possible dripping e juice that you can find.

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If you are a user that loves The Shocker then you will find that it is a vapor that you will always have with.

Check Out Cosmic Fog The Shocker


cosmic fog nutzCosmic Fog Nutz is one ejuice that you are going to crave once you have given it a shot.  It is like the modern world’s PB & J made a bit healthier and a bit safer for everyone.

In the day of peanut allergies that run rampant it is not always easy to find that delicious PB & J flavor that you crave from your own childhood.

Instead of being peanut  butter based, Nutz is a delicious blend of creamy almond butter and delicious strawberry preserves. It gets elevated to a more distinct flavor profile with the addition of a whipped honey cream.

Users of Nutz say that it is the ejuice that will take you back to childhood and leave you wondering why you could not have had a world class chef for a mom.

The delicious flavors are ones that have the power to make you feel like an active 7 year old child in no time at all. Nostalgia at it’s best.

Check Out Cosmic Fog Nutz

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Final Thoughts

Cosmic Fog e juices will leave you wanting more. Once you try one flavor and become hooked it is hard to stop yourself from ordering the next. 

Eventually you will find that Cosmic Fog ejuices are the ones that you never want to be without when you are stuck at home alone after a long hard day of work.

Cosmic Fog e juices are some of the top of the line vapes and you will not regret ordering them.

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