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Cuboid 150w Review | Vape Box Mod

cuboid 150wThe Cuboid 150W Mod Review clarifies exactly what is in this new expansion to the Vaping line and what it brings to the table.

Presently, it’s huge for Cuboid 150w to at last confine from that eVic Series of mods and turn out with something totally distinctive.

Not just does this new Cuboid mod not fall in accordance with as of late eVic Series items, yet it likewise happens to be the primary high wattage gadget has discharged – and by high wattage it is to do with anything 100 watts or more.

The question is, how could they have been able to they do with the Cuboid 150W and does it destroy their most as of late accomplishment of an item, the eVic VTC Mini?

How about we discover?

Taste Test

Vape supply has extended their line of vape mods to the Cuboid 150W Mod: a remarkable variable wattage vape box mod.

With their recently added firmware overhaul, you can now utilize the Cuboid 150W Vape Box Mod up to 200 Watts!

Including a 0.96 creep OLED screen, the show on the Cuboid is splendidly lit while giving you a full scope of modes and features.

The Cuboid 150W can now acknowledge Ni200, Titanium, 316 Stainless Steel Wiring in its Temperature Control Mode.

An extraordinary component is the Vape Cuboid’s 0.1 ohm least resistance, permitting clients to accommodate an assortment of various atomizers, drippers and tanks.

Flawlessly outlined, the Cuboid 150W mod fits well in the hand while permitting the client full perspective of their present settings.

A recently included bolting pivot battery entryway considers included battery security and additionally simple openness.

To guarantee incredible conductivity, a spring stacked gold plated 510 connector has been added to the Vape Cuboid.

With a standout amongst the most solid chipsets in the market, the Vape Cuboid 150W is unquestionably an amazing gadget and at an extraordinary value point.

Brand Recognition

Cuboid 150W has been focusing on brand improvement.

Through consistent innovative work in new advances and items, Vape is making a beeline for pioneer status in the e cigarette industry because of its top of the line innovation.

With rich experience and learning, Vape offers focused and solid administration to advance the brand picture, which thus impacts the entire business.

Advancements in innovative work give the best comes back to our clients while in the meantime giving the motivation to our further improvement.

Through extraordinary administration, capable and ground breaking builds, top notch items and top notch client benefit, Vape plans to give the world’s best vapor encounter.

To our enjoyment, we have earned an awesome notoriety all around the globe.

We trust that in view of fair business practices and stable improvement, Cuboid 150W Vape can be all you need.

Our objective is that everybody has an incredible involvement with Cuboid 150W Vape, as per our trademark, “Satisfaction Life with E Technology”.


With regards to the Cuboid 150W features, it has a lot of them. For one thing, it has that huge OLED screen, which shows all that you have to control the gadget.

Overcoming settings is a breeze with the Cuboid by Vape – a straightforward 3 ticks on the fire catch and you’re exploring through every one of the settings, which permits you to change wattage, modes, temperature and then some.

The super simple usefulness put into this gadget is the reason I burrow it.

Another cool component I’d get a kick out of the chance to call attention to about the screen however, is that it has a double battery show, though most gadgets just show a solitary battery show for two 18650’s.

The next feature to bring up is that it can take off up to 150 watts, which is enormous being a Vape mod.

It’s great to at last see Vape break out of that shell and rival the huge young men inside of the business, and the Cuboid 150W is certainly a pleasant contender.

Furthermore, then there’s the temperature control highlight that is, once more, super simple to get to and conform its settings.

On the off chance that you plan to utilize temperature control, they have modes for Nickel 200, Titanium, and Stainless Steel.

Utilizing temperature control, you can go from 200F to 600F, and it bolsters resistances as low as 0.05.

In any case, in the event that you have a particular kind of wire, perhaps an alternate sort of stainless steel wire other than 316, then it likewise has a TCR (Temperature Coefficient of Resistance) mode that will permit you to enter a TCR esteem to utilize those wire sorts with temperature control.


The performance you’ll get from the Cuboid 150W is much similar to most gadgets that offer high watts and temperature control.

Truly, if the chip isn’t something like an Evolv DNA, I don’t see much contrasts between any of them with regards to the performance.

Notwithstanding, the Cuboid performs generally as it ought to, works awesome in temperature control, and gives you a scope of 150W, which I couldn’t exploit, yet at the same time gave me that choice.

I don’t have anything terrible to say in regards to the way the Cuboid 150W performs.

The Cuboid 150W is a general decent gadget.

It was cool to see Vape at long last split far from that eVic Series, despite the fact that it was a win.

The Cuboid doesn’t offer the best looks, however it absolutely has awesome features and remarkable performance.

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