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Dovpo 50w Review

Most well known in the vaping community for the E-Mech line of mods, Dovpo challenges the mini box mod sector with its latest offering, the Dovpo 50 watt mod.

This pocket size powerhouse packs all the 50 watts of vaping power into an aluminum body about the size of a credit card (you know what we mean, don’t expect to pick jammed locks in your home with this thing.)

With so many choices on the market for devices of this type, you can trust BC to help you distinguish the best from the rest, and this Dovpo 50w review should be all you need to make your decision.


  • Dimensions: 83mm (H) x 39mm (W) x 24mm (D)
  • Material : Aluminum
  • Adjustable Wattage: 7W-50W
  • Battery Working Voltage: 3.2V-4.2V
  • Resistance Range: 0.2ohm- 4.9ohm
  • Powered by 18650 Battery (External Charging)
  • Magnetic Back Cover
  • Adjustable Contact Pin
  • Internal Processor
  • Short Circuit Protection
  • Low Voltage Protection
  • Automatic Temperature Protection
  • Automatic Battery Protection


  • Click fire button 5 times to enable/disable battery. Screen will show “Welcome” message when powered on and “System Off” when powered off.
  • Screen will automatically show system status upon activation.
  • Install tank or atomizer at contact pin by turning counterclockwise until secure.
  • Press fire button and inhale to vape.
  • Adjust wattage from 7 to 50W by pressing “+” or “-“button.
  • Screen will turn off after 10 seconds idle. Device will shut down automatically after 5 minutes idle.

What’s New- 50w Dovpo Mod

Dovpo Mini 50wOne of the most compelling features of the Dovpo 50w Mod is its intelligent memory, which retains  the previous device settings after the system is powered down.

Another premium inclusion is the full LED status message screen where most mods have a simple number readout.

This display is designed to give you the information you want about your mod at a glance.


The 50 watts of power offered by this Dovpo mod come from a 4000mAh Dovpo battery that can be charged inside the unit via the USB port or outside the unit.

The large capacity of the battery allowed it to last up to three full days on a single charge in our usage tests.

It puts it significantly beyond most mods in its class, and it’ll be back to full strength in about 3 hours so you can abuse it for the second half of the week.

If you’re looking for a mod you won’t hate yourself for skipping a night’s charge with, it’s the Dovpo 50w.


Of course, you’ll need an external charger to juice your battery back up once you finally do manage to kill it. That’s where the Opus BT-C3100 v2.1 comes in.

Sure, it’s a choking mouthful, but this external charger is one of the only DC5V battery chargers on the market with independent, current controlled battery charging, a discharge mode and two testing modes as well as a back-lit status display to check the charge and health level of each battery.

The Opus also includes a specially designed fan system as well as overheating protection measures that ensure your batteries have never been safer.

Put it this way: it’s worth the trouble to copy and paste the full model name into the search box over at GearBest.

Trust us, we know how much work that can be for a first-worlder.

Variable Voltage

While the Dovpo does continue the recent trend of automatically adjusted voltage for streamlined operation and a shorter overall learning curve.

It does allow the user to adjust the wattage anywhere from 7w to 50w in increments of 0.1w for a high level of control over the vaping experience.


Dovpo 50Although the 50w Dovpo Mod exhibits good performance at a range of wattage levels, we found our most consistent results around the 10-15 watt range. Some juice/tank setups definitely benefited from the higher power levels this mod is capable of.

We enjoyed the intelligent power adjustment system that automatically sets the voltage to a sustainable level corresponding with the wattage and resistance for maximum operational stability.

We vaped and vaped with this thing, and it never even got so much as warm to the touch. That’s just good, safe engineering at work.

Build Quality

The black model Dovpo 50w we tested had a flat finish at the sides accented with a silver top and bottom held in place by Phillips head screws, a solid if aesthetically unexciting profile.

The beveled edge at each corner of the unit keeps it from being a complete black box.

We do like that the finish seems to have been formulated to minimize the appearance of fingerprints.

The Dovpo 50w has a decent feel in the hand, and even though it’s a tad smaller and narrower than we’re used to, it’s about average in weight and users with smaller hands may find it a perfect fit.

The LCD screen is crisp, and the buttons on the device are clicky with firm rooting and minimal rattle.


This is usually the part where we tell you that the device of the day has standard 510 threading, then include a few more words so it forms a complete thought and we don’t get judgmental green lines under our text in Word.

However, the 50w Dovpo mod throws a couple of twists into the formula with an adjustable contact pin to finally fire that weird tank you picked up in Europe as well as a crosshatched contact surface at the connection point for a tiny yet appreciable airflow boost.

Way to make us both a little more interesting, Dovpo 50w.

Safety Screen

While this mod may have all the standard safety features like short circuit protection and temperature management, along with a battery protection system that disables the battery if the discharge level is too high, one of the most useful safety features of the Dovpo 50w is the heads-up display.

The screen of the 50w Dovpo mod is much more capable than those of many other mods, showing full status messages such as “SMOKING OVER TIME” to indicate the 8-second safety cutoff has been activated, “CHECK BATTERY” for voltage levels under 2.8v and and “LOW BATTERY” to see how good you are at picking up context clues.

It’s a nice little feature that makes finding out what’s wrong with your vape that much easier.

It ensures that you won’t have to learn yet another secret code to communicate with your newest vape.

Best Clearomizer

Kanger Subtank Nano

subtank-nano-review-header1The Kanger Subtank line has become one of the industry’s standards.

Where the original and Mini models were known for their versatility as both clearomizers and RTAs, the Subtank Nano is designed to be the best pure tank on the market.

Kanger’s patented adjustable airflow design works with with the coveted Organic Cotton Coils to bring the flavor in a huge way.

If you’re interested, we took an extended look at the Subtank Mini here on BC.

Arctic Sub-Ohm Tank

arctic tank review headerThis durable Pyrex clearomizer is quickly taking over the clearomizer game with its Bottom Turbine Coil construction, which delivers huge flavor along with those captivating clouds.

With 4 adjustable airflow valves, a 2.5mL capacity and a self-contained cooling system, the Arctic is at the top of the world when it comes to performance.

We’re pretty sure there’s a review around here that proves it.

We would Have Like to See

The Dovpo 50w Mod is a pretty well-rounded device, but we can’t help feeling a bit disappointed whenever we see a USB port on a mod that doesn’t enable pass-through vaping for use while charging.

Not that being confined to your laptop by a flavorful electronic leash is an absolute necessity.

It’s just that when so many models manage to include the feature, it becomes something of an expectation in the category.


Dovpo 50w ReviewOther than that, we’re all good with what the Dovpo 50w has to offer.

50 watts seems as though it’s going to be the power standard for right now.

Choosing among many similar devices at that price range, you could certainly do worse than the solid performance and amazing battery life of this mod.

If pass-through vaping is a must-have feature, look elsewhere, but everyone else who adds the 50w Dovpo mod to their stable should be pretty satisfied overall.

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