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Cuttwood E Juice Review | Best Vape Juice

Everyone has their favorite E Juices and if you ask ten people, you’ll probably get ten different answers when it comes to what they like to vape.

Sometimes though, you find something that is different from the rest and that’s exactly what we have found.

Cuttwood Vapors is a company out of Irvine, California. Right now they only offer four premium juices but their branding is quite immense.

For instance, their site includes information about their E Juice, but also has Cuttwood Culture, Cuttwood TV, Girls of Cuttwood, and Cuttwood Racing.

Someone really knows how to work the social media, which is never a bad thing.

They even have an online store where you can purchase apparel. So, what about the actual E Juice?

The Golden State has quickly become a hotbed for up and coming juice makers.

Cuttwood Juices out of Irvine, California is beginning to build some serious momentum in the industry, with their select line of handcrafted e Juices in their signature mouthwatering flavor combinations.

Each Cuttwood product is carefully formulated, developed, tested and refined by highly qualified e Juice professionals as part of the company’s commitment to delivering some of the finest juices in the world.

Despite their relatively limited range of flavors, the juices the company does make are quickly becoming the most popular sellers at multiple online retailers.

Cuttwood is also gaining Red Bull-style notoriety for its other promotional ventures, collectively known as Cuttwood Culture.

These endeavors are making their own mark in the marketplace after starting up just last year.

That kind of sudden impact is hard to ignore, and today we at BC take a look at the new sensation to see what makes them a fast-spoiling secret in the industry.

In this Cuttwood E Juice review, we’ll take a look at the company, the flavors of E Juice they offer, and our overall impression of what Cuttwood has to offer.

By the way, all of the bottles come in a clear glass with a childproof dropper cap

The Flavors

  • Boss Reserve. A golden honey graham cereal with roasted nut clusters, drenched in creamy milk and layered with sliced bananas. Imagine eating a honey graham cereal with milk and bananas but having that as your E Juice flavor. Smooth, rich, creamy, and full of honey graham goodness – oh and don’t forget the notes of banana. Flavor Profile: Graham Cereal, Roasted Nut, Cream, Milk, Banana.

Boss Reserve is an evolved spin on the familiar flavors of a hearty breakfast cereal.

It brings together the essence of crisp honey graham morsels with roasted nut clusters to create the stuff Honey Nut Cheerios want to become when they grow up.

Add in the necessary hint of milk and a bit of freshly sliced banana flavor, and you have a delicious vaporized breakfast experience you can take with you wherever you go.

If you’ve ever savored the sweetened milk waiting at the bottom of your bowl when you were younger (even if it was just hours younger), you’re sure to fall in love with Boss Reserve on the first draw.

  • Monster Melons. A trifecta of mango, cantaloupe and papaya creates this delectable combination of refreshing tropical flavors. Flavor Profile: Cantaloupe, Mango, Papaya. This is a clean, crisp flavor for those who don’t want their dessert in their device. Some bottles call this one Mega Melons but either way, it was made specifically for those who love tropical fruits. It’s 70 vg / 30 pg.

Cuttwood’s fruitiest flavor is called Mega Melons, and it’s a tantalizing blend of tropical flavors created to serve as a refreshing treat in a hammock on a warm summer day.

A combination of mango, cantaloupe and papaya flavors are the inspiration for this bold blend.

Most who try this expertly crafted flavor say it contains some of the most vivid fruit flavors of any eJuice on the market.

The interplay between the distinct melon flavors is the source of the flavor’s appeal, and all three fruits make a defined appearance within the blend.

Cantaloupe dominates the inhale while mango is the theme of the finish, and papaya plays a supporting role all throughout.

  • Sugar Bear. Indulge in a perfectly sweet balance of cinnamon and milky cream with sugar bear and satisfy that craving for your favorite breakfast cereal. It’s like a cinnamon sugar cookie bust of flavor. Flavor Profile: Graham Cereal, Roasted Nut, Cream, Milk, Banana.

Sugar Drizzle is a flavor designed to appeal to your sweet tooth with notes of brown sugar flanking a delicious cocktail of cinnamon, sweet cream.

