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CREAMY DREAMY E juice Review | Ultimo Line | Vapor4Life

Vaping is a new phenomenon.

It has swept across the country and a lot of young adults see vaping as alternative to smoking.

Vaping is basically inhaling a vapor from a liquid through a vaporizer.

The reason people are preferring vaping to smoking is mostly because of health reasons. Studies show that smokeless tobacco does not pose any risk to one’s health.

It is highly unlikely for someone to develop cancer because of vaping. You say goodbye to those cigarette burns and bad breath.

The availability of flavors makes vaping way more desirable than smoking.

E juices really make the vaping experience way more enjoyable and leave a really pleasant taste in the mouth as i can tell you.

The only odor that will be produced and you are left with is from the flavor of that e juice. In the wrong run you will find that vaping actually saves you money.

So you are a long time smoker and you want to quit smoking but it’s become quite difficult. Maybe you have begun vaping and you are still to find the right product to use.

When something new comes along, you find a lot of people want to get into it and companies take this chance and make the products for the huge demand.

I am going to be reviewing the Creamy Dreamy E Juice Ultimo Line by Vapor 4 Life. It is a new vaping product and people are going crazy about it.

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Is it really as good as people say it is?

Vapor 4 life released this line that has so many different flavors.

One of them is the Creamy Dreamy. One thing I really like about it is the packaging.

They chose to use green 30ml bottles. This makes it look like a medicine bottle. A dropper cap comes along with the bottle. Another good thing is that all the warnings can be easily read are visible.

Like all other Vapor 4 Life products, this is one quality e juice. The color itself is orange, a really bright orange. The taste is amazing.

It is citrus flavoured and has a vanilla center. Once you start tasting this product your taste buds will be all over the place. Its sweet aroma will have you craving for more.

It has such a clean aroma free from soapiness or perfume that you will never feel nauseated even if you around it for a long time.

It isn’t too sweet but it is sweet enough for one to enjoy without feeling like there’s something missing. It is made from actual flavoring and not perfume hence the reason for the fresh smell and smooth taste.

The thing with this particular flavor of e juice is that has a taste that you really can’t describe.

It is very rare to find a flavor that is so good and can’t really pinpoint the reason to it being that good.

All that you know and all that you need to know is that it’s really good.


Some people have complained about the aftertaste of the juice. This is compared to the handmade American ones. It really does depend on your sense of taste though.

I’ve never felt that bad or nasty aftertaste of the juice.

Vaping is not for everyone. Some people have tried to quit smoking and tried vaping and then immediately go back to smoking because vaping did not satisfy the urges they felt.

However, those who actually start vaping and really explore all the different juices that one can use, they never go back to smoking.

Thanks to companies like Vapor4Life we now have tons of varieties of flavors out there to try out.

If you are a fan of citrus then you will absolutely love the Creamy Dreamy E juice Ultimo Line by Vapor 4 Life.

Even if you are not a fan of citrus I would still encourage you to try it.

The smell alone is enough to make you order a large shipment of the bottles.

Out of all the different flavors out there made by all these different companies, this is one of the best flavors to date.

So why not get on Vapor 4 Life’s website and order a bottle and experience the feeling yourself.

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