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Dark Horse RDA Review

The Dark Horse RDA might be one of the most exciting atomizers to hit the market.

The reason that it is so exciting is that you have more options for varieties of airflow than any other atomizer.

Straight from the box users first notice that the threads are smooth and that the unit is clean. Users love that they do not have to do much work to clean it and get it ready to build.

It features a number of different options with all pieces included so that you can build your own atomizer that is going to specifically meet your needs.

From multiple choices for airflow, drip tips, and even screws; you are going to find that this is one atomizer that is fully customizable to your liking.

What’s New – Dark Horse RDA

Dark horse 1There are actually 16 different choices for airflow with the Darkhorse RDA Clone. You can have a small amount of airflow when you restrict it but you can have a lot of airflow if you leave the valves wide open.

The AFC actually has three vertical slots.

These are on opposite sides and each features three different sizes in each of these sets. The chamber on the top cap has two large sized rectangular holes that are opposite one another.

It also has three sets of two cyclops slots. These are arranged with two being across from one another and one being on another side in case you choose to use a single coil build.

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Adjustable Airflow Ring

Like most drippers, you are able to spin the AFC ring to adjust the airflow.

What is so unique about the Darkhorse RDA is that you can actually flip the ring over.

This cuts the airflow to all holes in half which is how you get the 16 different options when the AFC ring might only appear to have 8 options for airflow.

With this atomizer, you can put the super wide bore drip tip on, open up the airflow and blow huge clouds with lots of airflow.

Or you can put the regular drip tip on, close the airflow down, and take a trip to flavor town!

Deck Features

Dark horse 2The deck features a three post design. The positive post is gold plated. There are a few options for how the posts can be used. They come with Phillips head screws in them.

This does not mean that it is your only option though. You actually get the Allen key screws as well and an Allen wrench that fits them perfectly.

This makes it your choice as to which of these you use for the set up.

Additionally the posts are large in size and measure 2.7 mm which makes it easy to get enough wire around them.

This is one choice that is easy to build on which makes it a great rebuildable choice for newer users that might not have worked with a rebuildable atomizer before.

Looking at the glass half empty

One issue that users seem to complain about with the Dark Horse atomizer is that it can’t hold very much e-juice.

While it is competitive with other atomizers on the market as many feature great airflow, it is a smaller size juice well that does not allow for all day long vaping.

With the Dark Horse RDA you will notice that when you are done adding the wicks that there is really not much room left over for the e-juice.

This means that you are going to have to fill it more often then you would with some other choices.

Drip Tips

Drip tip memeThere are two available tips that come with the Dark Horse RDA Clone. These include the normal sized wide bore drip tip with coordinating nylon insert and the super wide bore nylon drip tip.

The super wide bore drip tip is great with higher wattage mods but seems to require too much airflow for smaller wattage units.

If you prefer a higher wattage mod and like to use it for heavy airflow then this option and this atomizer would be the perfect choice to make all of your vaping dreams come true.


  • 22 mm Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer
  • Made From 316 Stainless Steel
  • Stock AFC Ring Allows for 16 Preset Airflow Options (Includes 12 Dual Coil Configurations and 4 Single Coil Configurations)
  • 3 mm Stainless Steel Contact Screws
  • Gold Plated Positive Post
  • Square Negative Posts
  • Negative Posts Are Milled Into the Deck
  • Black Nylon Heat Resistant Adapter
  • Steam Angel Super Wide Bore (SWB) SS Drip Tip
  • Heat Resistant Nylon is Superior (instead of Delrin)
  • Nylon Allows for Smooth Finish (Delrin is shiny)
  • Features a Serial Number
  • Steam Angel Technology Offers a 1 Year Limited Warranty
  • Available in Your Choice of Six Colors (Stainless Steel, Black, Blue, Brass, Copper, or Rainbow)

Overall Quality

The Dark Horse RDA Clone is made in the USA. It features high quality materials and is made in a setting that is conducive to a high quality product.

This is one product that required a lot of expense in research, manufacturing, and design. That did not seem to stop Steam Angel Technology from creating this high quality atomizer.

The unit is made with 316 stainless steel which is known for its durability and quality.

In addition to being made with top quality materials, it is an atomizer that you will love carrying around because it looks so good.

Bonus Features

Dark horse 3It is actually one of the best looking atomizers on the market today.

The craftsmanship that Steam Angel Technology puts into their products is evident when you see this one up close.

The details are meticulous and perfect on each one that is made.

Plus you are able to get sixteen different airflow configurations with this unit.

This is something that is unheard of.

Plus the airflow configurations are easy to change and adjust so that you can get the exact airflow that you want.

Some users have commented on the very large chamber size as it is a little bit bigger than other similar RDAs that are on the market today.


The Dark Horse RDA features a 510 connection. The threading is adjustable with a screw so that you can change it to fit your personal needs.

Know the Risks

If you are going to be using a rebuildable atomizer there are some risks that you will have to take into consideration. 

A Darkhorse RDA review would not be complete without giving you this crucial information

With extra precautions and following necessary steps this is something that is going to be completely safe for use.

You just have to remember the following:

Rebuildables are generally recommended for those who are expert level vapers.
It is not a good idea to start out with a rebuildable.
You need to own an ohm reader, multimeter, or a mod that reads resistance accurately before you decide to purchase a rebuildable.
You should also know how to use the multimeter/ohm reader properly.
There is some level of risk involved with rebuildables.
All rebuildable coils should be tested with a multimeter/ohm reader before use.
If it is not tested it could be very dangerous for the user.
If you have a faulty coil then you can ruin mods and other devices.
All new wicks and/or coils should be tested before use.
The first time that one is used it should be on a device that features short protection.
These should not be used on the device if they have not been tested and known to be safe.
If they are not properly constructed they can ruin electronic devices.

Being aware of these risks and following the rules is going to keep you and your mods safe so you can enjoy your vaping experience.


The authentic Darkhorse RDA is a great choice for you if you want something that is really going to outperform the competition.

You are going to get the best possible flavor and great clouds with this choice. In fact, it replaces the need for flavor and cloud chasers since it is all there in the one unit.

This RDA is preferred over others because it is perfect with a wide range of different choices and styles. It can work well with a single coil, double coil, or more design.

You really can build it to whatever preference you have.

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Final Thoughts

Dark horse 4The Dark Horse atomizer is a great choice for you if you are looking to have the vaping experience that you only thought was available in your dreams.

There are just so many choices for different vaping that you can get it exactly like you want it.

With 16 different choices for airflow alone it is easy to see why this is a great choice for everyone since it can meet all of their needs.


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