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Derringer RDA Review

The Derringer RDA is currently one of the smallest rebuildable atomizer on the market.

Don’t let its small size fool you though because this atomizer is going to blow you away with its power and quality. 

When this was produced it was done so with the goal of being the smallest possible size that can offer you the flavor and vapor that you are looking for

It is one RDA that is not going to take up too much room.

This has caused some people to shy away from purchasing because they think that it is not going to be able to handle their mods or that they are not going to be able to enjoy the vaping experience.

What’s New With the Derringer RDA?

Derringer RDA 2Any Derringer RDA review should mention a number of things about this small but mighty RDA.

One of the most amazing things about this product is that it is just 17 mm in height which is actually smaller than a United States penny.

The product is made from stainless steel and has a copper center post. There are three main parts to this RDA: the base, outer cap, and center barrel.

Many people love the compact size of this RDA so if that is what you are looking for then this is the best choice that is available to you.

Coils and Drip Tip

Derringer RDA Coils and Drip TipsThe drip tip that you need to purchase separately is also very small in size but works just as well as larger models.

Just be sure to order a coordinating drip tip with the RDA when you are making your purchase as some drip tips that you might already have may fit the RDA since it is so much smaller in size.

Though most do, the longer drip tips just look silly. One thing that makes the Derringer RDA so great is that it has a three post design.

. You can also choose between a few different airflow designs.

When the inner barrel is installed you have the ability to run the proper airflow for single and dual coil designs. You can also remove the inner barrel for more airflow with dual coils.

Size and Clouds

Derringer RDA 3One thing that might worry you with a small RDA is the size of the juice well for your e-liquid.

This is something that is superior with this model because a good portion of the size is a decently deep juice well.

You will have more puffs with this one because of the large well size in comparison.

If you wick it right then you will be able to vape for a long time.

Many vapers prefer large clouds and if that is your thing you will be happy with the performance of the authentic Derringer RDA.

How’s the Flavor?

The flavor is also impressive with this model. Some users even report liking flavors better, once they had used them with this RDA, than they had with others in the past.

Since the RDA is small in size and has a lot of airflow it allows for this superior taste and great clouds.


  • 22 mm diameter
  • 17.5 mm height
  • Angled air holes for Vortex Airflow (in the new versions)
  • Impressive e-juice well
  • Machine screws and included Phillips head screws (you can choose which you’d rather use)

What’s Included?

Before you purchase the Derringer RDA you are probably wondering what is included with it. So here are the items that come in the package.

  • The Deck
  • Top Cap
  • 2 Spare Grub Screws
  • Hex Key
  • Air Flow Ring (optional usage)

Overall Appearance

Derringer RDA 1The overall appearance of the Derringer RDA is shocking at first.

You just can not imagine getting a great vape quality from something so small when you are used to looking at RDAs that are so much bigger.

The stainless steel is nice to look at, but like all stainless steel it is likely to become scratched over time.Especially if you carry this with you in your pocket or throw it in your purse.

If you are not a fan of stainless do not worry. You can actually pick up the Derringer RDA in a nice black finish as well. The black finish is less likely to scratches and seems to hold up well over time when used.

Features of the Derringer RDA

vaping meme 5There are many exciting features that are available with the Derringer RDA.

One of these is the three post design which allows for you to have maximum vaping control.

You get to choose the type of Derringer RDA vape experience that you have.

You can have a single coil set up or you can opt for a full dual coil system.

The RDA comes with an inner barrel. The inner barrel is removable which allows for a number of additional airflow options.

Of course since this RDA is so small you are probably wondering how long you will be able to vape for.

The answer is that the well at the bottom of the RDA is actually quite large which means that you are able to vape for a considerable amount of time.

In fact many people say that they do not notice much of a difference in the well size of the Derringer RDA when compared to much larger models that are produced.


One of the things that you should consider is that the Derringer RDA produces great vapor clouds.

This means that you are going to be able to get the vaping experience that you want and those looking for large clouds have found them.

Thanks to the options for multiple different levels of airflow you really can get what you want with this one. Plus you can control the flavor with the airflow as well.

Safety Considerations with an RDA

Vaping meme 6When you are using an RDA you should make safety your first priority. There have recently been a lot of headlines that have discussed issues with battery overloads or exploding mods.

The thing to remember is that you have to properly test your RDA each time that you rebuild it before use.

This is very important so that you can make sure that you are safe when using it. It is important that you do not take shortcuts on safety and that you are following directions and suggestions about this.

User Complaints About the Derringer RDA

There have been a few user complaints about the Derringer RDA. This RDA is known for having issues with leaking.

This is not a huge issue if you are going to be mainly using your RDA at home but if you are going to be using it on the go then this is something to watch for.

It appears that after being resealed many times the leaking stops on its own. Other users also do not like that they do not have a drip tip included and that you have to make an additional purchase.

Suggest Mods for the Derringer RDA

IPV Mini 30W

IPV mini 30w mod review headerThe IPV Mini 30W box mod is a great choice if you are looking for something small and mighty to go with the Derringer RDA. 

This box mod is small in size but definitely not small in performance.

One of the best features of this mod is that it offers a memory feature so that your mod turns on at the same wattage that you were using it at prior to shutting it off. This means that you do not have to readjust your mod to get it just where you would like it.

>>>Click here for the full review of the IPV Mini 30w<<<

Cloupor Mini 30W

Cloupor Mini 30w review headerThe Cloupor Mini 30W is another one of the smaller box mod choices.

These smaller box mods seem to be favored among the users who prefer the small size of the Derringer RDA.

One of the best features of this mod is that you can get a clear read out with the power output and resistance readings since they go to the nearest hundredth.

It is important to note that you have to pick up your own battery for this one as it is not included when you make your purchase.

 >>>Click here for the full review of the Cloupor Mini 30w<<<

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Final Thoughts

derringer RDA 4The Derringer RDA is the smallest RDA (rebuildable dripping atomizer) on the market today.

While it is small in size that does not mean that it is not going to work as well as the larger RDAs that are on the market.

In fact many of the larger RDAs do not rate any higher by users.

With it’s small stature, you get amazing flavor while still getting great clouds.

You can get the same flavor and vapor clouds that you desire with a product that is a lot smaller than others on the market. So this proves that bigger is not always better.

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