The earthy spice of real cinnamon cuts a welcome swath through the richness of the cream, creating a flavor many reviewers compare to Teddy Grahams or Cinnamon Toast Crunch.

Legitimate question: Has any comparison to those two items ever turned out negatively?

If you like Cinnabon—and who doesn’t—Sugar Drizzle is definitely the flavor for you.

  • Unicorn Milk. A perfect blend of natural strawberry extract and four unique fresh creams. This E Juice is 70vg / 30 pg and is easily the best seller of all of the Cuttwood flavors. Some claim it has a Nesquik flavor, while some state it’s like cheesecake. Others even mention a cereal milk kind of flavor but there is hardly anyone that doesn’t like this particular blend, especially if you enjoy dessert flavors. They even list it as “That Unicorn Milk Tho”. So there was this drink we used to love as a kid. It was like a strawberry milk drink with a bunny as a mascot. Yeah that one. So yeah, it may just indeed copy the Nesquik flavor without coming out and saying it – you know, intellectual property and all. Flavor Profile: Strawberry, Milk, Cream.

Unicorn Milk is perhaps Cuttwood’s most popular blend, combining the rich silkiness of four different types of cream with the flavor of plump, ripe strawberries.

Many brands attempt a strawberries n’cream flavor, but only Cuttwood has devoted this level of commitment to perfectly encapsulating the experience of this timeless flavor fusion.

The most impressive aspect of Cuttwoods juices are the cleanly layered flavors.

This trait might be most evident here where a luscious strawberry inhale is complimented by a rich cream finish.

If you find yourself a bit skeptical, just check out the reviews on any of the authorized retailer sites…the words “wow”, “best” and “favorite” all appear a number of times.

  • Bird Brains. This is an unknown blend that we’re not even sure where or when it’s available. There is a photo of it on their Facebook page but no answers on what kind of taste it is and of course, when you can get it. After further research, we found this: Bird Brains is the newest release from Cuttwood and it comes in the new 16.5ml bottle! This one is an awesome blend of fruity cereals with a hint of milk. It tastes just like the cereal with the Toucan on the box. So, there you have it – it’s another awesome cereal blend that you’ll love if you love that particular fruity cereal. This one is brand new and available after June 26, 2015.

Sizes and Strengths

Each Cuttwood E Juice is available in the following sizes, depending on where you buy it:

  • 15ml
  • 30ml
  • 120ml

The strengths that are available include:

  • 0mg
  • 3mg
  • 6mg
  • 12mg
  • 18mg

Special Deals and Sample Sizes

Some vendors offer a sampler pack.

For example, you can find a sampler pack at where you get four 30ml bottles in a Cuttwood Sample Pack:

  • 1 – 30ml Unicorn Milk: Strawberry Custard E Juice.
  • 1 – 30ml Monster Melons: A mouthwatering mixture of Cantaloupe, Papaya and Mango.
  • 1 – 30ml Sugar Bear: A Sugary Cinnamon inhale paired with a Smooth Creamy body on the exhale. Reminiscent of your favorite Cinnabuns.
  • 1 – 30ml Boss Reserve: A golden honey graham cereal with roasted nut clusters. Drenched in creamy milk & layered with sliced bananas.

You can also get three bottles of 15ml Cuttwood E Juices:

  • 1 – 15ml Unicorn Milk: Strawberry Custard E Juice.
  • 1 – 15ml Monster Melons: A mouthwatering mixture of Cantaloupe, Papaya and Mango.
  • 1 – 15ml Sugar Bear: A Sugary Cinnamon inhale paired with a Smooth Creamy body on the exhale. Reminiscent of your favorite Cinnabuns.

Each of these sample packs are available in one nicotine level and you cannot mix and match them.

Similar E Juice Brands

If you’re looking for similar brands, while each one is unique and should taste different, here are a couple of brands that you may like as well, just in case you can’t find your fix of Cuttwood E Juice.

