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E Cigarette Buyers Guide

With so many people realizing the dangers of smoking and smoking becoming illegal in so many places, it is no wonder that e-cigarettes are becoming very popular.

The problem comes from trying to navigate between the many different types of e-cigarettes and learning just what e-cigarettes are.

Thankfully we have put all of this information together for you in one easy to use e-cigarette buyers guide.

What Are E-Cigarettes?

An e-cigarette is an electronic cigarette. These are also known as smokeless cigarettes, electric cigarettes, and e-cigs.

They are basically a small electronic device that is used to change nicotine oils into vapors. The vapor tastes, feels, and looks like a real cigarette.

However the vapor does not contain many of the harsh chemicals that cigarettes do.

Instead of the vapor being like smoke as most think, it is more closely related to the fog that is produced from a fog machine.

E-cigarettes are made up of a battery, cartridge, and atomizer.

The atomizer is the piece that is in between the battery and the cartridge.

What Are The Different Types of E-Cigarettes?

There are many different types of e-cigarettes that are available on the market today.

E-cigarettes are a great tool that can allow for you to live a happy tobacco free lifestyle.

By understanding the different types of e-cigarettes you can find exactly what is going to work for you best.

Of course if you have been looking at other websites before coming here you might have felt like you were just looking at lists of advertisements.

We vow to be different and are here to explain each of these to you so that you can have a better understanding.

Understanding what each type of e-cigarette does and how it works is going to help you to best understand which one is going to be the right one for you.

A Look at Disposables

E-Hookah Pens

E-hookah pens are the choice for those who love smoking the hookah.

These are a great option for anyone who is interested in trying to find a healthier alternative to smoking a traditional hookah.

E-hookah pens are able to give you the full flavor profiles that you are looking for.

Disposable E-Cigarettes

Disposable e-cigarettes are a great choice for those who are social or light smokers.

These are the most common choice of an e-cigarette that is available on the market today.

You can purchase these in most gas stations, convenience stores, and even at some bars today.

This makes them easily accessible and convenient if you are on the go and decide that you need one.

This is the most common style to start with and while some users love them, others feel that they need something more.

This is not a problem as there are many styles to choose from so that each person can meet their specific needs.

Some people can be completely satisfied with one of these but others feel like they need additional power.


The e-cigar is another type of e-cigarette that has been specifically designed for cigar smokers.

These allow you to have that rich cigar taste without the strong cigar smell of the real thing.

An e-cigar allows you to smoke with the same delicious flavors and tastes that you have grown to love without all of the harmful chemicals or the strong odors that a cigar would produce.

They are a healthier alternative that makes cigar smoking socially acceptable again.


VUSE Cigs are a digital vapor cigarette. These are a little bit different from everything else that you will find on the market that is disposable.

This e-cig works in the same way as a computer with how it processes and produces vapor.

It is the most advanced e-cigarette that is available on the market today.

It also has a smart chip inside that allows the e-cig to adjust the power so that you get the exact amount of power that you need with every puff.

While these can be used as just disposable options they can also be charged and reused but are available at a price point that everyone can appreciate.

E-Cigarette Starter Kits

If you are a light to medium smoker and a disposable is not meeting your needs then you might want to check out one of the many available e-cigarette starter kits.

These kits feature reusable batteries that are going to make smoking easier.

They feature cartridges that you can replace and change.

This is one area where quality does matter. A higher quality starter kit means that you are going to have higher quality experiences with e-cigarettes.

There are a wide range of styles, colors, and sizes available so understanding your personal smoking needs is going to help you determine which one is going to work best for you. 

While you will be able to use the e-cigarette batteries again the convenience of disposable cartridges makes these one choice that is going to be great for you.

A Look at Refillables

Flavored Cartomizers

E-cigarette cartridges are also known as cartomizers. There are many different types that you can purchase.

Refillable cartomizers allow for you to purchase your own e-liquids and fill the cartomizer so that you can enjoy any flavor that you have been thinking about.

The nicotine in these can range from 0 mg to 24 mg. You will use the nicotine strength that you need with these.

There are many flavors that are available from menthol to tobacco to everything in between. 

Refillable cartomizers can be purchased to use with the e-cigarette batteries that are found with most starter kits. 

Some starter kits even come with this type of set up.

A Look at Small eGo Tank Set-Ups

eGo E-Cig

The eGo e-cig is a perfect choice for someone who is a heavier smoker.

These e-cigarettes feature bigger batteries which means that they are going to allow you to vape longer.

They also have more options than other choices. eGo e-cigs are quickly becoming the most popular choice of e-cigarette on this list.

Plus they have tanks on them which means that they can hold more e-liquid than a standard e-cigarette which allows for longer vaping times. 

Personal Vaporizer (PV or Mod)

Advanced smokers who are heavy smokers are going to prefer one of the small personal vaporizers.

