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Dark Horse RDA Deals

Do you want the Darkhorse RDA but find yourself searching for the best deals?

Well, look no further. You are going to be able to find the best deals on an authentic Darkhorse RDA here.

More about the Darkhorse RDA

Dark horseThe Darkhorse RDA is one of the most popular rebuildable atomizers on the market today.

This is because of its amazing ability to allow you to choose between a surprising 16 different airflow options.

Most atomizers only offer you a few settings, but this one really aims to make sure that everyone can vape with the airflow that they desire.

The improvements that have went into the design of the Dark Horse RDA allow you to vape in the style that you have always wanted.

Plus with its 510 thread you can easily vape on your favorite mod.

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Airflow Options

The most surprising thing about the Dark Horse RDA is that it actually allows you to have a number of settings for different airflow choices.

The airflow that you have is determined by spinning the AFC ring. In most atomizers the ring is just one sided, but not in the Dark Horse.

The main side of the AFC ring allows for you to choose between 8 different airflow settings.

However if you flip the AFC ring over, you can choose between an additional 8 airflow settings that are basically half of the airflow of the settings on the other side.

This really allows the user to get to pick the airflow that is going to be right for them.

You can put the super wide bore drip tip on it and open the airflow up to blow huge clouds, or use the regular drip tip and close the airflow down for great flavor!

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Need to Save More Money?

Have you decided that you need a bigger mod to accommodate all of this vaping power?

There are so many amazing mods that are available with variable wattage or higher wattage if you want the potential to have the biggest vaping clouds.

Here you can find some great deals that will save you money on some of these as well.

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