  • Suicide Bunny. Suicide Bunny was created by Pip Gresham who had the idea of helping her husband quit smoking as much as he was – three packs a day. However, she wanted something more than the usual, something different. She took her creativity and made it something of a science research project to create the Suicide Bunny line of E Juice and it has become a best seller among those who vape. Among the flavors you can find Suicide Bunny Madrina which is a hint of melon flavor with a custard base, Suicide Bunny Derailed is a combination of a freshly baked Snickerdoodle cookie with an exhale of cinnamon, sweet, and banana, Suicide Bunny Sucker Punch is a creamy dragon fruit, Suicide Bunny the O.B. is a little like cake flavoring though some say it’s like butterscotch while others taste coconut, and Suicide Bunny Mother’s Milk is the best seller which is a cream base with a touch of strawberry exhale.
  • Cosmic Fog. Cosmic Fog is another popular brand that has craft juice you’ll enjoy. They have six flavors including, Kryptonite, which is candy and cool melon, Milk & Honey, which is pretty obvious, Cola Gummy – this is a cola shaped gummy flavor you might remember as a child, Church is like an old fashioned vanilla ice cream scoop, The Shocker is somewhat like strawberry lemonade, and Nutz, which is like creamy almond butter and strawberry preserves.

Sampler Packs

For those who can’t decide or wish to try more than one flavor of Cuttwood Juice, the company also makes multiple-bottle sampler packs available through online retailers as well.

The 15mL sampler pack includes 3 of Cuttwood’s most popular flavors (Sugar Drizzle, Mega Melons, Unicorn Milk) presented as a package while the 30mL sampler pack allows vapers to experience all four flavors at a significant savings.

Deals on Cuttwood E Juices

Cuttwood doesn’t make its products available directly through their website, instead opting to distribute through a network of authorized online retailers.

However, this competitive atmosphere means better prices for you, as these outlets frequently make efforts to undercut one another.

So Cuttwood eJuices can be commonly found at a discount at these online retailers.

For this reason, Cuttwood juices are available from stores including for up to 20 percent below retail.

Cuttwood Culture

Perhaps just as important as the actual products offered by Cuttwood is a concept the company calls “Cuttwood Culture”, exemplifying the free and active lifestyle enjoyed by many vaping enthusiasts.

Cuttwood Culture includes Cuttwood TV: a network of exclusive video content, Cuttwood Racing: a pro motorsport team, and a high wattage vaping-hot modeling team known as the Girls of Cuttwood.

Another essential part of Cuttwood Culture is staying on top of the delicate legislative atmosphere in which the developing vape industry finds itself.

The Sauce Boss Blog is dedicated to keeping the vaping community informed about the issues that affect their hobby and lifestyle.

From the industry’s struggle against Big Tobacco to examining the long term effects of vaping through scientific study, the Sauce Boss Blog is a premier destination for the informed vaper and a service to the community as a whole.

Anybody can make eJuice, but Cuttwood is trying to make a difference. That may be their most valuable contribution in the long run.

Cuttwood Controversy?

The Cuttwood Vapors company is founded by a man by the name of Jared and it is not without its controversy.

In 2014, there was an issue with an ingredient in the E Juice, which has since been removed.

You can do a simple search if you want to find out more.

It has since been remedied and all of the juices since are USP-grade, kosher, and of a high quality.

The only reason we’re even bringing it up is that there is a bit of information on the Internet about this very thing so it’s better to address it than seem like we’re not being transparent on a review.

Here is what they have to say about their company and their juices, “Cuttwood prides itself on providing quality made products.

Through research, development, rigorous testing, and innovation, we are dedicated to providing the best e-sauce on the market.

While we are committed to making superior products, we are also devoted to providing consistency through our product lines and customer service.”

At Cuttwood, we are proud to make our products with only approved high quality ingredients and the best flavors in the world.”

Final Thoughts on Cuttwood E Juice

One thing to keep in mind is that this is a vape juice line that sells out about as fast as it hits the shelves. One reason for that is the flavor and quality of the product.

Not only does the company focus on just a few choice flavors, but each one is unique enough that vapers everywhere love to get their hands on it.

The reviews are quite impressive. As we’ve said before, the Unicorn Milk is the biggest seller and often hard to keep on the shelves, so to speak.

Also known as The Sauce Boss, Cuttwood focuses their attention on a couple of integral components in their company – providing consistently high quality products and customer service.

They have earned the Good Manufacturing Practice Compliance badge and are members of the SFATA, the Smoke Free Alternative Trade Association.

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