These are still hand held and not much larger than an E-Go.

These are the largest e-cigarettes with the most power.

They do require quite a bit of maintenance which is why they should only be used by those who have been using e-cigarettes for a while.

Some of these even feature things that are usually only seen on box mods and vaporizers like LED screens, removable batteries, and variable controls.

Which is Right for You?

Knowing which choice is right for you can be a challenge. The best thing to do is to figure out what type of smoker you are first.

All you have to decide is whether or not you are a light or social smoker, medium smoker, or heavy smoker.

Once you know which you are there are a few choices for each one for you to think about.

Light or Social Smoker

Light or social smokers will be happy with pretty much any of the disposable options based on what they enjoyed smoking.

Those who loved heading out to the hookah bars will love the e-hookah pens. Those who chose cigarettes are going to be happy with e-cigarettes and those who chose cigars are going to prefer e-cigars.

The VUSE Cigs are also a great choice for this user because they are both disposable (cartomizers) and rechargeable (batteries).

This means that you can charge them if you want to use them again but at the lower price point you can also toss them if you need to.

They are perfect for those who live a very active lifestyle. 

Standard e-cigarettes that are available in convenient starter kits are the perfect option for light smokers who want something that is rechargeable.

Medium Smoker

Medium smokers might not find what they need in a traditional e-cigarette.

Most of the time medium smokers are happy with the power and performance of the VUSE cigarettes, the e-hookahs, and the e-cigars. 

Medium smokers are the perfect target market for the rechargeable e-cigarettes. They are also the type of smokers that will enjoy the eGo e-cigarettes.

Heavy Smoker

There are few disposable options that make heavy smokers happy. Most heavy smokers are happy with the VUSE e-cigs. Some are happy with the e-hookah pens or e-cigar pens. 

There are a wide range of rechargeable e-cigs options that are great for heavy smokers.

Most heavy smokers do not quite get their needs met from e-cigarette starter kits because the power is just not there.

However most of these smokers do love a good eGo e-cig and a personal vaporizer or mod is also a great choice.

How Do E-Cigs Work?

There are a wide range of different types of e-cigarettes on the market today.  They can work in a few different ways. 

Some of these work with simple technology that only requires you to take a draw off of the device.

Others work when you hold down a button while pulling on the device. 

All work off of the same basic technology that when you inhale you are causing a heater to turn on, whether manually or automatic. 

The heater helps to heat a liquid which then produces the vapor that you smoke. 

Cartridges usually contain some level of nicotine, some type of flavor, and propylene glycol and/or vegetable glycerin (PG/VG). 

As you exhale these both look like smoke.

Uses for E-Cigs

There are a few different uses for e-cigs.

Safer Tobacco Alternative

One of the uses for e-cigs is as a safer alternative to tobacco for smokers. 

These do not contain the same harmful chemicals that hurt you when you are smoking traditional cigarettes.

Smoke Where It Is Banned 

Today there are bans in many places against smoking. 

E-cigs allow you to smoke in areas where you could not smoke a regular cigarette.

Non-Addictive Alternative

The chemicals that are used in e-cigs are not addictive like the chemicals that are present in tobacco.

While the nicotine can still be addictive nothing else is.

As a Tool To Quit Smoking

You will also find that you can use e-cigs if you would like to stop smoking traditional cigarettes. 

Many people find that using e-cigs as a stop smoking tool is very effective and makes the process easy, even after years of smoking.

E-Cig Safety Issues

There are a few things that you should know about e-cigs before you start using them. 

These are the top safety concerns that could potentially cause you to have issues in the future.

  • E-cigs have not been used for the long term so there is no knowledge about whether or not these are going to be safe after long term use.
  • Some e-liquids do have chemicals present that are known carcinogens. 
  • There are no requirements for companies to put labels on e-cigarettes or e-liquids with the ingredients.
  • There are no regulations on the nicotine content so this might not be accurate.
  • There is no real information about whether or not this a safer alternative to smoking.
  • Many users start using these because of a belief that they are safer but without further research these claims can not be proven.

Children and E-Cigs

There is a lot of concern about the potential that e-cigs could harm children. 

  • There are a lot of flavors of e-liquid that could be potentially attractive to children because they smell like some of their favorite treats.  Children could potentially have nicotine addiction or could potentially have nicotine poisoning from these.
  • Teenagers who start smoking e-cigs are more likely to smoke regular cigarettes and marijuana then those who are not.

Full disclosure: These claims are mere speculation. There is no proof that using electronic cigarettes will lead to using tobacco cigarettes.

Nor that the flavors in some e-liquids are anymore attractive to to children than other things.

What does it all mean?

It means that you should have knowledge of your products and that you should keep them where they are not accessible to children.

  You should also talk to teenagers about the dangers of addiction and stress that it is important that they do not use these.


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